How to remove odor from microwave

We use the device every day to prepare a fresh meal or heat food in the kitchen. Although we like cooking in the microwave, we hate the unpleasant smell it produces as it gets larger, so we cannot use it, but we can find a way to remove the unpleasant odor and use a device with a fresh smell.

If you have the right equipment and choose the right method, it’s not difficult to remove the smell of food or burning from the microwave. Here are some simple ways to clean your device.

Remove microwave odors with these amazing tricks:

From the beginning, place sour lemon juice in a microwave cup.
Turn on the microwave and let it run for three minutes.
When the device is off, the cup should remain in the machine for the vapors to penetrate and affect the cup.
Remove the cup from the device and wash it after the heat has not been emitted from it. You can easily get rid of the odor inside the microwave.

Steps for removing burnt popcorn from the microwave:

Most of us enjoy popcorn because it tastes great and can be prepared immediately. On holidays, who wants to smell the same delicious popcorn in the kitchen? It’s not pleasant. There are instructions on how to remove the smell of burnt popcorn from the oven.

Popcorn in the microwave

To eliminate the microwave’s bad smell, you will need:
A cup of water
Lemon juice
Microwave cleaner

Steps to eliminate microwave odor:

Open windows and doors to release odors. In order to remove the smell of burning from the carpet and kitchen curtains, it would be best if you did this immediately.

If you keep the burnt corn in the house, it will still smell bad.

It should not be put in the kitchen, since it can spread to other rooms.

You can use boiling water if the smell is not too strong.

Put a large cup of water in the microwave bowl.

Warm the bowl in the oven.

Through the outlet vents, the microwave fan emits the odor.

You should take a cup of water and mix it with a glass of water and lemon extract if the burning smell is strong.

Microwave the mixture and bake it in the oven.

Leave the mixture in the oven to cool for at least two minutes.

Do not remove the bowl before it has cooled completely and the device has been cleaned.

Clean walls, doors, and ovens with a damp cloth.

When cleaning the inside of the oven, never use a thick cloth or hard equipment (knife, spoon), as this can damage the appliance.

Make sure all food particles are removed from the oven to ensure the appliance is odorless.


Remove the smell of meat from the microwave by following these steps:

Using your device to cook fills the whole kitchen with a bad smell after a while, and if the cooked food is meat or fish, it can take up to a week to remove the smell.

Ingredients needed to eliminate the bad smell of the microwave:

  • baking soda
  • Hot water
  • White vinegar
  • Plastic scrubber
  • Soapdish

How to eliminate microwave odor:

The first few steps are the same as before, such as opening windows and doors to eliminate odors. Alternatively, you can turn on the kitchen outlet fan to remove odors more quickly.

Wash the dish in which you prepared the meat with soap and water. If the odor persists, soak the dish overnight in warm water. You can wash it in the morning with soapy water and then with clean water. You will also be able to remove food particles from the container.

Fill a bowl with water and white vinegar. Take into account the approximate size of the raw materials as it does not require precision.

Boil the bowl for 20 to 25 minutes in the oven.
Vinegar steam dispels the smell of meat from the microwave.
Baking soda will remove the odor from your house.

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