Only child problems for the parents and the child herself

Today’s families are very different from the previous generation because young couples do not have much strength and endurance. The previous generation had many children and did not complain about raising children like today’s couples. Many young couples suffer from stress due to the lack of psychological ability to raise a child, and this age increases your desire to have children. And also, because of the mother’s age, infertility problems, and other factors, they prefer To have only one child.

Today, most children are single, and other children enjoy having siblings less. Therefore, this generation will not understand the concept of aunt and uncle in the future.

Only child problems for the parents and the child herself

Educational problems of single children:

Parental support for the child only means that he does not see the consequences of his wrongdoing and does not take responsibility for his actions. These parents always submit to their child’s wishes and do not oppose them.

A child who is the only child in the family will suffer if he or she grows up under the strict care of his or her parents because he or she expects more care and attention from others, which will make him or her incapable.

If parents do not allow the child to experience uncomfortable feelings or do not express feelings, they are less tolerant of such feelings.

Parents and grandparents both see their desires in the child, which causes a lot of psychological damage.

One of the evils and incorrect educational methods is to apply pressure to follow strict patterns of behavior that parents consider beyond the capacity and ability of the child. For example, some parents force their children to study in their favorite field, which they have not achieved in their lifetime. While the child never wants to study in that field.

Many families damage a child’s emotional intelligence through improper parenting methods. Despite the child’s ability and talent, their firm support for the child reduces efficiency and the use of talent in the future.

Only children cannot communicate and acquire life skills through their peers because they have less experience in jealousy, camaraderie, and friendship. For this reason, there is an alternative to this situation, and the presence of children is felt more among peers.

Only child problems for the parents and the child herself

Injuries to a single child

Only one child has its consequences. Having a child causes the parents to spend all their love and affection for the child, in which case the child sees only his parents and will not have the experience of having siblings. In addition, psychologists believe that kindergarten friends should not take the place of siblings because children only suffer from isolation, lack of independence, and isolation.

Many of a child’s experiences relate to their interactions with their siblings, and as a result, they get to know the world around them better. In addition, they learn how to talk to adults and meet their needs. However, children only see and discover their world through the eyes of their parents.

Some parents think that sending a child to kindergarten strengthens social relationships and interactions with others in the child. Still, it should be known that a 24-hour life with a sibling is not comparable to kindergarten friends and can not be done this way.

Excessive parental attention to the child depends on the parents, even if all the child’s needs are met, but the child does not receive the necessary social skills. Competing with siblings to educate the child in adulthood and how he or she deals with social issues is very effective. How to compete and cope with childish jealousies is possible only with the relationship between the child and his siblings. These problems are not just related to single children, but two children of the same sex.

For this reason, children who have only one brother do not understand the delicacy of girls, and girls are not familiar with the spirit of boys in the same situation. Therefore, these children will face problems in their life together.

Children are deprived of group games and have to get used to solo games, watching TV, or playing computer games alone, which leads to isolation and isolation.

In general, if the parents’ view is that only the child is isolated and the absence of a sibling limits their social relationships and interactions, it transmits this misconception to the children and their isolation. Factors such as low self-esteem, daydreaming, limited communication, social interactions, and narcissism for children.

Characteristics of single children

  •  Intolerance of frustration and stress
  •  They may not express their frustration and become introverted.
  •  If they are upset about something, they will remember it for a long time.
  •  Children are only interested in relationships so that their feelings are not harmed, and their interests are taken into account.
  •  If they are unintentionally insulted, they do so knowingly.
  •  When arguing with others, they can not manage the situation and satisfy both parties.

Having the ability to speak early, a wide vocabulary, high academic achievement, and high social performance are the only positive points.

What can be done for the social interactions of these children?

Creating problems in social interactions and acquiring social skills is one of the main concerns of parents in the child’s family because children learn communication skills only through communication with their parents or grandparents, and the child needs to communicate with peers. Moreover, it is because the child is among his peers, and age plays a key role in forming social interactions due to the prevention of behavioral disorders and harm.

Children who spend a few hours a day with their peers are less likely to be harmed after school because they are more likely to experience psychological changes during adolescence.

Disadvantages of having a child

Parents who have one child and do not intend to have a second child do not have the opportunity to gain experience and make up for raising the next children.

Parents who have only one child should learn the correct parenting skills and consult with the knowledge specialist in science education, the knowledge necessary for the child’s proper upbringing.

Children reach puberty earlier than other ages and have a higher level of education and science only due to constant contact with adults.

Only child problems for the parents and the child herself

Solutions to the problems of only children

To communicate with his peers, you need to create conditions where the child can communicate more with his friends and play with them. A school is a good place for these children, but it is not enough. For example, playing in the neighborhood or inviting friends who have a child your age is a good opportunity to fill your child’s vacuum. In addition, because children spend most of their time with their parents, they usually do not like to go to kindergarten, and still, to manage their emotions, they need to communicate and play with their peers.

Encourage your child to express his feelings at home, and if you do not give the child a chance to express sadness or grief, the child will be very weak in this regard.

Some children may experience behaviors such as not reconciling, not being able to talk or argue with others, not participating with others when playing, in which case they talk to their child and, for example, develop communication skills based on his or her age. Teach. Say: If your friend upsets you, you can talk to him without arguing and very kindly, because maybe your friend does not know what you are upset about.

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