Your character with your birthday season

The characteristics of people born in different seasons of the year are different because the mother’s pregnancy season and the baby’s birth will greatly impact her personality and mood.

Your character with your birthday season

Born in the spring

Spring deliveries go through a difficult embryonic period. Pregnant mothers who give birth in the spring have severe nausea and vomiting in the summer. In the fall, due to insufficient sunlight and lack of activity in the winter, some of the necessary nutrients do not reach the fetus. Still, nevertheless, after birth. These babies use sunlight and heat more than others.

Spring-borns are more likely to tell others their age because they do not have to explain, as the other half, that they have not yet reached that age and are smaller than they seem. Boys born in spring, unlike those born in March, have more opportunities to be sent to the army.

Mothers of babies born in the spring can easily dress the baby comfortably until the fall and winter, and you do not need to wear warm clothes to the baby. 6-month-olds are born in the spring and can crave complementary foods because they spend six months to a year in the fall and winter, have less food variety than babies born in the fall, so the taste of these babies is limited. The future suffers from malnutrition.

These people have to balance everything and escape the heat of summer and the cold of winter. They have a lot of energy and jobs in psychology. They do not like to start their own business and hate monopolies. They like to receive flowers as gifts. They are very positive and imaginative.

Spring birth is lazier than others and is inherently inactive. As you mentioned, according to studies, children born in the second half of the year, i.e., autumn and winter, are more active than those born in the first half of the year. Spring people are more prone to anorexia nervosa than those born in other months. Of course, people born this season are sedentary, so this group needs more daily mobility and exercise.

Your character with your birthday season


Summer births have good weather and light because their mother is late in pregnancy, and they are born in this season. This is positive for these people, but because there is a lot of microbial and digestive contamination in summer, the risk of There to him.

Summer babies get used to the heat because they are exposed to a lot of light and sun at birth and their nervous system is perfect in this condition, so in the future, they will have problems with the cold seasons and will be more depressed.

Summers receive enough light and heat during the last three months of their mother’s pregnancy in the spring and summer when they are born, so they have better ossification than people born in other seasons and are more likely to reach taller, healthier limbs.

Gastrointestinal disorders are very common in the summer, so babies born in the summer and spend the first trimester of this season are more prone to gastrointestinal diseases and infections due to the heat.

One year of these children also coincides with summer. At one year of age, the child becomes more prone to common summer illnesses such as diarrhea, weakening the digestive system in childhood.

Summer is the last chance to get and use the first half and usually has the longest lifespan. They are kind and generous and very lively and have endless energy. They love water sports. They also like to eat watermelon in the cold season. If you want to make them happy with a gift, you have to think of a pure idea of ​​something for which you have never been a gift. The month of birth can affect the mood and health of people and their chosen job. Research has shown that July fish are more in the group of company leaders.

Your character with your birthday season


Autumn babies weigh less in the first four months of life than babies born in other seasons due to low birth light and a variety of foods for breastfeeding. Fall-borns are more flexible than those born in other seasons because they adapt to difficult conditions in the first six months of life and are happier and more depressed as adults.

People born this season are older than the rest of their classmates, so they are more confident and often lead other groups in group activities. Still, this month’s birthdays may be due to a lack of motivation due to differences. Academic failure suffers from others. In terms of longevity, autumn-borns also have the longest lifespan after summer.

Your character with your birthday season


Winter babies do not receive enough light because they are exposed to their mothers late in winter and are more prone to asthma, autism, and even MS.

People born this month are the youngest in terms of age and do not grow up with the delivery of one year, and they should explain to everyone that they have to wait until the end of the year foraging.

Winter-borns show less academic talent and will earn less in the future. When shopping for winter-born babies, remember that since you do not intend to take your baby out in the first months of life, do not take a jacket for him and only give him a warm bag or towel and a blanket. Winter-borns often receive warm clothing as a birthday present and will likely be warmly welcomed.

The cold of winter has given them a hard but soft personality. They like hot foods and drinks and winter clothes. They like to receive gifts from small sculptures and knitwear. They like apples, pomegranates, and kiwis.

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