Properties and health benefits of orange juice

Orange juice is one of the richest vitamin C sources and an antioxidant and detoxifier that eliminates or neutralizes free radicals in the body and strengthens our immune system.

One of the main functions of antioxidants is to prevent cancer and stabilize blood sugar, which improves cardiovascular health. It also improves our blood circulation and contains kidney stones.

Properties and health benefits of orange juice

Nutritional value of orange juice:

Orange juice is almost accepted as the most abundant source of 93% vitamin C in a medium-sized orange (130 g). However, its nutritional value is not limited to vitamin C, but it is also very rich in fiber, vitamin A, folate, thiamine, potassium. Other essential nutrients in orange juice include protein, copper, and magnesium.

Maintain blood pressure:

Orange juice is an excellent drink for those with high or low blood pressure. Orange juice is rich in magnesium, which has a significant ability to restore blood pressure to normal.

Strengthen the immune system:

Due to its vitamin C content, orange juice acts as the best defense agent for your body, so your body can fight off some illnesses such as the flu or cold, as well as boost your immune system.

To improve joint pain:

Oranges contain flavonoids. When you drink orange juice, the flavonoids in oranges work wonderfully to treat osteoarthritis and treat cramps, and pain.

Cancer prevention:

Recent scientific research has shown the effect of orange juice in preventing some types of cancer. Oranges contain D-limonene components, an effective agent in the fight against skin cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer.

Also, the presence of vitamin C naturally prevents cancer.


Therapeutic benefits and prevention of gastric ulcer:

Ulcers generally appear in the small intestine and stomach. Also, the improper gastrointestinal function can cause constipation. Orange juice is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of diseases related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Properties and health benefits of orange juice

Prevent kidney stones:

Regular consumption of a serving of orange juice can reduce the risk of kidney stones. Excessive concentrations of minerals and chemicals usually lead to kidney stones. For those of you who have experienced this, you will benefit by drinking orange juice.


Help lose weight:

Many people believe that regular consumption of orange juice is beneficial for weight loss. They claim that orange fruit is full of antioxidants that are effective for weight loss.


Treatment of anemia:

Anemia is a disease that occurs when there is a lack of red blood cells in the body. Iron deficiency is the main reason for this situation. Orange juice provides enough vitamin C and helps absorb iron into the bloodstream.


Beauty and skin rejuvenation:

The antioxidant properties of orange juice make the skin fresh, beautiful, and young. Also, antioxidants with a combination of vitamin C in oranges protect skin cells from free radicals.

Therefore, daily consumption of one serving of orange juice is the best way to keep the skin clean and attractive for a long time.


Avoid cataracts:

Orange juice also has benefits in preventing cataracts. Vitamin A in it prevents cataracts.


Stroke prevention:

Drinking orange juice daily can prevent stroke. This property is due to the content in orange juice, which can also strengthen blood circulation. In this case, you can easily prevent a stroke.


Get rid of dark spots on the skin:

Dark spots are skin problems that appear as signs of aging. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these black spots as much as possible. The right way is to drink orange juice every day, which helps nourish the skin from within the body.

Properties and health benefits of orange juice

Treatment of oral plague:

A pest is a lump that appears on the wall of the mouth or tongue. This pest is very harmful to the mouth and causes many oral problems. You can cure this disease by drinking orange juice.


Treatment of hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids are a digestive problem that occurs due to difficulty in defecating. Hemorrhoids should be treated immediately. This disease can be treated by drinking orange juice daily.



Just as citrus fruits’ acidic benefits can control blood pressure, regular consumption of orange juice can control cholesterol.


Orange juice is good for bones:

At least one glass of orange juice contains 7 to 8 percent calcium, which is enough for the body’s daily needs. Calcium plays a vital role in bone health and density. Prevents bone problems such as osteoporosis.

Improves brain function:

Orange juice also contains folate, which is useful for improving brain function and memory.

Folate is also suitable for pregnant women and helps build red blood cells and DNA.


Helps build muscle:

The protein in oranges is a concentrated protein that can help build muscle mass. The benefits of potassium in orange juice are used to maintain muscle contraction. Drinking orange juice daily helps strengthen the body’s muscles.


Overcoming joint pain:

The flavonoids in oranges have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is recommended for those who suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain.



Type 2 diabetics are advised to drink orange juice. Orange juice has some sugar and diuretic properties that help regulate excess sugar in the body.

Vitamin C in orange juice is also helpful in reducing the consequences of infection, ulcers, or other vision problems in people with type 1 diabetes.


Side effects and allergy to orange juice:

Because orange juice contains fructose and is acidic, its high consumption is harmful to the body. Excess fiber can lead to digestive problems such as abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Due to its acidic nature, it also causes heartburn. Overdose can cause other issues such as nausea, vomiting, headache, bloating, and insomnia.

Properties and health benefits of orange juice


Orange juice can gradually raise your blood sugar level.


Dental problems:

Orange juice can damage your teeth by damaging the enamel. Our enamel is susceptible to acids. Therefore, the acids in orange juice react with and damage the enamel calcium. Also, orange juice contains sugar and leads to an increase in bacteria.


Causes of iron poisoning:

Vitamin C. does absorption of iron in the small intestine. Still, if you drink a lot of orange juice, vitamin C leads to excessive absorption of iron in the body, which can be harmful to other organs kidneys, liver, pancreas.


Frequently Asked Questions About Orange Juice


Can orange juice prevent or cure colds?

Probably not. While vitamin C is essential for the immune system’s functioning, there is no evidence that drinking orange juice helps prevent colds and does not speed up your recovery from a cold. Drinking plenty of water is essential when you do not feel well, and drinking orange juice can help.


Can drinking orange juice prevent cancer?

Some compounds in orange juice may help prevent cancer. Still, so far, only laboratory research has been done on laboratory animals, so it is unclear whether drinking orange juice can prevent or delay any cancer type.


Does drinking orange juice cause a person to gain weight?

Drinking orange juice does not cause weight gain as long as you maintain your daily calorie intake to the point where you can maintain or lose weight. If you burn more calories each day than you burn, it doesn’t matter if the calories are from orange juice or something else.


Is fresh, natural orange juice more nutritious than store-bought juice?

Yes – for every ounce of freshly squeezed orange juice, you can get about 50 percent or more of vitamin C and almost twice as much folate.


Should we drink calcium-fortified orange juice?

If you often feel calcium deficient from foods such as dairy, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables, drinking calcium-fortified orange juice can help meet your calcium needs.

To see the amount of extra calcium from each meal, look at your product’s food label.


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