The reason for leaving a woman by a man

Contrary to popular belief, men are very sensitive, and some behaviors in their life together upset them, and they may lose their feelings towards you.

The destructive habits and morals of women that make men run away

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, men are more sensitive than they seem, and sometimes some of their wives ‘ behavior upsets them. In this situation, the man feels that he lacks the necessary independence at home and prefers to. He does not stay at home and stays away from his wife or leaves it. Men certainly have different characteristics and personalities, and as a result, their tastes are also different. Still, according to the research that has been done, men leave women, which we have mentioned in this section.

Women feel overly dependent

Men do not like women who are too dependent. If a man thinks that he is too emotional and needs you too much to make you happy, he feels that he is emotionally in prison, which puts a lot of pressure on him. And that in itself is a strong reason to end the relationship.

The reason for leaving a woman by a man

Women do not care about themselves

Men like women who take care of themselves and are beautiful, but unfortunately, many women pay less attention to themselves after a while, leading to leaving the relationship. If you take care of yourself, you will feel better about yourself, and it is also very important to maintain the relationship.

Grateful women

Men like to be noticed and appreciated, and if a man feels that he is not noticed and appreciated by the other party, he does not like to continue the relationship and wants to leave the relationship because when a woman does not feel appreciated towards her man and in Instead, he criticizes, the man feels defeated, and his energy and motivation run out. He gradually tries to increase his distance.

Appreciation is not just about appreciation; it is about paying attention to your spouse, believing in their goals and plans, and knowing their point of view.

Women who are not happy

Men may leave a woman if she can not make her happy, even if she is the most beautiful and best woman in the world. Men like to create a positive and great feeling in their wives, and in this way, they try to do it in different ways.

The reason for leaving a woman by a man

Negative women

Men are always looking for good feelings and avoiding negative and bad feelings. If your interactions with your spouse are completely negative, continuing your relationship will be forced, and you will leave the marital relationship.

Women of Glory and Complaint

Men like stubborn, resilient, and independent women and do not like women who complain a lot. They want their spouse to be with them, not just a critic or complainant. Complaining to women can ruin even the best and most romantic relationships because men hate being criticized.

Emotional women

Men love to be rational and love women who have logical vision problems, and avoid women who cry for hours on a small issue. These women can not maintain the love and affection of men in the long run.

Power-seeking women

Men who do not listen to each other in cohabitation and are constantly under the control of their wives do not feel well and sooner or later leave their wives because men like to be independent and free. If their freedom is taken away, they will stay in He will not like the relationship.

The reason for leaving a woman by a man

Women with different life goals

One of the most important factors in maintaining life is common goals. Couples who have common goals work together to achieve their goals. Still, when the overall goals of life are different, many problems arise, and leaving the relationship is predictable, so in marriage, apart from love, common goals such as children Consider having or not having.

Bad-tempered women

Men are fugitives from women who look modest and grumpy and will leave them. Men often go to women who are always happy and smiling.

pregnant women

One-sided expectations are not unbearable for anyone, and men abandon women who have all kinds of expectations from men but do not have any special characteristics and want to be their emotional partner.

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