How to raise a cat?

Many people tend to take care of cats and other pets. You should know that dog training is different from cat training. New kittens depend on you to help them feel safe in their new homes. Raising a cat requires that you provide its basic needs, such as food and hygiene items and its health and comfort. If you are interested in raising cats, take the time to learn how to introduce cats properly. If you train your cat, you will most likely have a good, happy and healthy cat.

The important thing is to train cats and not let them confuse your hands with play equipment. Otherwise, they may accidentally bite your hand like their own toy. When this happens, it is best to keep playing and talk to them aloud to let them know they are doing something wrong.

How to raise a cat?

You should know that you can train cats to listen to you, use the cat litter in a special place for bathing.

Tip 1: Never punish your cat

You need to know that cats do not learn anything from strict and regular owners. Punishment can also cause stress and behavioral problems and impair their health. Remember, to train a cat, you need to put positive patience on your schedule. In this case, cat training will be more enjoyable for you.

Tip 2: Get a cat training clicker and a little encouragement

The clicker is commonly used to train different animals; this tool helps you when training cats. If you do not want to buy a clicker, you can use a pen with a button that looks like a click. It just has to have a different sound to get the cat’s attention. If he is encouraged to click on the behavior you want to hear, he will learn it sooner. When buying appliances, pay attention to your cat’s taste.

How to raise a cat?

How to train a cat to listen to us?

Always call your cat by a specific name. At the beginning of the cat training, use his name to contact him. Then, to train your cat to listen to you, you must use a distinctive sound to get your cat’s attention. It would help if you tried to find a different sound for your cat that is unique to him and only responds when your cat uses it.

Cats can learn to respond to a particular sound and come to you. At this point, by making a different sound before feeding, your cat realizes that this sound is related to something positive, such as cat food. You will see that when he hears this sound, he comes to you to eat. Then do this exercise outside of his daily diet. Please make a special noise a little further away from him and encourage him when the cat comes. Note that do this exercise twice a day for a maximum of 5 minutes.

How to train a cat to beg?

To request, the cat must stand on its hind legs. This exercise is like a handshake. Take the cat’s upper cheer and say ask. When standing on both rear legs, click on his behavior mark and then encourage him. Practice until he learns to ask questions without encouragement.

How to raise a cat?

How to train a cat to use the toilet:

Training a cat to use the toilet is a time-consuming process. The first point is that the cat must be thoroughly cleaned wherever it is washed. Because they may return to the same place by following the smell of their toilet. To teach the cat to go to the bathroom, it is better to use a soil container. In general, each cat needs two containers of soil. Note that cats are very sensitive to reusing contaminated soil containers with urine and feces, especially if the box does not belong to them. Contaminated soil should be dumped at least once a day, cleaned, and fish-filled with soil.

Be sure to think about the location of the soil. If it is not available, the cat is not interested in finding it. It is best to place the soil container where you first urinated and then gradually move to your desired location.

How to train a cat to lose?

It’s a lot easier than you think. Prepare, hold and encourage the cat to strengthen the cat. When he received the encouragement, he put his paw on your hand. Use one click and say a specific word like “shake hands.” Then encourage and caress her. Repeat this exercise until you raise your finger to raise your hand.

How to raise a cat?

How to train a cat to walk with a collar?

Take a collar that is attached to the cat’s back. Before use, please place it in places such as next to the container to get used to seeing it. Then, when you encourage him, but the collar around him but do not tie it. First, let it rest on the cat for a few minutes, then increase it in the following days. When he feels comfortable, tighten the collar and allow it to rotate around the house. Training a cat may seem difficult at first, but it makes it easier for you to take care of your cat.

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