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Important points before and after laser hair removal

There are many questions about laser hair removal in people who want to laser their body and face hair removal; in this section, we will answer the most important ones.

These days, laser hair removal has become one of the most popular methods of removing body hair. However, the American Dermatological Association says that not all unwanted hair is removed by laser because some of them are laser resistant, and others have the power to regrow after laser.

Are all people who have a lot of hair loss a good candidate for laser hair removal?

No, excess hair, intentionally or unintentionally, is caused by two hormonal or non-hormonal reasons. First, if hormonal causes cause excess hair, you can not laser without treating the underlying disease. Second, hormonal disorders or polycystic ovaries cause women to experience thick, dark hair in areas of their body that do not naturally have hair. Hence, such people must first treat this disease and then their excess hair.

Important points before and after laser hair removal

That is, people with hormonal problems can not have a laser?

 Why; However, these patients must be treated with laser therapy for their hormonal disease at the same time as the laser. This drug prevents the growth of new hair, and at the same time, the laser destroys the created hair. However, laser treatment without treatment for these patients is just extra costly and useless.

Non-hormonal hair removal with laser hair?

This hair (hypertrichosis) usually responds well to the laser. The lighter the skin of people with non-hormonal hair and the darker and thicker their hair is, the more likely they are to be permanently removed.

Is skin color an important criterion for laser treatment?

 Yes, since laser hair removal is more likely to cause burns and skin damage in people with dark skin, it is recommended that people with very dark skin avoid laser hair removal. Avoid this yourself or consult a dermatologist. Laser hair removal in these people and by non-specialist operators will cause them nothing but severe skin burns. Burns that cause skin blemishes are lifelong.

Who should not go for hair removal?

Patients such as lupus and porphyria are also forced to undergo this treatment due to the laser reaction to remove their excess hair. People who have a battery implanted in their hearts should also inform their doctor before the laser, and laser hair removal is usually forbidden for them.

Does taking some medications limit the amount of laser hair removal?

Yes, if you are taking light-sensitive skin medications, you should skip laser treatment for a while or tell your doctor. The most important and widely used drugs are analgesics or non-corticosteroids (NSAIDs), cotrimoxazole, a group of diuretics, some diabetes drugs, quinine and clonidine, some tetracyclines, amiodarone, piroxicam, sulfonamides, and sulfonates.

Important points before and after laser hair removal

Is laser hair removal prohibited for pregnant or lactating women?

Experts and researchers have been trying to answer this question for years, but none of the scientific sources have proven that laser hair removal during pregnancy is harmful to the mother or fetus.

In general, we prohibit contact with any radiation for pregnant women. Laser hair removal during breastfeeding is completely safe for mothers and their babies.

What is the difference between the prices of laser services in different centers?

Initially, different devices may be used for laser hair removal in different centers. Secondly, if the same devices provide services to you in two centers and one of them is cheaper than the other center, you should be skeptical about this. Unfortunately, these days, most hairdressers and sports clubs advertise laser hair removal at a lower price than clinics. These centers are looking for more profit and in addition to endangering your health.

What is the effectiveness of different hair laser sessions?

 If a person does not have a hormonal problem and does their excess hair under the supervision of a dermatologist and with standard laser devices, about 70% of his excess hair should be removed after the first session and about 90% of his subsequent hair. More than 95% of excess hair is removed in the third and fourth sessions, and this is only for special cases and people who need more than four laser sessions. If the cause of excess hair is not hormonal, the hair will not grow for years, and after this period, one or two sessions of laser are needed to remove the hair that has grown back.

What is your most important advice to people who want to get the best results with hair removal?

 These people should not remove their hair with methods such as waxing about one month before the laser and should not sunbathe for two months before the laser. Instead, it is best to shave their hair the day before the laser and apply part of the skin on the laser without any cosmetics (even sunscreen). After the laser, various anti-inflammatory ointments or creams can be used for up to 2 days to prevent burning, itching, redness, and possible inflammation.

Patience to get rid of excess hair

You have to be patient for laser hair removal because, as mentioned before, this laser is done in a few sessions, so if you want to achieve the desired result, you have to be steadfast and patient. The distance between the laser hair removal should be 4 to 6, and new hair growth and hair removal take a week.

Lasers around the eyes are prohibited.

We all feel good and comfortable with laser hair removal. Still, we should not forget that laser hair removal also has side effects, one of the most important of which is eye damage, so having glasses for laser hair removal is essential.

 In which part of the body can excess hair be treated with laser?

All excess body hair can be removed with a laser. Women usually ask for laser hair removal in the bikini area under the arms and legs, but men ask for laser hair removal in the back, chest, face, and legs.

Important points before and after laser hair removal

The benefits of laser treatment compared to other hair removal methods

There are many ways to get rid of excess body hair. These methods include shaving, waxing, using chemicals and closing, and so on.

Laser hair removal is a better method than other hair removal methods because it removes and reduces hair much later; it is very fast and effective, while a method such as electrolysis treats a specific area.

How does the patient feel about laser hair?

In laser hair removal, which is a simple treatment, the patient feels a bandage. If the patient’s skin is sensitive, anesthesia gels are used in this procedure, but usually, the use of anesthesia gels in this method is necessary and not necessary.

The harms of laser hair removal

In laser hair removal, the skill of the laser can be very important because if specialists do not perform the laser, it can cause complications such as scars, spots, blisters on the skin, and lasers and blisters on the spot.

Why do some people get laser burns?

Because these people do not choose the right laser device, they get burnt.

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