Angry Causes and Consequences of Waking Up

Why am I so angry when I wake up?

Imagine your phone rings, and you get upset quickly. This sound is on your nerves, and you feel your body is full, and you are very angry. No matter how much coffee you drink, how much music you listened to the night before, or what problems are pressing on your life, you wake up in the morning feeling bad physically and mentally.

Angry Causes and Consequences of Waking Up

Waking up in a state of anger involves many factors. For example, mental state, physical health, behavioral patterns, and lifestyles all play a role. Making changes in these areas or, in all cases, will help you control your anger in the morning.

Anger can happen at the moment, and it can be an uncontrollable feeling, but in any case, it engages you and is like a background feeling in you and can spread a negative sentiment in the body. If this feeling turns into a long-lasting feeling, it will take over your whole being and health.

Developing healthy habits, getting help from specialists and psychotherapists, and working on your mental state can help you overcome your anger in the long run, allowing you to return to the right part of your emotions and regain control.

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 Nervous cause of waking up

How do we stop feeling angry?

We do not mean to suppress or ignore your anger but control it in the best possible way. Feeling and expressing anger are both healthy behaviors, but when anger becomes a constant uncontrollable and upsetting behavior, you should seek treatment for it.

Anger treatment intervals vary from person to person but can generally be improved with a combination of treatments, body tricks, lifestyle changes, and relaxation techniques.


Other tricks include the following:


One of the most important ways to reduce stress is to understand why you are angry and what patterns make you feel this way. When you are constantly nervous, writing may help you drain it and determine what intensifies your anger. Journalism helps you to know yourself and your thoughts better and to understand your feelings better.

You can write in the morning or evening or both. But writing in the morning helps you understand exactly how you feel, what makes you angry, and how you can improve your situation.

You can also write down the details of your day in full in the evenings and see how you feel during the day. This may seem trivial and simple to you, but rest assured, this is one of the most effective solutions.


Meditation exercises

There are different types of meditation. Meditation does not just mean sitting, clearing the mind, and concentrating. This can mean walking in nature, listening to your inner voice and your ideas and thoughts, or even practicing yoga or other body movements.

It does not matter what kind of meditation you do. However, meditation is a very important factor for mental, emotional, and physical health. Meditation helps you control your emotions.


Physical health

Some people attribute their anger directly to physical problems. Chronic pain, unexplained problems, sadness, or fear play an important role in the offense. If you have a physical problem or feel pain, try to see a doctor to treat this problem.

Some people mistakenly believe that getting help from a doctor to solve physical problems is the work of weak or embarrassing people. Still, you should follow this to improve your anger by translating the physical pain.


Having order in sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the most important causes of morning sickness. Establishing sleep patterns and routines will help you sleep deeper and relax more. Your actual practice is very important. For example, you should not use electronic devices at night before going to bed. Be sure to give yourself time before bed to calm your mind and cool the house a little from normal.



One of the most important is anger management. Know the exact type of sport you like and choose it to endure it and improve your anger by doing it.

Choose a sport that suits your physical and mental needs. Some people get better by running, others by yoga, and some by strength training. It depends on your taste.

Get out of bed quickly.

One of the best ways to start your day with peace of mind. This means getting out of bed quickly and not giving yourself time to think about getting angry. Most of the time, the weather is cold, and you are tempted to stay in bed for a long time and do not want to leave the warm and soft space of the bed. Therefore, it is better to overcome yourself and get out of bed quickly.

Eat a complete and healthy breakfast.

You need to train your body for fuel and energy in the morning and wake up to regulate your blood sugar. Getting angry at sleep indicates a drop in blood sugar. You can only make up for it by eating a healthy and complete breakfast. Ignoring breakfast lowers blood sugar, and as a result, you can not get protein, fiber, and nutrients to the body, which causes anger and confusion.

Daily to-do list

Just as you should have a night routine, you should create a morning routine for yourself. For example, make coffee or tea for yourself. Take the time to write. Take enough time to rest and meditate. Then, try to focus on creating a morning routine. In the morning, do not try to check the news and social networks because they convey stress and anger.

Mental health care

Waking up from anger indicates a mental health problem. Depression, personality disorders, and mental health problems can all manifest in anger, which of course, requires a variety of treatments, but depending on your needs, know exactly what to look for and control your mental health.

Put aside futile efforts, try to accept negative things instead of fighting them. Do you want to push something? Press the pillow. Do you want to shout? Scream inside the pillow and blanket. Do you want to drop something? Discard the pillow. If this method is not useful for you, play some music and start rhythmic movements with the same feeling of frustration and anger that you will surely get results from this method.

Do your favorite things.

This suggestion may seem obvious to you, but you probably never did it when you were angry. It does not matter how many times you have heard this method. In any case, look for things that make you happy and excited. If you always feel good after exercise, then be sure to exercise. If nature calms you down, be sure to take a walk along the beach or in pleasant weather.

If you love painting and coloring, be sure to do so. Try to manage your mental state, know what you enjoy, and engage in them to refocus and feel good.

Practice optimism

The thought pattern can become a habit, just like anything else. So try to replace all negative and destructive habits with positive ones. For example, if you are constantly greedy, overly anxious, and thinking about the worst things, try to change your thoughts for the better.

Of course, changing this habit, like any other habit, is hard work, and it is normal, but the more consciously you practice, the healthier your mental pattern will be, and you will feel better over time, so try to think like an optimist to Become optimistic gradually.

Distract yourself from emotions

The worst thing you can do to get angry in the morning is to do nothing. A sedentary lifestyle gives you more opportunities to think about misery. All of these increase your negative emotions, so if you feel bad, try to keep yourself busy, distracted, keep the room clean, run somewhere, tidy up the baby’s room, do some exercise And engage in activities that make you forget negative emotions.


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