What causes you and me to get sick?

why do i stay sick for so long

Sometimes you get sick at some point in your life more than ever, and that may surprise you. Your immune system may be weakened for a long time for a variety of reasons without you even realizing it, resulting in more illness than ever before.

What causes you and me to get sick?


Alone can cause chronic stress and weaken the immune system. Studies have shown that loneliness affects genetic strength, increases inflammatory genes, and reduces the number of antibody-producing cells. As a result, long-term inflammation is the primary mechanism in developing chronic diseases, primarily diseases such as cancer.

i keep getting sick over and over

All you have to do is connect with others, love the people around you, and hug them because it reduces stress and strengthens the immune system.

Low washing

If there is only one helpful way to prevent illness, it is to wash your hands. Microbiological studies have shown that 83% of women wash their hands after going to the bathroom, while 74% of men wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

So you have to follow the right way to wash your hands. Be sure to wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating and preparing food, or whenever you feel your hands are dirty.

What causes you and me to get sick?

Vitamin D deficiency

Adequate levels of vitamin D in the body resist various diseases, including cancer. Vitamin D can also protect your body against colds and flu, so you need to pay attention to your vitamin D levels in your body.

If there is not enough vitamin D in the body, the risk of autoimmune diseases increases. 50% of people in the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency. It would help if you usually took a vitamin D supplement after the test, but be careful not to use more or less as prescribed by your doctor.

wash your hands

Studies show that only 5% of us use the correct hand washing method. Only one in three people use soap, and one in 10 people do the right thing.

Therefore, you should consider the duration of handwashing. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing your hands with soap and water every time to prevent various diseases.

What causes you and me to get sick?

Not getting enough sleep.

During sleep, the body performs various processes to repair and charge itself. One of them is strengthening the immune system. During sleep, the body produces inflammatory proteins called cytokines that fight disease and pathogenic cells.

So if you do not close your eyes enough and do not get enough sleep, you will not have a robust immune system against diseases such as the flu and colds. Experts suggest that young people sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night.

Hand sanitizers are not used in shops.

Recent studies show that more than half of all shopping cards contain bacteria such as E. coli that cause diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. Therefore, be sure to use outdoor hand sanitizers. After spraying the disinfectant, wait 20 seconds for the hand to dry completely, then touch the cards and other objects.

Constant stress

Chronic stress; Severely weakens the immune system. When you are stressed, the brain increases the production of the hormone cortisol, or stress hormone, which disrupts the function of the T cells responsible for fighting infection. As a result, you suffer more than ever from various illnesses, including viral infections, colds, and the flu.

In today’s world, reducing stress is not easy, but you should pay attention to your physical health and life. Regular exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Doing relaxation exercises will help you, and if you feel stressed in any situation, be sure to see a counselor.

The flu vaccine.

This is very simple to do. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all young people be vaccinated against the flu each year to reduce the risk of catching the flu, leading to severe and deadly problems such as pneumonia.

lack of exercise

According to studies, living without movement is a factor in reducing the body’s ability to fight infection. If your work is behind the desk, be sure to get up as far as possible and walk a little between every half hour.

Exercise regularly; it is usually recommended that you have an average of 150 minutes of regular physical activity or 75 minutes of strenuous physical activity each week.

What causes you and me to get sick?

Excess in sports

Excessive exercise syndrome means constant exercise without giving the body a chance to rest and recover, which is a problem for the immune system and dangerous for diseases like Covid 19.

Use of public transportation

Public transportation has devastating effects on your body and respiratory infections due to its contaminants, and it is best to reduce their use as much as possible. Be sure to wash your hands and use a disinfectant after disembarking from public transportation such as buses and taxis.

High sugar intake

Sugar causes inflammation, which in turn weakens white blood cells and disrupts the immune system. Most of us consume a lot of sugar, and men should not consume more than 36 grams or nine teaspoons of sugar per day.

Women should not consume more than 24 grams or six teaspoons of sugar per day, but the average sugar intake in some countries is 15 teaspoons. So cut down on cookies, cakes, processed cereals, and sugary drinks as much as you can, and use fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and nutrients instead.


Obesity can weaken the immune system. Obesity and overweight prevent the production of antibodies and fight inflammation of red blood cells, and all you need to do is eat a balanced diet.

High level of antibiotic use

Antibiotics can treat bacterial infections. Of course, they do not work well against viruses such as colds and flu.

If you take severe antibiotics, your body will probably fight them if you have an unnecessary viral infection, and your immune system will weaken. If your doctor has not prescribed antibiotics for you, never insist on doing so, and do not take antibiotics yourself without your doctor’s permission.

What causes you and me to get sick?

Drink enough water.

As we age, our bodies become dehydrated sooner, and our immune systems become weaker. Dehydration restricts saliva germs and therefore does not fight infections well, and dehydration causes disease because nutrients and oxygen do not reach the cell. The bacteria must be excreted in the urine, and if this does not happen, the person will have problems such as high blood pressure or other illnesses. The World Health Organization usually recommends drinking 4 to 6 glasses of water a day.

Mobile cleaning

Cell phones have many mass and bacteria, and as you know, they have more bacteria than toilet bowl bacteria. This has been proven by a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, who has been able to find more than 100,000 bacteria via cell phone, which is a very high figure.

Therefore, be sure to disinfect your mobile phone once a month with a solution containing 60% water and 40% alcohol, and be sure to do so with a special cloth. Do not spray disinfectant on your mobile phone under any circumstances because it is dangerous.

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