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Massage training to strengthen eyebrows

Eyebrows have a tremendous effect on facial beauty and eye attractiveness. Unfortunately, removing excess eyebrow hair and some other factors can increase eyebrow growth and even hair loss. Eyebrow massage is one of the best ways to prevent drooping eyebrows and strengthen and improve their growth because this method improves …

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The best method of hair extensions

Long hair is everyone’s dream, especially those who care more about their appearance. You may have to spend several months continuously having such hair, but some people experience it in one day without any boredom or delay. Fortunately, methods such as extensions will get us to this beautiful hair very …

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The best face masks made of henna

If you do not care about your appearance and do not reach yourself, the aging process will proceed much faster than necessary. Still, these henna masks can increase the freshness and rejuvenation of the skin and greatly reduce the aging process. Women are constantly looking at the wrinkles of their …

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Treat facial age spots at home

Facial spots due to aging are the same black or brown spots with a smooth surface that can occur in different sizes on the arms, shoulders, hands, and face. Many of these spots are also caused by sunlight, but some become more severe with age. Castor oil Castor oil has …

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What is dandruff, and how is it caused?

Dandruff is a dry, white rash that falls on your clothes and shoulders when combing and is never harmful, but the itchy scalp is sometimes embarrassing. Dandruff has nothing to do with the amount of hair washed and related to the scalp. Instead, cells on the skin grow and die …

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How to prevent eyelashes from sticking?

Mascara is one of the most widely used tools in eyelash beauty. But sometimes, after applying mascara, our eyelashes stick together, and not only do our eyes not become beautiful, but they also lose their natural beauty. So what can be done to solve this problem? In this section, we …

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