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13 beauty tricks for ladies

Extend the life of cosmetic brushes

Wash your makeup brushes and hang them vertically to maintain their original shape; this will extend the life of your makeup brushes.

13 beauty tricks for ladies

Smooth the skin around the nails with lip gloss

If you have flaky around your nails, use lip gloss instead of emollient because lip gloss contains substances that smooth the skin around the nails, remove scars and moisturize it.

The secret to Korean women’s smooth skin

The secret of Korean women’s smooth skin is that they never use a towel after washing their face and instead use a moisturizing cream because at this time, the cream is absorbed more and better, and the skin becomes softer.

Trick to use the last drop of powder cream

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to buy a new cream or use the last drop of your cream, you can heat it because the heated drops are easier to get out.

The trick to choosing the right lipstick

To choose the right lipstick, try it on your fingertips instead of your wrists because the pigments on the lips and fingertips are the same.

Absorb more cream by pouring it into a deodorant jar

Please do not throw away your empty deodorant bottle and wash and dry it and pour your favorite cream, gel, and oil into it. This method absorbs more cream because the deodorant massages your skin.

Clear and beautiful skin using yogurt

Lighten your skin with yogurt. First, wash your face, put yogurt-like cream on it, wait for 15 minutes, and then wash it. It brightens your skin over time.

Do not use too much lipstick.

If you want to use lipstick, be careful not to use it too much because using too much lipstick not only does not make your lips look bigger but also makes your face look like a circus clown. To use lipstick, put it tangentially on your lips because if you pull the lipstick too low, your face will be ugly.

13 beauty tricks for ladies

Refresh your lipstick

If you want to use your old lipsticks again, put them on a candle and heat them, this will melt the lipstick, and when it cools, it will look fresh.

Long-term effect of the eyelash curler by heating it

Before using the eyelash curler, keep it under warm water or heat it with a hairdryer to have a longer effect.

Get rid of blackheads with Vaseline.

To get rid of blackheads, wash your face and apply a little Vaseline to it, then cover your face with a piece of plastic and place a towel on it, and after 5 minutes, remove the towel and press your pimples.

Make homemade mascara

Make homemade mascara that has no side effects. To do this, powder a few pieces of pure charcoal and add aloe vera gel to it. Make sure this mascara does not damage your skin.

13 beauty tricks for ladies

A trick to prevent nails from spreading

To prevent the nails from spreading when you hold them with the nail clipper, stick a piece of glue on the nail clipper so that your nails do not spread around the house.

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