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Essential points in buying perfumes and colognes

The perfume has a pleasant aroma among each person and creates a good feeling in people. The perfume is composed of essential oils, aromatic compounds, stabilizers and preservatives, and alcohol, Distilling flowers, plants, and vegetables obtain the essential oils in perfumes.

Some people choose their favorite perfume season based on age, gender, and little information about sex, smell, and even the color of the perfume. Some do not know the difference between cologne and perfume and know both as perfume.

Today, people expect the quality of the gender they buy to be what they want, but these days counterfeit brands have become so numerous that few can be genuine. Even cologne importers cannot distinguish genuine colognes from counterfeit ones.

Essential points in buying perfumes and colognes

Initial classification of perfume:

Odor is a combination of several primary odors. The four main scents used in all perfumes are wood scents (including spices), flowers (including fruits and leaves), and excellent Middle Eastern scents, which have a wide range.

Perfumes are created with a combination of these four main branches, and all four main spectrums are each suitable for a season, such as cool fragrances for summer, flowers for spring, the Middle East for winter, and wood for autumn.

Arrangement of perfumes in terms of durability and odor distribution:

In terms of fragrance, perfumes are cologne, eau de toilette, Eau de perfume, and perfume. In terms of durability and concentration, they are perfume extract, Eau de perfume, eau de toilette, and eau de cologne, respectively.

Suppose the counterfeit perfume lasts longer than the original perfume. In that case, you should know that perfume manufacturers reduce the percentage of alcohol so that they do not distinguish the counterfeit perfume from the real perfume.

Essential tips for buying a good perfume:

  1. Perfume is directly related to people’s feelings and is judged by the scent of the perfume, so you have to choose the perfume you want correctly.
  2. In addition to advice, choosing the right cologne is essential, but unfortunately, many consultations are not done properly because people want to sell their favorite perfume.
  3. Having basic information when shopping will help you easily choose the perfume and not be confused.
  4. Sometimes, even though you buy expensive perfume, it does not have a lasting smell. When buying perfume, you should note that you should not buy hot perfume in summer because using this perfume does not make you and others feel good.
  5. Sunlight eliminates heat and odor changes, and keeping perfume in the refrigerator will keep your perfume.

Essential points in buying perfumes and colognes

Why buy the original perfume?

Better quality and use of natural materials

You may think that the reason why perfume is expensive is its trademark, but you should know that a brand that only produces perfume uses the best natural perfumes and the highest quality.

But counterfeit perfume makers use inferior quality chemicals, and when you use this perfume, the effect may remain on your clothes or cause redness of the skin. Of course, when buying perfume, you should pay attention to whether this perfume is designed for the skin or clothes, because some of the top perfumes, if you use it for clothes, its effects will remain on the clothes.

Anti-allergy substances

In a luxurious and original perfume; The best raw materials are used and designed using anti-allergy materials. Some famous clothing brands whose primary field is not perfume but offer perfume to people, it is better not to buy perfume from these brands, but to purchase perfume from specialized luxury perfume brands whose quality is desirable.

Shopping from a reputable center

The only way to distinguish between counterfeit and original perfume is to barcode and check its source number on its official website because of the similarities between the original and fake brands. The best offer in the field of buying original perfume is to buy perfume from trusted places.

Note the prices

The leading perfume has a high price because it is a luxury product, and even if it enters the country legally, it does not have government currency because it has to pay 70% customs and 30% profit of the seller. So, typically, the original perfume is more expensive than the counterfeit perfume.

Amount of perfumes available in the market

Brands that produce perfumes produce high quality but limited perfumes, so people who make counterfeit perfumes produce lower quality perfumes than perfume brands that are rarely distributed in the world.

Essential points in buying perfumes and colognes

Select and buy perfume according to the conditions:

Your Career

The perfume you use should be fragrant and gentle, and different from the perfume you use at a party because, at work, it should not involve or annoy the customer on the first encounter. For example, using bitter and hot perfume is not suitable for a bank employee because it subconsciously annoys the customer. This person should use a mild perfume to communicate better.

Spicy, bitter, and hot perfumes should not be used at work because, in the first session, the first feeling of perfume is transferred to the other side.

Party – Celebration

The perfume you use at a party depends on the type of party. The type of perfume informal parties varies according to the kind of clothing; for example, warm perfume is suitable when you wear a suit or clearly define your position in business meetings.

Use a gentle and calm perfume at ordinary parties. Bitter smell conveys power and pride; use a bitter and warm perfume in an outdoor party because this perfume will be spread in the space and will be gentle.


It is better to pay attention to an age when choosing a perfume. Perfume manufacturers write their recommended age for using perfume on glass. The mild, fantastic, fruity scent is suitable for young people, and the woody scent is more suitable for the elderly.

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