23 Foods and Drinks You Should Never Eat After Exercise

As you know, food is essential after exercise. Eating certain foods after a workout improves performance, energy recovery, muscle building, and increases metabolism. However, if you eat unhealthy foods after training, all your efforts will be wasted. If you eat high sugar and saturated fats or are difficult to digest after exercise, your body will suffer severe damage.

23 Foods and Drinks You Should Never Eat After Exercise

Ready and non-homemade smoothie

You may be tempted to buy a ready-made smoothie from a coffee shop after exercise, especially if you do not have much time to prepare a fresh and homemade smoothie. But you should know that these smoothies contain a lot of added sugar. Your body burns complex carbohydrates first and then fats.

Drinking sugary drinks stops the fat burning process. So make your smoothie at home. There are several recipes for making smoothies on the Internet. Make a delicious and healthy smoothie at home with fresh ingredients.


  1. Spicy foods

Spicy foods should be removed from the list of foods after exercise. Spicy foods such as hot sauce or salsa are challenging to digest, so it is best to avoid such foods after exercise. Your body will be in a state of repair after training. Therefore, it needs foods that are easy to digest.

Foods that are low in protein or low in sugar can help bring your blood sugar back to normal. After exercise, eat carbohydrate foods instead of spicy foods to provide the energy your body needs.


  1. Soft drinks

You may also want to have a cool drink after exercise. But we must tell you that you should never do that. You need to hydrate your body after a workout, and natural soda will not help you in this regard. Alcohol can even cause bloating. Then draw a line around it.


  1. Protein-rich foods

Foods like steak are high in protein. Such foods are as challenging to digest as spicy foods. Therefore, you should not eat them as food after exercise. If you are looking to gain weight while exercising, you should eat high carbohydrate foods such as tuna and rice.

But if you are looking to increase muscle tone, you should avoid carbohydrate-rich foods and eat protein to heal your muscles.


  1. Fatty foods

Avoid fatty and fried foods. Fats slow down digestion and thus delay the delivery of nutrients to the muscles. So after exercising, avoid fatty foods such as fries or hamburgers.

23 Foods and Drinks You Should Never Eat After Exercise

  1. Harmful chocolate in nutrition after exercise:

You may be used to eating chocolate after exercise. But we must tell you that you should not eat chocolate, at least immediately after a workout. If your goal is exercise, fat loss, and weight loss, avoid eating chocolate after exercise. Remember that exercise increases the body’s metabolism, so you should take this opportunity to eat fortified foods.

But if you can not stop your craving for chocolate, we have a solution for you. Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with some chocolate powder and a little cinnamon to make a delicious chocolate sauce. You can pour this delicious sauce on the berries like blueberries and enjoy this delicious combination.


  1. Fast food

There may be a restaurant next to the club where you exercise and has delicious fast food. So after exercise, be tempted to eat delicious fast food. But you have to stop yourself anyway.

You may crave salty foods after exercise. But fast food is not a good option. By eating such foods, a lot of trans fat enters your body, making your efforts useless.


  1. Simple carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates like white bread slow down digestion, just the opposite of exercise. If you want to lose weight, avoid high-sugar foods because they cause metabolism.


  1. Energy drinks

You may be thinking to yourself; such drinks will help you regain your energy after exercise. These drinks’ high protein content will probably fool you into saying that this is what you need to repair your muscles after a workout.

But the truth is that these drinks have more sugar than you think. These drinks contain refined sugar and fructose (liquid sugar), which significantly increase blood sugar. Instead, drink fortified foods such as egg whites and protein.


  1. Sports drinks

Advertisements say the opposite. According to them, these drinks are a good option for hydrating the body after exercise because they contain electrolytes. You may ask yourself, “So why are sports drinks on the list of worst post-workout foods?”

These drinks are high in sugar. Your body does not need this amount of glucose after exercise. If you feel tired after training and your blood sugar drops, eat a healthy smoothie or coconut water. Exercise drinks cause a sudden rise in blood sugar. Avoid eating them.

