Black pepper and its properties for treating diseases

Black pepper contains the pepper plant’s dark dried fruits, which is native to southern India and is used as a spice and condiment. It has a spicy taste and is also an edible medicinal plant that has many benefits. The plant is tall and slender, available in various colors, including green, red, yellow, and orange used to flavor food.

But among other peppers, black pepper is the most common type, which is first cooked and then dried.

Is black pepper good for you?

It is an excellent source of magnesium, vitamin K, iron, and fiber. It also contains an essential oil called piperine used during aromatherapy to reduce muscle pain, gastrointestinal problems, and even inflammatory arthritis.

This plant has antibacterial, antioxidant, immune system, and fever-reducing properties and can also be useful for people who want to quit smoking.

  • One tablespoon of black pepper (6 g) contains:
  • Calories: 15.9
  • Carbohydrates: 4.1 g
  • Fat and cholesterol: 0 g
  • Sodium: About 3 mg
  • Dietary fiber: 2 grams
  • Black pepper also contains vitamin C (about 2% of the recommended amount)
  • Calcium (3% recommended amount)
  • Iron (10% recommended amount)
  • Protein is about 0.7 grams.

Black pepper and its properties for treating diseases

Health benefits of black pepper:

Improve gastrointestinal health

Stimulates digestion and enzymes, thus increasing such digestion. When you eat this spice, especially with meals, it can increase digestion.

You should know that this spice has positive effects on pancreatic enzymes, reduces gas in the stomach, effectively treats colic disorders, and prevents epilepsy.

Cancer prevention

Studies have shown that piperine in black pepper has protective effects against various types of cancer. They also increase the absorption of other nutrients such as selenium, curcumin, beta-carotene, and B vitamins in your gut, all of which are good for gut health and cancer prevention.

Another study shows that it reduces stress on the rectum and helps prevent colon cancer, and is also used as a chemotherapy drug to treat prostate cancer.

Lower blood pressure

This spice can lower blood pressure in animals and has similar effects on humans. The use of piperine to control blood pressure has been shown.

Black pepper and its properties for treating diseases

Weight Loss

Studies have shown that the piperine compounds in this spice counteract the formation and accumulation of fat cells, help your weight loss goals, and are a good option for treating obesity problems.

To lose weight, add it to your daily diet because a teaspoon of it has only eight calories. You can use this spice on chicken breast or grilled vegetables.

Treatment of colds and coughs

This spice has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for many years. Because it stimulates blood circulation and mucous flow, and when combined with honey, its effect increases and is used as a natural cough suppressant.

Just mix one teaspoon of it with two tablespoons of honey in a cup, add some boiling water and let it stand for about 15 minutes. Then have a drink. Repeat this three times a day to get rid of sinus congestion.

Help reduce asthma symptoms.

A study of patients with asthma found that adding pepper to their diet helped improve their condition because it cleansed the respiratory tract and reduced other asthma-related symptoms.

Fighting infection

The antibacterial properties of this spice helps prevent infection and the spread of disease.

It has antioxidant benefits.

Pepper has excellent antioxidant effects that affect health in various ways. Antioxidants prevent free radical damage and strengthen the immune system. In another study in India, rats suffering from oxidative stress significantly improved their condition when consuming pepper.

Black pepper has the highest amount of oxidants among the studied foods. It also has the highest amount of phentermine, which has various health benefits for the body and helps prevent serious diseases such as cancer.

Improve oral health

Some studies show that pepper is beneficial in the mouth and teeth due to its antibacterial properties and protects them against pain and other oral infections. Pepper has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent gingivitis. You can even mix pepper with salt and use it to relieve toothache.

Combine equal amounts of these two spices and gargle in your mouth. You can mix black pepper with clove oil and apply it to the affected area for severe toothache. However, there is limited research on this. There are areas, so it is best to consult a dentist before use.

Improves brain health

Black pepper has many effects on brain health. This pepper acts as an inhibitor of enzymes responsible for breaking down neurotransmitters.

This enzyme also reduces the function of another hormone called melatonin, which regulates the sleep-wake cycle and is essential in reducing Parkinson’s disease. It disrupts another enzyme called dopamine, which is an excellent emotional hormone.

Dopamine is low in Parkinson’s patients, and consumption of black pepper reduces its symptoms. It has similar effects to depression and can delay aging and dementia, help prevent Alzheimer’s and increase nerve activity in the brain, thus reducing seizures. It also protects nerve cells and prevents the death of primary cells. Also, it has shown beneficial effects in stroke patients.

Improve fertility in men

This spice plays an essential role in improving fertility in men. It has been shown to increase testosterone levels because it is rich in zinc and magnesium, two essential minerals for male sex hormones.

It also increases sperm count and concentration. The zinc in peppers also helps sperm grow and move.

Black pepper and its properties for treating diseases

Help to quit smoking.

Studies have shown that inhaling pepper vapor can reduce the symptoms of smoking cessation. By inhaling its vapor, the tendency to smoke is significantly reduced.

Treatment of diabetes

Its antioxidants can help stabilize blood sugar levels. They regulate blood sugar and thus help treat diabetes.

