Everything about teeth scaling and its benefits and harms

scaling of teeth is good or bad

We all want beautiful white teeth, but scaling teeth without considering their various aspects can have unpleasant consequences. The inner parts of the teeth darken over time, and in addition, a person’s habits such as smoking or drinking coffee, tea, etc., cause colored spots on the teeth and eventually change color.

Scaling a tooth by a dentist will go a long way in removing these stains, but before deciding to scale a tooth, be sure to see your dentist.

Does scaling a tooth cause it to disappear?

Before scaling your teeth, you should talk to your dentist about the potential risks of doing so, especially if you plan to do it at home. Risks associated with scaling include tooth sensitivity and root damage, and your dentist may warn you if these problems occur, as well as some precautions such as using toothpaste.

In general, scaling is successful in at least 90% of patients, and as a general rule, yellow teeth have good scaling results. Gray spots caused by smoking, tetracycline, or fluorosis (overuse of fluoride) are unlikely to change significantly with scaling.

Advise your dentist that not all stains are usually removed by scaling, and if your teeth are sensitive or suffer from gum disease and enamel erosion, your dentist may be scaling.

Is tooth bleaching expensive? Dental cosmetic procedures are not usually covered by insurance, so it is best to check your insurance coverage before any treatment.

Everything about teeth scaling and its benefits and harms

Do we need constant care and scaling of teeth to whiten our teeth?

If you want faster and more reliable results, you should consult your dentist. Scaling results usually depend on personal habits such as smoking and drinking various beverages, usually lasting from 1 to 5 years.

It is also important to note that daily hygiene habits such as brushing, flossing, and regular dental examinations play an important role in maintaining the beauty and health of teeth.

In this section, we provide facts about tooth scaling, and so you will find out if scaling is right for you.

Positive aspects

The positive benefits of scaling teeth are mainly aesthetic. Most people believe that having white teeth increases a person’s self-confidence and increases a person’s attractiveness in the eyes of others.

Negative aspects

Tooth scaling has many side effects. Of which, tooth sensitivity and gingivitis are two of these side effects. Of course, dentists believe that this sensitivity and burning disappear after three days of scaling.

Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by exposure of the enamel to the whitening fluid. If you have sensitive teeth, talk to your dentist before scaling to find ways to use scaling your teeth.

Exposure of the gums to bleach can also lead to redness and swelling of the gums.

Hydrogen peroxide-based whitening products damage tooth protein layers.

Other studies show that the use of strong chemicals in scaling teeth may cause burns in the soft tissues of the gums, a burning sensation in the throat and stomach.

Your teeth are like a sponge and absorb everything.

Your cavities are like skin or sponges, and whatever you put in your mouth will penetrate them. Coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, and cigarettes all stay in the mouth and do not come out of the teeth. Toothpaste gels do not remove these stains but are absorbed into the teeth and prevent them from showing.

Scaling does not damage your teeth.

Scaling is like a hard toothbrush that you brush on your teeth and therefore does not damage it, and the more specialized the scaling, the safer it is.

The equipment used in scaling has the greatest impact

Scaling equipment must be in the best condition so that you can experience the best scaling. These devices should be such that your teeth are cleaned from any angle, and the white coating on them is permanent.

Sensitivity after scaling is completely normal

60% of people in the world suffer from tooth sensitivity. These allergies are often caused by genetics. Sometimes the cause of these allergies can be found in the roots and tooth decay. As a result, scaling can also cause tooth sensitivity, which is perfectly normal. The tooth becomes dehydrated shortly after scaling, which reduces the nerve’s ability to withstand temperature changes, and dentists often prescribe fluoride therapy to reduce sensitivity.

 The scalability of laser or UV light is short-lived

Ultraviolet rays work faster than scaling gels and suddenly surprise you about the whiteness of your teeth, but may not be a good option for people with sensitive teeth.

Tooth stains do not go away overnight.

No product can whiten your teeth in minutes. These substances never work from the root, and therefore the use of scaling toothpaste does not cure pain.

 The best time after scaling is before bed.

Teeth have open cavities after scaling and are therefore ready to absorb nutrients, so the best time to use scaling is at bedtime when we do not eat until morning.

Everything about teeth scaling and its benefits and harms

Not all teeth are ideally white.

Apart from tooth stains, natural tooth color, and other dental characteristics, different scaling effects are seen in people. The only thing that is the same among all scaling is the removal of stains and thus whiteness.

How many years should scaling be done?

Tooth scaling protocols vary from person to person and depend on tooth color and diet. However, there are two stages: the initial bleaching and the other is the maintenance.

For initial treatment, you should listen carefully to your doctor’s advice to achieve your desired white color, and when you reach your desired color, you should adjust your diet and lifestyle so that the color of your teeth remains the same. Some people can maintain the same original whiteness for several months, while others can only maintain it for a few weeks.

People who regularly drink coffee, soft drinks, or dark drinks have less tooth whitening than others, and home remedies can be used to keep whiteness at its highest.

OTC ointments are prescribed for people whose teeth whitening lasts for more than a few days. As a result, the number of scaling times varies from person to person and should be done according to the doctor’s opinion not to overdo it.

What are the symptoms of excessive scaling of teeth?

Doctors believe that three white flags indicate that your teeth are very massive:

  • Tooth sensitivity, especially to cold
  • Inflamed gums with bleeding
  • Teeth with blue edges

 If you ignore these warning signs, it can damage your tooth nerve and make its roots thinner. In this case, you may have to endure a constant burning sensation in your gums. To prevent this from happening, it is best always to see a dentist and check the condition of your teeth. You can also follow his instructions completely and accurately to have fewer problems with your teeth.

Everything about teeth scaling and its benefits and harms

Is it dangerous to do this?

There is no danger if this is done according to the correct instructions. The substances used in the peroxidation-based scaling process are harmless, and the whitening products include toothpaste, glue, gel, and harmless whitening. Still, you should note that a dentist can only do this. You should consult your dentist before deciding to minimize potential risks and maximize positive results, as well as before doing so.

When should I stop doing this?

While scaling has many aesthetic benefits, it should be noted that this method does not have acceptable results for all, and scaling of veneered, complete, brown, and gray teeth due to smoking is a possible result. It is not accepted, and therefore it is better to be examined by a dentist before any cost.

In how many stages is tooth scaling done?

High-frequency scaling increases the risk of side effects such as tooth sensitivity and enamel damage. Still, there are no specific guidelines for safe scaling without side effects, so follow your dentist’s advice. Teeth whitening in some people may take a month and in others up to a year.

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