Quick treatment of insomnia, get acquainted with only two methods !!

You can no longer sleep at the height of your tiredness or in bed and change your position or constantly check your cell phone clock, and you still can not sleep or maybe do other things to be able to sleep!

Here are some ways to treat insomnia with tips on sleeping for 2 minutes. This sleep pattern occurred for American pilots during World War II because they could not sleep fast due to high stress. In the end, the solution was very effective and could help the pilots.

Quick treatment of insomnia, get acquainted with only two methods !!

Rapid treatment of insomnia in 2 minutes in two steps:

In the following, we will introduce you to these two parts, which are physical and mental peace. This method is effective in relieving anxiety and fatigue and is recommended to everyone with any social status.

Part One: Physical Relaxation

You know that one of the main and important factors for fast sleep and treatment of sleep deprivation at night is having a calm body, but what should you do if your body is not quiet? You will quickly reach this important point with the proposed method.

Training to create physical relaxation to treat insomnia in the shortest possible time

  1. Lie on your back and put your feet on the ground. Place your hands gently on your thighs, close your eyes, and bring your chin close to your chest.
  2. Take a deep, slow breath. Open frowns and wrinkles on the forehead and sleep without feeling stressed and worried. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl.
  3. Feel and control the relaxation in your muscles and breathe slowly.
  4. Loosen your shoulders as much as possible as if they do not exist at all. Also, relax the neck and other parts and muscles, and in general, you should get rid of any thoughts and worries and think only when you want to rest.
  5. Now relax and open your chest, take a deep breath in a row, and let your chest move up and down. To have healthy and carefree sleep, you must assume that you are like a light floating mass in the sky.
  6. The upper half of your body is now relaxed, and you feel free and relaxed, and only the lower half of your body remains.
  7. To relax the thigh muscles, you should imagine the meat hanging gently on the bones. Show that there are no bones in your leg, and only your portion has strengths. Do this induction on both feet.
  8. Now your body is completely calm and relaxed and take three deep breaths and exhale through your mouth.

Part II: Peace of mind

You are creating peace of mind for immediate treatment of insomnia without medication, which is also effective for insomnia during pregnancy. When you are physically calm, it only takes ten seconds for your thoughts to subside, and you think of nothing, and then you will fall into a deep sleep.

By performing the above steps in order, you can control the body’s muscles, and as a result, you can sleep easily. This solution is practical in today’s modern world, approved by researchers, and does not cause any problems.

Note: If you want to fall asleep immediately, you need to think of things that calm you down.

If you have insomnia in winter, there are three ways you can choose one, and the way you chose did not work; you can choose another path.

Quick treatment of insomnia, get acquainted with only two methods !!

This includes:

  1. Suppose you are in the spring, lying on the bottom of the boat and moving towards the sunset, and there is the sound of the sea in your ear, and you are looking at the blue sky above your head with clouds. Are floating. Focus on it, and do not let anything else hinder your enjoyment.
  2. Imagine that you are in a very big black hut and darkness surrounds you.
  3. Repeat the phrase “I do not think about anything” for 10 seconds and try not to use other thoughts.

After this training lasted for six weeks, 96% of the pilots could sleep in two minutes and wherever they were, even if they drank coffee before going to bed!

The above solutions are universal exercises, and when you are stressed, use only the physical relaxation section and add mental relaxation if you want to sleep.

If you can even get 5 minutes of sleep at work or other places where sleep time is short, this amount of sleep can make you healthier. These exercises are also very important at night, and you can use them.

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