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Complete baby skin care program in winter

In this article, we will talk about all the cases of baby skincare in your winter. We all love winter but are a little afraid of the cold outside, especially if our child is tiny. Colds often cause many infections and illnesses, and our baby’s skin is more prone to dryness and allergies than ever before.

Why should we protect baby skin in the cold season?

For a child to reach a suitable age, he must be taken care of in any way. In the winter, these cares are a little more special because the air is such that the viruses spread, so spend most of your energy providing the right temperature for the baby at home. In winter, germs and viruses enter the body more than ever and weaken the immune system, most of which enter through the skin and cause skin problems, which is one of the most critical factors in preventing the disease.

Complete baby skin care program in winter

Winter is the season of the flu, in which viruses are spread in the air, and we are all exposed to them; and as a result, the following diseases spread:

  • Influenza and bronchitis
  • Different types of respiratory viruses that affect your breathing
  • Symptoms of the infection in winter
  • Severe cough leads to vomiting.
  • Respiratory problems that cause shortness of breath
  • Tinnitus or severe cough
  • Chest pain due to inflammation of the lungs as a result of a respiratory infection
  • Runny nose, fever, cough, and headache.
  • feeling exhausted

Tips for baby skincare in winter:

Use a humidifier

If you live in a cold area, you can use the appropriate humidifier for your child’s room and adjust the child’s heating systems according to age. This device balances the air, removes moisture from viruses, and prevents chronic dryness of your baby’s skin.

Use a moisturizer

Another thing about baby skincare is that, Due to exposure to cold weather, the baby’s skin becomes very dry, which is not suitable for him. As a result, the only possible solution is to use moisturizers. Lotions containing milk cream and butter can also keep your baby’s skin glowing.

Do not use many and varied products.

As a parent, you may want to use various baby skin care products, but you need to control yourself and not overdo it.

It is enough to use lotions and moisturizing creams suitable for the child and prepare shampoo and soap strictly for his age and skin.

Complete baby skin care program in winter

Massage her body carefully.

For your baby to grow well, you need to learn to massage him daily. Precise massage increases blood circulation in the child’s body and strengthens his immune system. The use of massage oil is also effective in this regard. When massaging, keep the room temperature relatively warm so that the baby does not freeze and is entirely comfortable.

Do not use heavy blankets.

Heavy blankets in winter make us feel good and warm us quickly, but you should not use them for your baby. A heavy blanket prevents the baby’s arms and legs from moving during sleep and increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, so balance the room temperature and use a light blanket.

Use comfortable clothes for your child.

If you regularly use vests, gloves, socks, and hats for your child, it will cause him trouble, and it is better to choose comfortable clothes that fit the room temperature so that he can move freely in them.

Check the room temperature.

Adjust the room temperature to prevent solid winds and close the window seams.

Complete the child vaccination schedule

In winter, the baby’s immune system is stimulated and weakened more than ever, and as a result, you have to run a vaccination program.

Breastfeed your baby

Breast milk contains antibodies and nutrients that strengthen the baby’s immune system and protect it from common diseases, so breastfeed as much as possible and get more nutrients for your baby.

Observe the child’s hygiene

You are the only one who has to work to ensure the health of the child. Be sure to wash his hands after hitting objects or going out. Even the most minor lumps can quickly cause common diseases in winter, significantly reducing their incidence by maintaining good hygiene.

Complete baby skin care program in winter

Include soup in your child’s diet

If you are no longer breastfeeding your baby, this is the best time to make winter soup. Potato soup, vegetable soup, or mushroom soup is the best option in the cold season to avoid winter damage.

Take care of your child outside the home.

Another thing about baby skincare is that it is best not to take your baby out as much as you can when frozen. Otherwise, you can take him out in the cold air so that he is not deprived of fresh air, but be sure to wear warm and comfortable clothes and do not expose his skin to severe cold, and be careful that your baby’s fingertips do not freeze.

It is essential to prevent cracking of the baby’s lips.

Baby lips like rosebuds need care. Before leaving the house, cover the baby’s lips with a thin layer of Vaseline oil. This reduces the chance of cracks and dry lips by creating a protective wall between the baby’s lips and cold weather. You can also use lotions, oils, and creams for babies to treat cracks and dry lips. To use baby lotion, you need to use a thicker layer to cover the lips.

Prevent the baby’s skin from drying out

Make sure the baby’s facial skin is moist. Massage your baby’s body with a suitable moisturizer before leaving the house.

After finishing a nice bath, gently dry the baby with a clean towel. Do not try to pull the towel over the baby’s body, which will irritate the baby’s skin. When the skin is moist and not completely dry, gently massage the baby’s body with lotion to better absorb the body.

It is essential to take care of the skin of the baby’s nose in the cold.

Colds cause a runny nose in a child. So you can use Vaseline or other baby anti-allergy creams to prevent cracking and drying of the nasal skin. Moisturize the lower part of the nose with some baby cream or Vaseline. Repeating this during the day is also very useful in removing dry nasal mucosa. Use a damp cloth to clean your baby’s nose. Bacteria may be present in the nose of babies with eczema. If you notice scaling around your baby’s nostrils and mouth with a severe runny nose, call your doctor to get rid of the infection with topical antibiotics.

Prevent the baby from sweating in winter

Baby sweating has nothing to do with winter and is not specific to heat and summer. As the small sweat glands close, the baby becomes sweaty. Excessive warm clothing or being in a low-circulation area such as a car seat can cause your baby to sweat.

Cover your baby with several layers of clothing to prevent him from sweating, as this allows air to flow through them. If you notice that your baby’s body temperature rises, you can remove a layer of clothing from the baby and place it in a comfortable, well-ventilated area. When you return home, gently remove the baby’s clothes so that air can flow through his clothes.

Make using baby sunscreen a necessity.

Despite the decrease in temperature in winter, the role of the giant sun in caring for a baby’s skin in winter should not be ignored. Snow reflects 85% of the sun’s harmful rays. So if you live in a snow-covered area, apply sunscreen to your baby’s face before leaving the house.

Complete baby skin care program in winter

What to do if a child gets sick in the winter?

No matter how careful you are, your child may still get sick.

In these cases, you can use nasal drops to open the airways and nose because proper breathing will help your baby recover faster.

Be sure to keep the baby’s body moist.

Soup is also a part of the valuable fluids that should reach his body.

Give the child a sense of security and love to strengthen him physically and mentally.

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