Essential rules of mobile use for children

The mobile phone is one of the most advanced human technologies most people have access to. Today, the use of smartphones by children is one of the unavoidable necessities, and they can not be deprived of this tool, but leaving children to use mobile phones and unlimited access to them is also very harmful. For this reason, in this article, we have listed the rules that every child must know and sign before using a mobile phone.


Do personal work before using mobile.

If your child wants to use a tablet or mobile phone, be sure to tell them to do their chores first and then let them use the tablet and mobile phone. If you want your child to listen to you and use your cell phone only when necessary, be prepared to get rid of cell phone addiction first.


Do not chat with strangers.

If your child uses tablets and mobile phones, be sure to set rules for him, and it is better to forbid talking to strangers. Children can communicate with strangers in chat rooms, so it is best to tell them to speak only to acquaintances, friends, family, or friends since children are unaware of any communication issues.

Do not use a mobile phone before going to bed.

If your child is using a tablet or cell phone, ask them not to use the cell phone before bed. Never let your child hold the phone all day. He should know that he has ruled every time he works and uses his mobile phone and tablet.


Do not use mobile phones and tablets at the dining table

You are a mirror for your child, so be sure to follow the rules you set for him; for example, if you rule that your child will not take the tablet to the dinner table, follow this rule yourself.


Do not use mobile phones during family.

If your child is using a tablet or cell phone, it is best to consider the rule that you should not use a cell phone in family gatherings. You can set the direction that all family members pick up the phone and no one has a phone to talk and play.


Do not enter the phone password.

If your child is using a tablet or mobile phone, be sure to tell them not to put a password on their phone or tablet, and if they want to encrypt their tablet and mobile phone, this encryption must be notified to the parents.


Avoid sending photos to strangers.

If your child is using a tablet or cell phone, tell them not to send their picture to strangers. Tell him not to send a private photo of his body to relatives and acquaintances. Sexual harassment is not limited to absolute space, and cyberspace is a good place for this to happen.


Do not use your mobile phone in public places.

Make it a rule for your child not to use mobile phones and tablets in crowded public places such as buses, markets, streets because using mobile phones in public places can lead to theft and damage the child’s life and health.


Do not install some programs.

Your child is not allowed to use some applications such as Instagram because it has an age limit, and the beginner child should not have such an application with virtual open space installed on their phone. Install some fun and educational apps on your child’s phone to use them.


As a parent, you should:

See who your children interact with within cyberspace.

Be a good role model for teaching your children to use mobile phones.

Track your child’s searches or what they have done on your mobile.

Please talk about your child’s interest in cyberspace, their favorite mobile games, or any other topic, and try to be friends with them.

Do not leave your child alone in the room or away from parents for long periods with a mobile phone and tablet.

The use of mobile phones and tablets must have a specific time, place, and method of use.

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