23 Foods and Drinks You Should Never Eat After Exercise

  1. Raw vegetables

If you eat raw vegetables, your stomach will be full, and there will be no room left for the nutrients your body needs after exercise.

Eliminating raw vegetables from your diet after exercise seems confusing, as all experts and doctors usually recommend eating vegetables. Vegetables have a high nutritional value, and we do not deny this.

The problem is that these vegetables are very filling. This fills your stomach and leaves no room for the nutrients your body needs, such as carbohydrates and protein.


  1. Foods rich in fiber

Experts recommend that you do not eat high-fat snacks such as flaxseed salad or kale after exercise. Such foods may cause muscle cramps and bloat.


  1. Cherry juice

Cherry juice is usually considered a healthy and useful drink. But you are eating it as food after exercise is not recommended. This drink is anti-inflammatory. You should not eat anti-constipation foods and beverages after a workout.


  1. Candy

Foods that cause a sudden increase in energy and blood sugar should not be included in the list of foods after exercise. This means that you should avoid foods that contain refined sugar. Candy does not provide any of the body’s nutrients and does not give the body sustained energy for post-exercise recovery.

Instead of eating candy, eat a protein-rich smoothie after exercise. Not only will this keep your next meal full, but it will also provide all the nutrients your body needs to repair its muscles and reduce its recovery time.


  1. Black beans

Avoid eating black beans in soups or any other food. This type of bean contains high fiber that slows down the digestion process. Eating black beans after exercise may also cause bloating.


  1. Sweet drinks

Consumption of sugary drinks such as fruit juices after exercise is not recommended because they contain much fructose. Fructose slows down digestion and reduces the effects of fat burning in strenuous activity because it increases fat storage.

23 Foods and Drinks You Should Never Eat After Exercise

  1. fried egg

Eating eggs is one of the best ways to get the protein your body needs after training. As long as you eat it boiled, Nimro is made with saturated fat, and you know that consuming this type of fat after practice is not good.


  1. Do not drink anything but water.

You sweat a lot while exercising, and your body loses a lot of water. That’s why you get thirsty after exercise. But it would help if you were careful not to fill your stomach with water because you need to nourish your body and create the nutrients your body needs after exercise.


  1. Salt-rich snacks

Sodium-rich snacks have no place in the diet after exercise. Eating salty snacks such as potato chips or pickles can lower your body’s potassium levels. Potassium is an essential mineral for the body that helps to recover after exercise and cell function, and, naturally, reducing it is not a good thing.

This mineral is an important electrolyte. Your body loses electrolytes during exercise. By eating foods rich in sodium, you deprive the body of the electrolytes it needs.


  1. Pizza

You are eating pizza after exercise has become a habit among many people. Pizza, mostly if made with fatty sausages or peppers, wastes the effort you put into exercising. After a workout, if you crave a cheese snack, eat an English muffin made with whole wheat and cheese to quench your cravings.


  1. chocolate milk

Milk chocolate contains many sugar and calories and does not provide any nutrients to the body after exercise. The destructive effects of eating milk chocolate after a workout are more than you can imagine. Eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

This type of chocolate contains healthy antioxidants that fight free radicals and act as an anti-inflammatory that helps recover after exercise. Just be careful not to over-consume dark chocolate.


  1. doughnut

Your body indeed needs carbohydrates to recover lost muscle glycogen after exercise, but you should not get the carbohydrates your body needs from vascular blockage foods that lack any nutrients.

Instead of eating donuts and snacks, look for better carbohydrate options, such as bean or whole-wheat toast with peanut butter and a few pieces of fruit.


  1. Ice cream

We were eating cool ice cream after exercise sticks to a hot summer day. But we have to tell you that although ice cream like donut has carbohydrates, its carbohydrates are refined from sugar. Also, high fat and low protein make ice cream one of the worst post-workout foods. Ice cream with a lot of creams will make you lazy and lethargic all day long.


Final note:

You should eliminate some foods from your post-exercise diet list because they slow down digestion and do not provide the nutrients your body needs. Foods and beverages such as ice cream, hamburgers, energy drinks, milk chocolate, etc., are all on the worst post-workout foods list. Avoid eating them.


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