How can I raise my son like a strong and real man?

The moment you look into the eyes of your newborn son, you know that every idea of ​​your child’s future depends on what you do from that moment on.

Most likely, you are constantly thinking about whether you can help him become a compassionate, confident, and responsible man?

Help her manage her emotions

A strong, calm, and stubborn man may be attractive in a movie, but not real life. Good and healthy people are those who know how to deal with their emotions.

Psychologists believe that many of the traits we consider for a strong man are repressive traits; for example, when your son is upset, and you tell him not to be upset, you will teach him that the feelings of psychologists are also believed. Is. Is. Those parents care more about their daughters. Feelings and emotions towards boys, and in difficult situations, girls have more freedom than boys, and in such situations, boys’ feelings. Negatively, they feel ashamed and become a man who can not communicate well with others.

How can I raise my son like a strong and real man?

Encourage him to express his feelings

For example, if your child is upset when they return from school, ask them if you are upset. I am by your side to help you with my problems, in which case he may say that school is boring for him and then go with him and say yes, school is sometimes boring and he realizes that in difficult and uncomfortable situations Is located.

Help him find the right solution

Psychologists believe that boys prefer to focus more on emotions. In this situation, the parents must teach their child that negative emotions, sadness, anger, or fear are not permanent, and problems will soon be resolved.

Empathy training

The ability to understand the feelings of others helps boys to make better friends with their friends and be good husbands and fathers for their spouses and children in the future.

Psychologists believe that empathy is a valuable social skill and helps you understand the feelings of others and avoid doing annoying things in dealing with them, and this is one of the best moral skills you can give your child. Educate yourself.

Studies show that children today behave 40% less than children 20 years ago, and the possible reasons are that children are involved in violent video games and spending time on social networks.

What you can do:

Please encourage your child to do things they enjoy. For example, if he is interested in football, encourage and support your child in doing the sport by teaching emotions to others. Consider yourself and put yourself in their shoes, and in this way, he becomes a person who can control different emotional situations well.

How can I raise my son like a strong and real man?

Encourage him to read the novel

Studies show that people who read more novels are more empathetic than others. Researchers believe that people who read novels use parts of their brains to understand the emotions of different characters in the story. Therefore, the brand will have a higher ability to understand the feelings of those around it.

Raise your self-esteem

Just look at men in public; you will easily see that these people have only one thing in common: self-esteem.

Self-esteem means trusting in existential abilities and competencies, which is what every parent wants for their child.

What you can do:

Avoid false praise for your child

It is a mistake to say that you are the smartest boy in the world or the best player on the basketball team. Psychologists believe that parents should appreciate their child’s efforts, not their talents. Studies have shown that adolescents can cope with the challenges when they strive to perform their duties and responsibilities.

Never say that you are a boy and a boy should behave like this. Such statements give your child the impression that he is unable to control his actions.

Psychologists believe that children’s messages from their parents will play an important role in developing their child’s self-esteem. Children also believe in what they hear from their parents, which causes them to lose their self-esteem.

Respect others

A boy who grows up listening to the words of people older than him, following the rules and compassionate interactions, learns to respect others, and such education is the duty of parents.

What you can do:

Create and enforce rules

If your child breaks the law, listen to the consequences and teach him that he must accept the consequences if he makes a mistake. Otherwise, your child may become passive, corrupt, and confused.

When your child has a problem with someone older than themselves, such as a teacher, mentor, or another person, first seek to hear what both parties have to say, and then ask your child to tell you if this happens. Inform and refrain from disrespecting that person, and in this way, in addition to emphasizing respect for others, you will also strengthen your child’s problem-solving skills.

How can I raise my son like a strong and real man?

Show emotions

Boys usually love their mothers’ hugs and kisses as children. Still, as they get older, their interest in expressing their feelings to their mother’s decreases, and psychologists like that boys are interested in adolescence. Therefore, they want to be independent and distance themselves a little from their mothers, so parents should find and use appropriate ways to express their feelings to their children.

What you can do:

Choose a good time to express your feelings to your child; for example, it is a good time to hug and kiss before bedtime.

Even if they show the picture, boys still need and enjoy their mother’s love, and the idea that only girls need their parents’ love is very wrong, but this love should not be expressed in public and Because it may embarrass your child.


Giving the child proper responsibilities, such as helping to set the breakfast table, tying shoes, and other responsibilities reinforces the child’s sense of responsibility.

Provide a suitable environment for the child’s physical activities

Boys usually have more physical energy than girls and are more inclined to run and exercise. Parents should not stop their children from doing such activities and should create a suitable environment for their children to do such activities.

Give him a chance to strengthen his social skills

Most boys do not communicate easily with their peers. Boys are more likely to help guide and do such activities, helping your child connect with children of the same age and teach them to share their toys with other children. Encourage the game. Do this with others.

Make music a part of his life

Practicing an instrument can convey a valuable sense of accomplishment to your child, and studies have shown that teaching music enhances young children’s thinking skills and improves their memory.

If your child is more interested in group activities, participating in music groups will be a fun activity for your child. It is also a good idea to take your child to concerts or music theaters if you wish.

Encourage her interests

If your son is interested in activities that are not for boys, encourage your child to do those activities, deal with any harassment because your son is different from others, and give him confidence.

Pay more attention to your son’s school

Talk to your son’s teacher regularly to find out his strengths and weaknesses in the classroom. This way, you can focus on these weaknesses and try to fix them at home.

How can I raise my son like a strong and real man?

Several stages of patriarchy for raising a child:

When it comes to raising a child, fathers have a higher advantage than mothers, and psychologists say: Sure, a mother can help her son become a good man, but a father can mean a good man. Show your child that we will explain three important things that fathers should do to raise their child in this section better.

Being with them

It sounds simple, but having a father who spends a lot of time with his child sends a message: My father loves me and enjoys being with me. The board is available to me whenever I want and makes the child feel safe.

Treat women well

One of the ways boys learn how to communicate with women and behave properly is to watch the father deal with women, so it is very important when the father communicates with women, especially his wife. Apologize and speak respectfully to them if necessary, especially when there is disagreement.

Physical games

Studies show that playing exciting physical games such as wrestling by their fathers and sons helps boys control their physical and emotional motivations. In addition, physical contact between fathers and sons creates a wonderful feeling.

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