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What do pimples indicate about the health of the body?

what your acne means

According to traditional Chinese doctors and physicians, the face reflects the health of the whole body, and minor changes on the skin are associated with specific organs of the body. So by looking at the pimples on every part of the skin, you can see which part of the body is damaged.

Acne on the upper and lower forehead

  • Acne on the forehead is a sign that you may have digestive problems, so you should avoid fatty and canned foods and pay more attention to your diet.
  • Acne mainly affects the gastrointestinal tract, intestines, gallbladder, and liver.
  • Acne on the forehead is a sign of dietary changes, so it is better to replace baking soda and coffee with enough tea and water to eliminate toxins accumulated in the intestines and eat high-fiber fruits and vegetables.
  • Pimples under the forehead are due to problems with the circulatory system. Avoid stressors as much as possible and do the things you love.
  • If you notice discoloration of the forehead and discoloration of the forehead and blue and green, you may have heart problems, so take this symptom seriously.

Nasal pimples:

  • Acne on the nose is also associated with digestive disorders, so avoid fatty and salty foods as it directly affects digestion and skin. If you have pimples on your nose, you should focus more on the spleen, pancreas, and abdomen.
  • Redness around the nose may also be the cause of alcohol consumption, so stop drinking alcohol.
  • Pimples around the face and between the eyes and eyebrows
  • Pimples around and between the eyes and eyebrows are signs of liver problems, so do not eat fast food and sweet and fatty foods late at night and bedtime. Avoid diuretics and alcohol. Use fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C to neutralize toxins and strengthen the immune system.

Pimples on the ears

  • Pimples on the ear indicate a problem with kidney function, so cut down on salty foods and coffee and drink plenty of water.
  • Pimples on the chin
  • Pimples on the chin and lips are associated with bladder and kidney problems and hormones.
  • The cause of pimples on men’s upper lips is related to prostate and male organ problems.
  • The cause of pimples on the upper lip in women is related to the uterus and ovaries.
  • Paleness and acne on the male limbs indicate reproductive problems.

Acne on the right cheek

  • If you have pimples on your right cheek, you may have a cold or difficulty breathing.
  • Pimples and acne on the right cheek are associated with barriers and indicate a threat to lung health.
  • If the upper part of the cheek is full of pimples, you should take care of your lungs, not smoke, and avoid entering dirty and smoky places.

Acne on the left cheek

  • If you have pimples on your left cheek, you have liver and gallbladder problems.
  • People with fat and liver heat, left cheeks, and red margins of the nose.
  • If the lower part of the cheek is pimples, you may have a problem in the mouth, so brush and hold between the teeth and avoid pimples and unwanted food.
  • Jaundice under the eyes is also associated with high cholesterol and gallstones, so see your doctor if you have any of these symptoms.

Pimples on the neck and chest

Acne on the neck and chest is a sign of infection and stress in the body, and the immune system is trying to fight the infection, so use foods rich in vitamin C to strengthen the immune system. Fight stress, exercise, and get enough sleep.

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