Learn about the amazing properties of black horseradish

Horseradish is one of the plants for which many therapeutic benefits have been mentioned. This plant is used to treat many gastrointestinal diseases and especially to regulate bile function. Join us to learn more about the properties of black horseradish in the treatment of diseases.

Combining black horseradish with your diet can dramatically increase the health of your body in many ways. For more information on the properties of this amazing plant, join us.

Learn about the amazing properties of black horseradish

What is Black Horseradish?

 Black horseradish is one of the species of horseradish that grows mostly in Asia and Europe. Its scientific name is Raphanus sativus L. var and has a purple or black outer layer. Its texture is slightly thicker than ordinary radishes, and its skin is black, and inside, the horseradish is white. Although some supermarkets and grocery stores may not have black horseradish for sale, it has become very popular over the past decade, largely because of its nutrients and health benefits.

Learn about the amazing properties of black horseradish

Nutrition of black horseradish:

 The highest amount of nutrients in black horseradish is related to fiber and vitamin C. It contains iron, magnesium, potassium, and vital vitamins such as A, B, and E. Horseradish also contains small amounts of copper, selenium, zinc, and antioxidants. Enzymes and hormones. This plant is also low in calories, and there are only ten calories in every 3 ounces of black horseradish.

Benefits of black horseradish:

Horseradish has many benefits, including the properties of this plant in improving liver function, regulating hormones, controlling blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, enhancing and strengthening skin and hair health, improving digestion and digestion, treating constipation and bloating, preventing dry scalp and Dandruff, increased levels of mental alertness, decreased gallstones and detoxification. The following are some of the properties of black horseradish:

Skin health

 With its detoxifying properties and vitamins B and E, this plant can protect your skin against germs and infections. It also prevents stress. As you know, pressure is one of the causes of pimples, wrinkles, and blemishes on the skin.

Learn about the amazing properties of black horseradish

Improves liver function

Glutathione is one of the body’s antioxidants and is responsible for preventing large amounts of toxins in the liver. However, if you are getting older and your glutathione levels are low, foods like horseradish are good for this antioxidant and can be very good for your health.

Improve the immune system

 The high amount of vitamin C in this plant strengthens your immune system. It also helps build white blood cells (the body’s first defense against pathogens, bacteria, and toxins).

Weight Loss

 This plant is very low in calories but contains many useful fibers that help increase your metabolism. Without changing the number of calories you eat. Following this process, your weight will decrease, and your metabolism will increase.

Treatment of hyperthyroidism

If you suffer from hyperthyroidism or related diseases, using this plant in meals helps regulate hormone levels and increase thyroid health.

Lowers cholesterol and fights high blood pressure

Research has shown that this high-potency plant can lower cholesterol and keep blood pressure at a normal level, protecting you from the hardening of the arteries and heart attacks.


 A combination of horseradish antioxidants such as anthocyanins reduces stress and neutralizes free radicals, reducing the risk of cancer and incurable diseases.

How to use black horseradish in food?

 There are several ways you can use black horseradish in your meals. like the :

  • Roast the horseradish with a little butter
  • Chop it and use it raw in salads
  • Cut into circular pieces and cook

Although this plant has a rough texture, you can also use it in soups. You can also eat black horseradish cooked and raw.

Learn about the amazing properties of black horseradish

side effects:

 Excessive use of black horseradish has several side effects. Such as the use of toxins in a set of vegetables called glucosinolates. Frequent use of black horseradish impairs thyroid function or may even cause goiter. Some people may be allergic to this plant and should avoid using it.

To relieve children’s fatigue

Black horseradish is rich in vitamin C, which is why it fights fatigue. To relieve transient fatigue, you can give black horseradish syrup to children over three years old.


Wash the black horseradish and peel it. Then chop them into thin slices. Place the chopped radish at the bottom of the dish and cover it with a thin layer of sugar or sugar. Wait a day for the syrup to come out. Pour the resulting syrup into a cup. Give children over three years 2 to 3 teaspoons of this syrup a day. Be careful not to store this syrup for more than 48 hours. Do not use if bile duct obstruction.

Choose good black horseradish

When buying horseradish, choose one that is perfectly firm, healthy, stain-free, and stain-free. Note that black horseradish can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks, provided you put them in a perforated plastic bag.

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