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Mascara suitable for different eye models + video

Mascara is a makeup staple that can dramatically enhance your eyes, but choosing the right one can be tricky. With so many formulas and wands on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not! This guide will help you find the perfect mascara to flatter your unique eye shape, making your peepers look their absolute best.


Beginners to Pro | EYESHADOW for Every EYE SHAPE | Best eye makeup for your eyes! :

Understanding Your Eye Shape:

The first step is identifying your eye shape. Here are the most common ones:

  • Almond:Considered the ideal shape, almond eyes are slightly elongated with pointed ends.
  • Round:Round eyes appear large and full, with the iris taking up a significant portion of the visible area.
  • Hooded:Hooded eyes have a fold of skin that covers the crease, often making them appear smaller.
  • Downturned:The outer corners of downturned eyes point downwards, creating a slightly droopy appearance.
  • Upturned:Upturned eyes have outer corners that point upwards, giving the appearance of a lifted and youthful look.
  • Close-set:Close-set eyes appear closer together than average, with the space between them being less than the width of an eye.
  • Wide-set:Wide-set eyes appear further apart than average, with the space between them being more than the width of an eye.


Mascara suitable for different eye models + video


Mascara Magic: Choosing the Right Formula and Wand:

Now that you know your eye shape, let’s explore mascaras that can accentuate your features:

  • Almond Eyes:You’re lucky! Most mascaras will flatter your almond eyes. Look for versatile wands with curved bristles that can define, lengthen, and volumize your lashes.
  • Round Eyes:To elongate and add definition, opt for mascaras with curling and lengthening Look for wands with pointed tips or hourglass shapes that reach the inner and outer corner lashes.
  • Hooded Eyes:Avoid heavy formulas that can weigh down your lashes and further hide your crease. Choose lifting or waterproofing mascaras with fine bristles to define and separate lashes without smudging.
  • Downturned Eyes:Similar to hooded eyes, opt for lifting and lengthening mascaras to create the illusion of an upturned appearance. Focus on applying mascara to the upper and outer lashes to lift the eye.
  • Upturned Eyes:Play up your naturally lifted eyes with volumizing Look for fluffy brushes that can add fullness and drama without looking clumpy.
  • Close-set Eyes:To create the illusion of wider-set eyes, use mascaras that focus on lengthening the outer lashes. Look for wands with angled bristles that can reach the outer corners.
  • Wide-set Eyes:To bring your eyes closer together, apply mascara to the inner lashes. Use a curling and volumizing mascara with a curved brush to create a fuller lash line closer to the bridge of your nose.

Bonus Tips:

  • Primer:Apply a mascara primer before your mascara for better volume, length, and wear.
  • Lash curling:Curling your lashes before applying mascara can make a big difference, especially for lifting and opening up the eyes.
  • Multiple coats:Apply mascara in thin layers, starting from the base of the lashes and wiggling the wand upwards. This helps prevent clumping and gives you more control over the volume.
  • Experiment:Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formulas and wands to find what works best for you. Remember, the key to finding the perfect mascara is to choose one that complements your unique eye shape and desired look.

With the right mascara and a little practice, you can achieve stunning lashes that enhance your natural beauty and make your eyes stand out!