How do we attract men by talking?

Contrary to many women’s beliefs, most men think of other things besides beauty and attract women who know how to speak nicely to them.
Talking to attract men has its etiquette that women can use to remind their husbands of their words. If you want to learn the correct way to speak to men and attract them, follow us below.

 attract men by talking

How to attract men with the right speech

In general, women behave differently from men. Behavioral differences that make men attractive to women and women beautiful to men. If you understand these behavioral differences intelligently and behave correctly in any situation, your relationship will be romantic. To get your point across, talk to your spouse like this:

When men communicate better

Men communicate better with you when they are focused enough and already know the limitations of the conversation and have enough information about it, for example, before the conversation, they know what the purpose of the discussion is, and you want it, therefore, feel that they have enough control over your behavior.

When you feel insecure about your spouse

Sometimes we women do not express our demands explicitly, and many of our orders are incomprehensible to men. The way he says such desires bothers men, and the man feels he has no control over anything, and this way of expressing it creates insecurity and insecurity for him.

Women communicate better

Unlike men, women talk to the other person without knowing what they want to talk about and their purpose, but this behavior is annoying and unpleasant for men.

Men’s reaction to speech without introduction

Men are not interested in talking about these issues, resist them, and sometimes argue with you to not talk anymore or think that you are distracted and do not listen to you seriously…

 attract men by talking

Men hate complaining

Men hate complaining and defending themselves against words like “you” and “why” because men are competitive and may fight you. Instead, start with the words “I love you …” or “When I’m so happy …” and turn your grievances into requests to attract men.

How to attract and love men?

Solution 1 to attract men
Before talking to your spouse, tell them what the conversation is about and what you expect.

“I want to talk to you about our relationship. It’s been six months since we got married, and I think it’s time to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our relationship.” I think this way; I can feel more secure and understand where I need to work more. ”

Solution 2 to attract men
Ask your spouse a question because asking wills lets him or her know what we want to talk about so he or she can draw a clear structure for it.

Wrong-way: I think I should talk to you about our relationship.

In this case, your spouse feels that you want to interrogate him or her and then convict him or her.

“Why?” “Did something special happen?”

The right way: “I think we should talk about our relationship. 6 months since we were introduced, what do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of our relationship?” Where would you like our relationship to continue? ”

Solution 3 to attract men
Make your wishes clear. One of the bad habits of women is to express their feelings and desires, and the reason for this is that women do not want to take risks and express their opinions directly.

If we are not frank in expressing our feelings, our husbands will be angry with this behavior. They feel stupid this way because they think women think they are simple and can play. So when talking to your spouse, make your wishes clear so that they understand your conversation’s purpose and feel safe around you.


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