The best way to clean your aquarium

how to clean a fish tank without removing the fish

Fish should usually be kept in a well-ventilated area. Water dissolves all the material in the aquarium wall, and the fish make their environment a little dirty, so the aquarium must be clean.

In general, fish are pets that do not require much care and attention. They need some food, clean water, and oxygen. In this section, we will teach you how to properly clean your aquarium so you can keep your fish in a clean and healthy environment.


What accessories do you need to clean your aquarium?

First of all, it is essential to prepare everything like a towel because some water usually comes out when cleaning the aquarium. Remember that your priority is to minimize damage to the fish. For this reason, water should be gradually removed from the aquarium.

To begin cleaning, you must provide the following equipment:

  • One empty bucket
  • Clean towels
  • One water siphon
  • air conditioning


Note: When cleaning the aquarium, you must be very careful not to disturb the fish not to damage it.

Aquarium cleaning steps:

  1. Place a clean towel around your aquarium to absorb the water coming out of the aquarium. If one towel is not enough, put more towels around it.
  2. Carefully remove all decorative items inside the aquarium and clean with a sponge and warm water. Be sure to remove all the algae that have formed in the aquarium.
  3. Do not use external abrasive and irritating cleaners to get inside the aquarium and may harm your fish. On the other hand, the chemicals in detergents are toxic to your fish.
  4. Clean the glass inside the aquarium using an algae cleaner. Slowly go up and down and vice versa. To do this, first, use the hard part of the scrubber and then the flat portion.
  5. Use the net to collect dirt and contaminants that have come to the surface. Then drain some of the aquarium water with a siphon. Drain a large portion of water with a bucket.


If possible, you can also use a small pump to make water more accessible than a siphon. Place the siphon on the dirty pebbles to remove some of the dirt. Be careful not to stone the siphon. When 15 or 20% of the total water in the aquarium remains.

You do not need to clean all the stones in the aquarium to clean them; it is enough to clean some of them.

  1. Put the clean decorations back in the aquarium and then add clean tap water to the aquarium to fill the tank with ventilation. When pouring water into the aquarium, be careful to slowly and from a corner so that the fish do not get upset and annoyed.


Tips for cleaning your aquarium :


Wash the aquarium at least once a month.


– Do not use bleach or soap to clean the aquarium as it may poison the fish.


– If you see algae growing in the aquarium, you should clean it immediately.

Use clean containers only for your aquarium, as bacteria that can harm your fish may enter the aquarium through various containers.

Sludge-eating fish can feed on contaminants in the water. Before placing these fish in your aquarium, make sure they are compatible with your fish.

The water you pour into the aquarium should be equal to the fish tank’s temperature to prevent the fish from being shocked.

If you use seaweed inside the aquarium, be sure to clean and wash it thoroughly.

Lastly, keep in mind that putting too much fish in an aquarium can cause water to get dirty faster.


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