Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Nightmares are a sign of a person’s mental state, but why do some nightmares recur? How can you get rid of these nightmares?

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Nightmares show the mental state of people. But what is the reason for repeating some nightmares? How to get rid of these nightmares? Almost all people have nightmares but soon forget about them. But some people are continually having nightmares that can lead to increased anxiety and depression. People with chronic nightmares need to find ways to treat the symptoms.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Nightmares have the following characteristics:

  • In the second half of the night, you see more nightmares. Nightmares are rare and often occur several times a night. Although they are short, they wake you up and make it difficult to go back to sleep.
  • It seems like a real nightmare, and it’s very upsetting and annoying.
  • Nightmares are usually a threat to safety and survival but can be related to other issues of concern.
  • You feel fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, or hatred in your sleep.
  • You feel sweaty, or your heart beats faster.

Nightmares are considered a disorder if you experience the following:

  • Frequent nightmares
  • Anxiety or disorder during the day, such as constant anxiety or fear,
  • Anxiety about sleeping due to fear of seeing other nightmares
  • Difficulty concentrating or thinking about nightmares during the day
  • Daily drowsiness, fatigue, and lack of energy
  • Problems at work or school or in social situations
  • Behavioral problems related to sleep or fear of the dark

Causes of nightmares:

Stress or anxiety:

The first case mentioned in the section on damp mental health is stress; Sometimes, everyday life stresses, such as a problem at home or school, can cause nightmares. Also, a significant change, such as a deathbed one, can hurt a person’s psyche.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

This sleep disorder after an accident, injury, physical injury or sexual abuse, or other traumatic event are common. Nightmares are common in people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

sleep disorders :

This sleep disorder or nightmares may accompany some sleep disorders

Insomnia can increase the appearance of troubled and stressful dreams.

Obstructive sleep apnea can also cause nightmares due to sleep disturbance.

Refreshing sleep is another type of sleep disorder that can cause nightmares due to destructive changes in the sleep-wake cycle and the induction of extreme fatigue during the day.

Restless Legs Syndrome is also a neurological sleep disorder that can cause nightmares.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Lack of sleep:

Changes in lifestyle plans cause irregular sleep, interference, and reduced sleep time, which increases the risk of nightmares.

medicines :

Some medications, such as antidepressants, blood pressure medications, beta-blockers, and medications used to treat Parkinson’s or help quit smoking, can cause disturbed sleep and nightmares.

Alcohol and drugs:

Alcohol and drugs cause sleep disruption due to disruption in the sleep cycle. Excessive alcohol consumption, especially before bedtime, and marijuana use can interfere with the sleep cycle, reducing REM sleep time and strange dreams.

Nervous system degenerative diseases:

Nervous system disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and some types of dementia can also be a nightmare.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Other disorders:

Depression and other mental disorders may be associated with nightmares. This sleep disorder can occur with certain diseases, such as heart disease or cancer.

Ways to prevent and treat nightmares in children and adults

You have to remember that proper sleep is one of the most critical factors in your proper functioning during the day. Lack of sleep can lead to many symptoms such as weak immune system, anger, poor memory and concentration, lack of coordination, stress, fatigue. Each of these factors can make you feel sick. Here are some tips to help you get rid of lousy sleep or nightmares.

How to get rid of bad dreams or nightmares?

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Take a break:

The first point about how to prevent bad dreams is to focus and calm your brain. Nightmares can be caused by stress; let go of your worries and start your happy dreams again. You can have a good day at the beach. Just make sure it is a cozy area where you can stay calm. If stress is the leading cause of your current nightmares, you need to learn how to deal with stress.

Try to control the nightmare:

Can you see certain events in your dreams or not? When you control your sleep, you will be able to eliminate horrible nightmares. You should not be disappointed with this; you should rest and spend time.

Talk to someone you trust about your dreams:

Find a trusted person and then explain your dreams to him; Because emotions can make things better, or you can write down your dreams in a notebook. Also, find someone who listens to you because someone who sincerely understands the subject will give you good feedback. To have a good night’s sleep, you can do yoga before going to bed.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Have happy thoughts:

Before going to bed, think of good and happy things that you enjoy and want to happen to you, such as flying in the sky. You also have to imagine yourself in a happy place. As soon as evil thoughts start, you have to think of something else to get rid of the evil thoughts. You can also make some happy thoughts a reality by learning simple plans and achieving a happy life.

Look for happy places:

You do not need to find happy places by exploring the world; you can create happy places yourself. It does not matter where or how you do it. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. To better visualize your happy place in a dream, you need to draw a beautiful picture in your mind.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Love yourself:

It will be challenging to implement the suggestions; you will eliminate the negative thoughts t by accepting and being healthy and brats.


