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Ways to care for the skin at night?

Everything about face care at night: from morning to night, various impurities remain on our skin. In addition to environmental pollutants, cosmetics, creams, and other products that we use during the day also stay on the skin. So it seems like you should wash your face before going to bed, but is it the best time to cleanse and wash your skin at night before going to bed?

Many people, especially women, are accustomed to cleansing their face with cleansing solutions before going to bed and saying goodbye to a good night’s sleep after covering the skin with a moisturizing layer.

What happens to us during the night?

The night is the best time to rejuvenate the body and soul. During this time, the tissues heal, and the muscles relax, so the person feels better after waking up. Scientific studies show that the speed and intensity of tissue synthesis increase during deep sleep.

From 12 midnight to 4 am, the brain falls into a deep sleep when tissue repair peaks. But if you wake up between 00:00 and 4:00 for any reason, this process will be disrupted. Based on these findings, it is possible to understand how much comfortable sleep affects the health of various tissues in the body, so any factor that helps you sleep better also contributes to your face care and beauty.

Ways to care for the skin at night?

Does the skin never sleep?

The fact that you sleep at night is not a reason for your skin to rest. The skin indeed plays a vital role in a person’s beauty, but its main task is to protect the body. In essence, the skin protects the body from heat, cold, sunlight, germs, and chemicals. To improve skin function, we recommend removing all dead cells and impurities accumulated on your skin during the day with cleansers. For this purpose, with the help of a dermatologist, know your skin type and take care of it overnight with products suitable for your skin type. These products have different physical states, including gels, mousses, lotions, ointments, and creams.

Is overnight skin treatment more effective?

There is a general belief that topical medications work best during the night because the skin is more ready for treatment during this time, but this belief cannot be taken for granted. Experts recommend consuming some products at night because the body condition is better during this time.

For example, some products are very oily and therefore do not give the skin a beautiful effect. For this reason, your doctor says that this medicine should be used at night. Some exfoliators also cause skin inflammation, which is an excellent time to have the most skin contact at night. Retinol masks, whiteners, scrubs, and creams are also used for more effective night contact. Anti-dye products are products that are used to remove dark spots on the skin.

Some topical medications are also used at night because they are sensitive to sunlight. Retinol products contain a group of drugs that play an essential role in creating new skin and eliminating wrinkles and skin effects caused by aging.

One of the medications that most experts recommend for use at night is anti-acne medication. Exfoliators, for example, which causes flaking of the skin, are less pleasant during the day when the person is in constant contact with different people in the community.

How is acne treated at night?

Before you start overnight rest, cleanse your skin with antibacterial solutions, and remember that one of the leading causes of acne is bacteria on the skin’s surface that you can get rid of with antibacterial cleansing solutions.

How about face care?

If you do not use vitamin A products, you can apply antioxidant products to your skin before going to bed to prevent the effects of free radicals. Free radicals come into contact with the skin during the day, and therefore, the best time to get rid of their harmful products is at night.

How to reduce wrinkles?

Using a cream or serum containing vitamin A or retinol helps reduce skin wrinkles.

How about skin freshness?

The use of glycolic acid products removes dead cells from the skin’s surface and increases skin moisture levels.

Does Good Sleep Prevent Puffiness?

If you want your face to be swollen and not ugly when you wake up in the morning, be sure to get used to sleeping on your back. Choose a comfortable pillow and place it under your head, so that body fluids do not accumulate in the eyelids and face and do not cause swelling.

How to soften the soles of the feet?

To prevent the soles of the feet from getting rough, take care of your soles at night with solid exfoliating products prescribed by a dermatologist.

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