What are wife’s duties towards husband?

Marital life is strengthened by love, mutual respect, respect for rights, and mutual understanding. Each couple has important responsibilities to each other, which leads to intimacy and solving family problems. If each of them is not aware of their duties, many issues will arise in their life together.

What are wife's duties towards husband?

Respect for your spouse

Respect, appreciation, attention, and love for your spouse will bring them all back to you. If you insult someone, you should not expect respect and love from them.

There is a truth about men that they repeat everything you do with more intensity, so give your spouse more love and respect to gain more respect and love. In general, one of the duties of a woman towards her husband is to teach him the principles of the relationship.


Pay attention to the moral needs of men.

A woman’s good manners at home play an important role in the intimacy and peace of life. In addition, knowing the husband’s moral needs will make the home more comfortable. To avoid chaos in their life together, the couple must have the necessary coordination.

Obedience to the husband does not mean that the wife has no authority, but the husband and wife should interact. A good woman should know her strengths and weaknesses and try to strengthen her muscles. By financially managing the husband’s income, the wife can set the level of her expectations and aspirations and avoid the material problems of life.


Beauty and hygiene

Cleaning, the order in the house, make-up, proper clothing, and preparation for the husband are the husband’s most important duties towards her husband. Observing these points is very important in creating intimacy and satisfying the husband. It attracts the pleasure and satisfaction of the husband.


Loyalty to the husband

Just as men must protect their families, the role of a wife as a wife and even a mother must be committed and faithful to her husband and never betray him. Betrayal destroys the everyday life and future of children.


Pay attention to your husband’s emotional needs.

Meeting the emotional needs of couples is one of the most important points in maintaining and continuing their life together, which leads to intimacy and friendly relationships. One of the most important emotional needs of men is maintaining their respect at home; knowing that they are loved and respected at home by other family members is very important.

The woman creates this feeling of love and respect in her children towards the family’s father by her behavior. The husband wants to be trusted by his wife.

Men have support and power in their minds, so they need this trust in the family. It is a woman’s job to recognize her husband’s abilities and to expect him not to fail in the family.

Men need to be encouraged and seen to increase their self-confidence; men can feel more secure and valuable to their wives in this situation.

What are wife's duties towards husband?

Knowing and paying attention to the husband’s spirits

Both men and women must know each other’s spirit and characteristics in their life together. By being aware of the different dimensions of her husband’s mood and personality, a woman can take appropriate action in different situations and prevent disagreements and harassment.


Pay attention to men’s sexual needs.

Sexual needs are very important in marital relationships. One of the problems of cohabitation is not paying enough attention to sex. Both men and women must meet each other’s sexual needs. Paying attention to this can be very helpful in solving problems.


Protecting the husband’s assets

A woman with financial management should be able to maintain her husband’s property and assets. It has been proven that men’s economic progress and their savings depend on having a loving and planned wife in life.


Loving husband

One of the most important duties of a woman towards her husband is to make love. In previous articles, you read that men need unconditional love to ensure that their wives love for them is not diminished under any circumstances. Undoubtedly, love and affection with a spouse in cohabitation greatly impact solving problems and creating intimacy in the family.


Avoid hurting your husband.

Good morals Good socializing and interaction is one of the duties of couples in cohabitation, and both men and women do not have the right to harm each other in life. A woman should refrain from doing anything that breaks her husband and never seeks to harass her husband, which is a great sin.


Respect for the husband’s family

Respect for the family, especially the parents, is another duty of a woman towards her city. Because with their efforts and education, they have brought up the closest and most important companion of a woman’s life. Of course, the woman’s family must also be respected by the man.


Keep your husband’s secrets.

One of the duties of a woman towards her husband is to keep her secrets from others because revealing her husband’s secrets causes her distrust. Men are very committed to the framework of life and respect for privacy.


With husband

Accompanying and consulting with her husband makes her feel important. The wife gives more power and attention to her husband by advising on personal issues and cohabitation. For example, encouraging a husband increases his self-confidence. A man who has faith, encouragement, and appreciation for his wife strives for life with more motivation.

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