Write down your nightmares whenever you wake up because when you read nightmares, you realize the causes of these dreams. The most important thing to know about nightmares is that there is always a reason for them. If you think nightmares are due to new medications, you should tell your doctor. If you have recently experienced a traumatic event or stress in your life, you need to deal with it. In many cases, you need to change your daily diet, perhaps to help reduce nightmares and experience more restful sleep.

Avoid caffeine at bedtime:

You should never drink caffeinated beverages before going to bed because it causes insomnia; even if you sleep, you will not sleep well, and there is a chance for bad dreams and brain attacks.

Avoid taking medicine before bed:

You should not take any medication prescribed by your doctor before going to bed.

Include snacks and milk in your diet:

It would help if you had a glass of milk or a light snack before going to bed. This action can help calm your soul and body. Also, you should avoid eating heavy and fatty foods before going to bed.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Think positive:

Before going to bed, you should completely clear your mind of any problems you have during the day. A practical solution is to create an abstract list if you can not forget your worries and decide to check it out in the morning. When you go to bed, you have to think of beautiful things. It has been proven that thinking about beautiful things before going to bed can reduce the risk of nightmares.

Stay away from stimuli:

Such people should not read violent news, movies, or horror books before going to sleep. These are stimuli that lead directly to nightmares and bad dreams.

Get ready for bedtime:

Preparing for bedtime is very important, which means you need to prepare your mind and body for sleep. You can do this by reading your favorite novel, praying or meditating, drinking herbal tea, or taking a hot shower.

Change your bed:

It would help if you had a soft mattress and pillow for healthy, deep sleep, so choose them carefully to suit you and your physical characteristics.

Change some of your habits:

Correct your bedtime. Bad dreams may be due to bad sleeping habits! Sometimes you may not pay attention to your nasal problems, leading to poor sleep and nightmares. If you have a nasal polyp, it will make it difficult to breathe, and you will not be able to sleep well.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Have a daily meal plan:

The next point about how we can deal with nightmares is to have a daily diet plan. Foods are essential for mental and physical health. You need to focus specifically on your diet to see if there is a link between your sleep quality and the food you eat. In this way, you can determine the relationship between nightmares and drinks or foods. Indigestion can also be a significant cause of nightmares. Many foods are good for overall health and the brain, so include them more in your diet.

Treat stress:

This sleep disorder are often signs of stress during the day; stress is one of the leading causes of nightmares you face in everyday life. If you find the cause of your stress, you may be able to reduce nightmares. If the causes of stress are not something you can change or eliminate, you should see a doctor.

Write down the nightmares you have seen:

Before going to bed, put paper and pen next to the bed, and when you wake up, write down the nightmares you have seen, and after writing down your nightmares, answer these questions: What is each of the people and objects in your nightmare, and Do they behave? What was your position on them? What do they mean by what they do or say?

Talk about your nightmares:

Take your nightmares to the outside world and try to find the root of these nightmares.

Examine your mental concerns:

Review your worries, mental concerns, fears, and thoughts and ask yourself what worries you ?! What do you think about when you are worried? What image comes to your mind? Do you go to bed with the same worries? Are you always worried or anxious at certain times?

Check your family and job status:

By examining your work and family situation, you will determine whether you are currently satisfied and comfortable enough at home and about your spouse. Stressful issues can much aggravate and perpetuate your nightmares, so solve the issues that are bothering you.

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Do not eat before going to bed:

Avoid eating or snacking before bed because eating speeds up your metabolism and sends signals to the brain to be more active, so do not eat before bed because eating can cause nightmares.

Make your bedroom a quiet environment:

Your bedroom should be dark and have a comfortable temperature. Your bed should be clean and comfortable so that your sleep is not disturbed. It would help if you also made the bedroom dedicated to sleeping and avoid working in it because this bedroom will be stressful for you.

Analyze all your dreams:

Many people believe that dreams are unconscious thoughts. So you have to deal with your negative thoughts and forget about them and think about the hidden messages that may be included in those dreams. Because sleep can mean something else, for example, ask yourself questions to find the answer. What is going on in your life?

Why do I have nightmares, and what can I do to relieve these disturbing dreams?

Increase your relaxation:

As mentioned, many different forms of physical and psychological stress can manifest themselves as nightmares.

Change your medication as prescribed by your doctor:

Some medications, such as blood pressure and sleeping pills, have side effects such as nightmares. Be sure to ask the doctor who prescribed these medications for you how the medications you are taking will affect your sleep and dreams. Your doctor may recommend that you change your medication or reconsider your dose.

When to see a doctor:

Seeing a nightmare has no reason to worry. If your child has nightmares, you can see a doctor because having a child with nightmares can cause sleep disturbances and severe anxiety for parents.

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