A 2013 study found that black pepper oil can inhibit two enzymes that inhibit glucose starch and inhibit the symptoms of diabetes.

Consumption of this spice can also delay the absorption of glucose. Pepper in black pepper can be used as a booster of metformin (diabetes medicine) and increase its dose and reduce its side effects.

Treatment of bladder stones

Research has shown that black pepper is effective in treating urinary tract stones.

Antidepressant properties

Black pepper is a natural antidepressant. The pepper in black pepper acts as an antidepressant and stimulates the nervous system. As a result, cognitive ability increases.

Get rid of nausea

Using this spice’s properties, you can alleviate all kinds of stomach upsets; mix a teaspoon of it with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Drink this mixture slowly until you feel relaxed.

Treatment of tuberculosis

Pepper has anti-inflammatory properties and helps cleanse the lungs and reduces the production of mucus inside the lungs.

Cleansing the lungs is also useful in reducing chest pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat the inflammation caused by cough in tuberculosis.

Fight wrinkles

The antioxidants in this spice fight free radical damage, which can cause aging and damage your skin.

This spice eliminates premature aging signs, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and even dark spots. You can easily add it to your daily diet to see the skin-strengthening effects.

Just mix a teaspoon of it with equal amounts of honey and turmeric, put it on your face as a mask, and wash off with cold water after 15 minutes.

Detoxification of the skin

This spice can be used as a scrub for the skin and removes dead cells, softening your skin. Mash some of it and soak it in water and add a teaspoon of yogurt.

Then apply this scrub on your face and wash off after 20 minutes. This scrub helps remove toxins from the skin and increases its radiance and softness, strengthening blood circulation in the skin and giving the skin more oxygen and nutrients.

Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties also help prevent acne.

Hair strengthening

The antioxidant properties of this spice help solve serious hair problems, such as dandruff and hair loss. You can also combine it with honey or turmeric for better effectiveness.

Treatment of dandruff

If you suffer from dandruff, this spice is one of the best treatments. Add a teaspoon of chopped black pepper to a bowl of curd and rub it on your scalp and rinse with water after about 30 minutes.

Then you can use shampoo. Remember not to use this mixture too much, as it may irritate and irritate the scalp.

Hair restoration and repair

Combine a teaspoon of pepper seeds with lemon juice and apply it to your scalp and hair. Revitalize your hair and give it shine, shine and softness, and after 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with cold water.

You can also mix a teaspoon of it with an equal amount of honey and apply it to your hair to strengthen the hair roots.

Black pepper and its properties for treating diseases

How to select and store black pepper:

Black pepper is found both in powder form and in a healthy and complete form. Healthy pepper seeds are better because they are not counterfeit. When buying red pepper seeds, make sure that the seeds are small, heavy, and without stains.

Black pepper preservation:

To store black pepper, place it in a sealed glass container and place the container in a cool, dry place. Pepper powder can be stored for about three months, but healthy peppercorns can be stored indefinitely. Freezing is also a useful storage method, although it may change the taste and make it sharper and more robust.

Severe effects of black pepper:

Black pepper and its properties for treating diseases

The feeling of burning in the stomach

We all know that black pepper is “spicy.” Common sense tells us that we should not limit its use in our meals.

But sometimes the same common sense comes back, and we lose control! In this case, excessive consumption of pepper can lead to heartburn. Do not worry; this stimulus disappears and is completely temporary.

May cause death

This is very rare, but if the pepper is consumed directly, it can enter the lungs and cause death, especially in children. Therefore, it is recommended to take it with food and avoid using it directly.

Creates a burning sensation in the eyes

Remember, black pepper is spicy! Avoid direct contact with skin. If this spice accidentally comes in contact with your eyes, it may irritate and redden your skin and eyes.

Interaction of black pepper with certain drugs

Patients taking cyclosporine A, cholinergic, digoxin, and cytochrome P450 should avoid the drug.

Possibility of gastrointestinal disorders

This spice may upset the stomach or cause digestive problems. Therefore, patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders should not consume it.

Causes respiratory problems

This spice should not be inhaled, as it may lead to respiratory problems such as asthma.

Causes problems during pregnancy and lactation

If you are pregnant, your body is sensitive to spices. Therefore, could you not use it? If you like the taste, add a little to your favorite food.

Increased dryness of the skin

This spice should not be consumed too much because it may cause dry skin and if you have dry skin, avoid consuming it too much.

Avoid black pepper during the summer.

Summers are hot, and this spice can raise body temperature and even lead to nosebleeds, so avoid it in the summer as much as possible.

Some common questions:

Is black pepper harmful to the kidneys?

This spice contains oxalate, which may cause kidney stones in sensitive people. Therefore, if you suffer from kidney problems, stop taking it or consult your doctor.

How much black pepper can be consumed during the day?

There is not enough information about its dose. Therefore, it is better to do this according to the doctor’s instructions.

What are the benefits of consuming black pepper in the morning?

There is not enough information about eating black pepper on an empty stomach, so avoid it.

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