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10 mistakes most of us make when Nail polish

Mistakes we make when Nail polish:

A hot shower

Never take a shower immediately after applying nail polish, as you may not have had enough time to dry your nail polish, in which case a hot shower will cause the worst possible condition. Putting nail polish in the heat and steam of the bath will cause bubbles or stains, and it is better to take a shower one hour after applying the nail polish.

Going to bed right after varnishing

Although the nails dry in a few minutes, if you want them to be completely fixed and dry, you have to wait for about an hour. A straightforward trick to help the varnish dry is to wait a minute or two and then pour freezing water on your hands for three minutes. However, be careful not to spill water directly on your nails as water pressure may stain your nails.

10 mistakes most of us make when Nail polish

Thickening nail varnish

Apply thin layers of varnish on your nails each time and wait two minutes for it to dry because the thin layer dries much faster. If you put a thick layer of nail polish on your nails, it may penetrate the cuticle area, which means you have to clean them with special cleaners.

top coat

Reduces the gloss of the varnish and reduces the life of the varnish.

10 mistakes most of us make when Nail polish

Start with oily nails.

If there is grease on the surface of your nails before applying the varnish, be sure to remove it because nothing sticks to the oily surface. Instead, wait for the oil to apply after applying the varnish.

Use of old nail varnish

There is nothing more frustrating than saying goodbye to your old-fashioned nail polish, but it should be done. As the varnish ages, the nail polish liquids evaporate and cause it to harden. It is tough to use old nail polish and avoid using nail polish that has been used for 12 months.

Avoid hitting the entire cuticle.

If you do not try to keep your nails healthy and beautiful, your nails will look bad. All you have to do is place the nail polish brush on the nail’s surface near your skin and press lightly to open the brush. Then, lift the brush and go to your skin and polish your nails. Then move your nail slightly to the left or right so that the sidewall of the nail is also impregnated with varnish.

Use of Estonian cleanser

Estonian nail polish removers dry the skin around the nails. Frequent use of Estonian cleansers can cause white spots on the nails and cause cracks in the nails and dry skin.

10 mistakes most of us make when Nail polish

You shake your glass of lacquer.

Almost all women have this habit because by shaking the lacquered glass, we dilute it, while we do not know that this only causes the air to mix with the lacquer and eventually bubbles under the lacquer. Instead of shaking the glass paint, roll it gently on your hand.

You forget under your nails.

You may be one of those women who only varnish their nails and are unaware of the area around and under the nails, but know that this strengthens your nails by washing dishes or bathing. Your nail polish does not break easily. So this time, when you want to varnish, if you want your nails to be stronger than usual for five days, varnish under your nails as well.

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