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What is the best type of exercise after a normal birth?

exercises you can do right after giving birth

After giving birth, you can start your pelvic floor exercises (Kegel). In addition, many things depend on how active you are during pregnancy and the type of delivery. Working on the pelvic floor protects you from leakage (stress incontinence).

You can also gently squeeze your abdominal muscles to help them regain their strength. If you exercised regularly during pregnancy and your delivery went smoothly, you can exercise as soon as possible and continue working with a sense of readiness.

What is the best type of exercise after a normal birth?

Depending on how you feel and the amount of energy needed to work, mothers recover after a normal delivery and cesarean section. Pregnancy and breastfeeding hormones can affect your joints for several months after delivery. So be careful not to do too much activity too soon.

What is the best kind of exercise that can be started after a normal birth?

Like working on the pelvic floor, going for a leisurely walk for moms can be a good start to exercise. Going out will also help protect you from postpartum depression, and you can put your baby in a stroller.

By regaining strength, you can make your walk longer and faster.

If you feel tired, do not overdo it and rest if necessary.

Learn more about safe exercise in the first six weeks after a normal birth:

Studies have shown that women are better off running and exercising six weeks after giving birth and running continuously after six weeks. Some women who have just given birth think they are ready to exercise and run again. However, experts believe that these women need six weeks of rest.

When should I be cautious about exercise?

  • You have not exercised regularly before or during pregnancy.
  • You were assisted in a normal delivery.
  • You had trouble giving birth.
  • You have had a cesarean section.

What is the best type of exercise after a normal birth?

Exercises for natural postpartum exercise:

If you have low back pain or pelvic pain during pregnancy, consult a GP or see a physiotherapist before exercising.

Before walking or any other exercise, if you have had a cesarean, think about the first six weeks or until your body heals.

In the sixth to eighth week, wait for the postpartum examination.

Do not swim until after delivery, and you should have seven days without bleeding or discharge. You are at risk for water-borne infections because your uterus has not yet fully healed.

Is exercise wrong immediately after a normal birth?

Your doctor can tell you when to start swimming.

Doing abdominal exercises or sitting with a weak pelvis can make stress incontinence worse.

Another reason to lie down cautiously is that the abdominal muscles are stretched a lot during pregnancy.

Important points before normal postpartum exercise:

The midwife can examine your abdomen to see if you have Diastasis recti. If this interval is the same after ten weeks, ask your doctor to refer you to a physiotherapist.

Your physiotherapist will show you what you can do to correct the Diastasis recti.

It is also best not to do aerobic exercises such as running until the pelvis and joints are completely healed. This can take several months, and if you have incontinence, stress, or heaviness in your vagina, it could be a sign of a pelvic floor injury, so do not put pressure on your body with exercise.

How can I lose weight after a normal birth?

Having a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise provides the best opportunity to return to a healthy weight after birth to gradually and confidently lose your pregnancy weight.

The safe amount to lose weight per week is between 0.5 kg to 1 kg (1 pound to 2 pounds).

Breastfeeding may help you lose weight, as long as you have a healthy and active diet. Breastfeeding helps you burn 330 more calories a day for the first six months and reach 400 calories a day after six months.

Your body needs time to heal after giving birth, so do your job constantly, and you will not feel bad if you do not lose weight.

What is the best type of exercise after a normal birth?

Appropriate and useful exercises after natural childbirth:

If you do not have a physical problem, you can do these exercises after childbirth and improve your physical condition, but you should not exercise for up to 6 weeks if you are not in good condition.

Head up

  • Repeat 5-10 times a day. 20-30 times per set
  • Lie on your back with your knees and bring your legs close to your hips. Press your back on the bed or floor and breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Exhale slowly and raise your head at the same time. Wait to complete your breath. Relax and repeat the exercises.

Tip: Do this exercise several times during the day, then do the next exercise.

Heads and shoulders up

  • Repeat this five times a day. Gradually increase up to 20 times.
  • Lie on the bed, bend your knees and bring your legs close to your hips. Push your back to the ground and take a deep breath.
  • Exhale slowly, raising your head at the same time. Wait to complete your breath. Do this exercise slowly and with control (without irregular movements). Place your head in the direction of your spine, and your shoulders are straight and up to about 6 inches, and your face is towards the ceiling.
  • Relax, return to the original state, and repeat.

What is the best type of exercise after a normal birth?

What exercise is good after a normal birth?

Pelvic floor pressure

  • Repeat more than 60 times a day in 3-4 sets.
  • Sit or stand comfortably (you can do this exercise in most situations). To increase the challenge, spread your legs apart.
  • Note: As these muscles get tired easily, repeat in 3-4 sets whenever you want. Focus on stretching, lifting, relaxing, and lowering the pelvis.

Pelvic pressure

  • Start with ten repetitions daily; Gradually increase up to 20 times.
  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and your legs at the hips.
  • Inhale into the lungs and press your back against the bed or floor. Wait for 5 to 10 for slow counting. Use your abdominal muscles to focus on the ground, and do not put pressure on your legs.
  • Note: This is a great stretch to help relieve back pain.

Legs bent and straight

Start with ten reps a day and work your way up to 30 reps.

Change A

Lie on your back and bend both your legs, and lie on the bed or floor of your room.

Gently straighten your right leg and then bend it towards the starting point and repeat with the opposite leg.

Change B

Lie on your back, one leg bent and the other leg straight. Straighten the bent leg and then bend and repeat with the right leg and return to the right leg position.

Change C

Lie on your back, bend one leg and straighten the other leg. Bend the flat leg and straighten the bent leg. (Move both feet slowly, together, and forward.)

Change D

Lie on your back and bend both legs, then straighten your legs simultaneously and then bend.

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