Properties of dark chocolate for health and beauty

Bitter chocolate has fantastic benefits such as lowering blood pressure, fighting oxidative stress, improving heart health, preventing cancer, regulating cholesterol levels, improving cognition, and more. Rich in antioxidants that care for hair and skin.

Properties of dark chocolate for health and beauty

What is Bitter Chocolate? What are its ingredients?

Bitter chocolate is made from cocoa butter instead of milk butter. Cocoa contains more phenolic antioxidants than most foods, and the cocoa content in these chocolates is full of antioxidants.

The more cocoa in the chocolate, the richer and slightly bitter it will be. The dry and semi-sweet taste of this chocolate is due to the lack of milk solids. Instead, it contains vanilla and some other emulsifiers.


Facts About Bitter Chocolate Nutrients:

Chocolate is rich in antioxidants such as polyphenols and flavonoids.

The calories, sugar, and fat in it depend on the type of dark chocolate you have.

It is a rich source of minerals such as manganese, magnesium, iron, and copper.

Other nutrients in chocolate include phosphorus, potassium, vitamins K, B-12, and A, selenium, and calcium.


Benefits and properties of dark chocolate for health:


Rich in antioxidants:

Bitter chocolate is a powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants kill free radicals and other dangerous molecules that can pose potential health risks and cause diseases such as cancer, premature aging, and heart disease.


Bitter chocolate to improve heart health:

With 65% cocoa fortified with polyphenols in dark chocolate and other antioxidants such as catechins, they can help lower blood pressure and heart disease risk. Consumption of this chocolate maintains arterial flexibility, which prevents the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Even low consumption of this chocolate increases cardiovascular health.


Bitter chocolate lowers blood pressure:

Bitter chocolate is rich in minerals such as magnesium and copper. These minerals are useful in regulating normal blood pressure and then maintaining heart rate.


Bitter chocolate to fight free radicals:

This chocolate contains the highest amount of flavonoids and polyphenols, even more than wine and tea. Help fight free radicals and removes environmental toxins from the human body.

Properties of dark chocolate for health and beauty

Bitter chocolate to prevent cancer:

The compounds and antioxidants in dark chocolate also have anti-cancer properties, but more research is ongoing.


Releases endorphins and improves mood:

Eating a delicious bar of chocolate can reduce stress by stimulating the production of endorphins that make you feel happy. Also, dark chocolate contains stimulants such as caffeine, which are the central stimulants in reducing depression.


Bitter chocolate cholesterol-lowering properties:

Proof of dark chocolate reduces LDL cholesterol in the human body by 10 to 12%. Research has also shown that cocoa, the main ingredient in these chocolates, may increase HDL (good) cholesterol and suppress oxidized LDL.

Oxidized LDL can react with surrounding tissues and increase the risk of a heart attack.


Improve brain function:

Bitter chocolate is one of the best foods to improve brain function. Chocolate content helps prevent the risk of stroke and dementia in the elderly and young.

Properties of dark chocolate for health and beauty

Bitter chocolate to boost immunity:

Bitter chocolate contains large amounts of catechins, strengthening the human immune system and possibly preventing chronic diseases.


Treatment of anemia is one of the properties of dark chocolate:

Flavonoid compounds are useful in the treatment of anemic patients as well as people with poor eating habits.


Blood sugar lowering properties of dark chocolate:

Bitter chocolate has been shown to lower fasting blood sugar in people with diabetes. Cocoa polyphenols also help boost insulin resistance and act as a vasodilator in people with diabetes.


Treatment of depression of the properties of dark chocolate:

The level of serotonin in this chocolate can act as an effective antidepressant. Bitter chocolate contains serotonin, which has almost the same antidepressant properties.


Bitter chocolate to prevent stroke:

Eating dark chocolate not only calms the body but also makes the blood vessels more flexible. It also reduces the risk of numerous cardiovascular diseases and prevents stroke.


Bitter chocolate for skincare:

Biological compounds and chocolate flavonols also help increase skin moisture, prevent sun damage and improve blood flow to the skin.


Bitter chocolate for hair care:

With its exceptional anti-inflammatory properties and increased blood flow to the hair, this chocolate can promote hair growth and prevent scalp infections and hair loss.


Increased endurance of the properties of dark chocolate:

By increasing the body’s metabolism, dark chocolate helps increase energy levels and thus endurance.


Bitter chocolate to enhance eyesight:

By improving blood flow to the brain, dark chocolate is also useful in improving vision.


Bitter chocolate to reduce inflammation:

Bitter chocolate has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties and therefore helps reduce inflammation in the intestinal and heart tissues.

Properties of dark chocolate for health and beauty

Bitter chocolate useful during pregnancy:

Bitter chocolate is good for pregnant women. It reduces muscle strain, relaxes you, and strengthens your overall immune system.


Cough treatment of bitter chocolate consumption properties:

The presence of barium in dark chocolate cocoa has made it an effective treatment for cough and asthma symptoms. Unlike other cough medicines, theobromine does not cause drowsiness.


Bitter chocolate controls asthma:

Bitter chocolate is also useful in treating asthma symptoms and other respiratory problems due to its herbarium and methylxanthine.


Weight loss properties of dark chocolate:

By reducing the absorption of fat in the body, dark chocolate can help treat the symptoms of obesity and thus weight loss. Also, eating a small piece of this chocolate may help you lose your hunger and allow you to maintain your slimming diet.


Side effects of dark chocolate:

Although dark chocolate has impressive health benefits, consuming too much of anything can have side effects, even if it is a miracle food.


What are the side effects of dark chocolate?


Disadvantages of caffeine over dark chocolate:

Bitter chocolate has more caffeine than other chocolates. Excessive consumption may cause anxiety, diarrhea, irritability, and dehydration.


High amounts of cocoa:

Too much cocoa in this chocolate can cause various inflammatory diseases such as skin diseases, constipation, and migraine headaches. It can also cause nausea and gas.


Disadvantages of consuming too much dark chocolate during pregnancy:

This chocolate’s excessive consumption is wholly forbidden in pregnant women, as it may cause premature irritation, miscarriage, and low birth weight.


Excessive consumption of dark chocolate is harmful in pregnancy.


Other side effects of dark chocolate include:


  • heartbeat
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Osteoporosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Glaucoma
  • Bleeding disorders


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