How to deal with an angry and aggressive spouse

How do you live with an angry spouse?

Some compare their lives to each other. Man does not always live in a state of constant consciousness; we always wait for something to explode and throw molten stones everywhere.

Even a small eruption can ruin a lovely day. One big difference between a husband and a volcano is that you can easily get away from one of them.

Angry wife

How to control an angry spouse?

At least prepare yourself to confront and love your husband. I want to make a few points about anger from a gentleman’s perspective, given my past and actions. No one knows his men better.

Both of you need to do something for your partner, so if you are ready to develop a new mindset and learn useful skills, keep studying.


What are the cause of your spouse’s anger and immorality?

There are many reasons why your husband abuses you and gets angry with you for no reason. Some of these reasons are related to basic mental and physical issues that are not considered, and some are environmental factors.


Low testosterone:

While many people associate high testosterone levels with high anger, this behavior is associated with steroid abuse. Studies have shown that men with lower testosterone levels are more nervous and prone to mood swings.

Environmental factors such as diet and sleep quality can greatly affect the body’s testosterone levels. Many men suffer from low testosterone and are usually undiagnosed.

How do you respond to an angry husband?


Low serotonin:

One of the main neurotransmitters in our brain is serotonin, which is involved in emotional and mental health. If we do not know enough about this element, we will suffer from mood swings and depression. More like testosterone, eating and sleeping can play a big role in determining serotonin levels.


Severe stress:

The stress hormone cortisol can lead to mood swings as well as sleep and cognitive problems. If your husband has a lot of stress at work and is not eating well, high cortisol levels can make him a completely different person.


Lack of masculine identity and purpose:

Your husband’s constant pressure to live a fully masculine life can destroy him. Focusing solely on career success and earning huge amounts of money can leave you feeling stressed and alone. He may feel inadequate compared to others, and these feelings can indicate an outburst of anger.


Emotional trauma:

Your husband may also be struggling with some unresolved emotional issues. He becomes angry, frustrated, and frustrated, trying to heal these emotional wounds.

Angry wife

Mental approach to dealing with an angry husband:

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. Always try to take a calm and good approach to resolve disputes. If you both get angry with each other, things will get much worse.


do not be afraid:

Do not be afraid of anger. Know a lack of real power causes that anger. This is often because the person is not in control of the situation. This helps to watch the baby cry instead of the lion roaring.


Think about your actions:

Think about whether you have a role in provoking this anger. This is true for you. If you have a role to play in escalating the conflict, this requires a way in which you take responsibility for your actions and apologize if asked, but if you do not help to anger him, you will change your priorities.


Do not try to take control:

Try to control your spouse’s anger. First of all, do not focus on trying to change him because you can not. Only he can. All you can do is control how you react to him and what he does for you.

Anger is a form of great suffering. When a man hurts a woman, he hurts himself. At first, anger makes a person feel empowered and in control, but it slowly burns and eats itself.


Anger is weakness:

Anger is not a strength but a weakness.


Joke with your best supporter:

When you see him angry in a serious moment, remember that laughter is the best medicine for you and him. Think of things that make you laugh.


Quick advice to control your angry spouse:

A man may be angry at his wife for expressing her feelings. For example, if you cry, he may feel the same way, and a voice in his head may say, “Men do not cry.”

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