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Side effects of diapers for girls and boys?

Baby diapers have been used for decades and are a comfortable and popular product for families. Diapers are usually easy to use because they do not need to be washed and are easily disposed of after getting dirty. But the use of diapers also has disadvantages and side effects for the baby, which we will introduce to you in this section.

Side effects of diapers for girls and boys:

Taking care of a child’s health is one of the responsibilities of the family. So not only should you think easily about diapers, but you should also consider their disadvantages, which include the following:

Allergic reactions

Children have soft skin, and any rough substance damages their skin. Some diaper manufacturers use synthetic fibers, dyes, and harsh chemicals to make diapers.

Side effects of diapers for girls and boys?

All of these harsh chemicals cause allergies to the baby’s skin. Then use a diaper that has a soft and delicate material and is made of materials that do not harm the baby’s skin.

Redness of the skin

The use of diapers is common in children. If the wet diaper does not change and stays on the baby’s feet more than usual, the bacteria in this moisture will cause redness and sensitivity to the skin. Therefore, change your baby’s diaper regularly to avoid the slightest danger and redness.


Diapers are made of chemical and synthetic materials. Prolonged exposure to these substances can harm the child. On average, children consume 8 to 10 diapers during the day, and this number may be higher if we consider the night. Exposure to the baby’s delicate skin may inject toxins into the baby’s body and poison him.

Probability of infection

Diapers are made of materials that absorb urine. The same substance may easily enter the baby’s diaper and create the conditions for the growth of bacteria and other masses and infections. Prolonged or excessive use of diapers is prone to skin problems and infections, so be sure to change your baby’s diaper often.

Difficulty learning to go to the toilet

A child who always wears diapers certainly cannot learn to go to the toilet quickly. As a result, she does not try and prefers to get rid of herself in the same diaper. Families do not complain about the ease of work, but if you teach your child to go to the bathroom, know that diapers will prevent them from learning this important subject.

Side effects of diapers for girls and boys?

Negative dimensions of diaper use in addition to the above:

High cost

If you are used to using diapers, another problem with using diapers is that they are expensive. So it probably won’t cost you anything. You use 8 to 10 diapers for your baby daily. Of course, some diapers are made of good materials and are worth buying, but in any case, it is better to research well and then decide.

Environmental damage

Excessive use of diapers is also harmful to the environment. Many diapers disposed of in nature contain plastics, synthetic fibers, and other chemicals, which are difficult to decompose and pose a risk to the environment. Of course, some companies make diapers from materials that do not harm the environment, so it is better to look for such products.

Worrying side effects of diapers for boys:

Urethral stricture in boys is one of the disorders that has become common due to diapers. The urethral tip in the penis of boys is a sensitive tissue that causes inflammation and adhesions to impact and absorbent materials.

A baby boy’s tight diaper can cause mechanical shock, especially after a bite. On the other hand, diaper absorbent material causes duct adhesion, which sometimes requires surgery.

Duct adhesions can be treated with ointment in the first few days; if the tissue thickens, it can only be treated with surgery.

To prevent urethral stricture and adhesions in boys, consider the age of circumcision after three months and be sure to keep the baby’s urethra tip oily and loosen the diaper for one month after circumcision so that it does not see mechanical damage and hygiene. See your doctor if your child has inflammation. It is also important to pay attention to the flow of urine for several months after circumcision.

Side effects of diapers for girls and boys?

Do diapers cause infertility?

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, the heat inside the diaper does not adversely affect boys’ testicles and does not cause infertility.

Important points when using diapers for the baby:

  1. Change the baby’s diaper immediately after defecation, and change it soon if you urinate.
  2. Loosen the diaper or do not even cover the diaper while sleeping.
  3. Sometimes a baby’s foot burn is not caused by a diaper, so if the baby’s foot burn does not heal after 2 to 3 days, take your baby to a pediatrician.
  4. If the baby is sensitive to some diaper, the diaper brand can be changed, or an old cloth can be used.
  5. When sleeping at night, you can use special diapers and be sure to change your baby’s diaper before bed, even if he is asleep.
  6. Diaper size is important. If the baby frequently urinates from the diaper or his feet turn red when the diaper closes, the diaper may be too small for him. If the size of the diaper is too large, it will irritate the baby.
  7. To prevent the smell of dirty diapers from spreading in the house, close the diaper completely and put it in the trash bag, and close the bag. If you use an old cloth, wash it immediately and do not leave it until the smell spreads in the house.
  8. Wash the baby’s old cloth with soap and water and spread it out in the sun to dry.
  9. When changing diapers, lower the head of the penis before closing the diaper so that his urine does not come out of the top of the diaper when urinating.

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