A complete guide to installing any curtain

Installing a curtain is a difficult task for some people, which forces them to seek help from professionals in this field, but they can easily install curtains with some points.

A complete guide for installing new curtains in different materials and models

One of the steps that should be done after buying a curtain is to install the curtain, which may seem simple but sometimes challenging and time-consuming. Some people prefer to ask someone else to help install the curtain. Installation of different types of curtains is done differently.

Curtain installation tutorial

A complete guide to installing any curtain

Measuring the length of the curtain rod (curtain rod):

Using a meter, accurately measure and mark the curtain rod’s width from the sides of the window. The distance of the curtain rod from the window frame on both sides should be equal.

Installation of curtain rod bases:

Depending on the curtain. The rod can be installed in different ways.

  1.  Install the curtain rod on the wall
  2.  Install the curtain rod on the ceiling

After determining the curtain rod’s location, mark the brackets’ bases and screws with a pencil or a pen. Give and strengthen. Then stick the two sides of the bracket holes to the wall on both sides of the bracket holes, pass the screw through the base, and put it inside the plate roll.

Installation of curtain rod:

After installing the bases, the curtain rod must be installed. Note that the curtain rod should not be too far from the door or window and should be level on both sides.

Install blinds :

At this stage, the curtain with pulleys must be attached to the curtain rod. The curtain is moved inside the rail using a spool and thread. If the curtain consists of two rows, it is better to install the back curtain first, and after hanging it, place the cover of the rails on both sides to prevent the curtain from coming out of the rail. Whether the curtain opens or closes, tie one or both sides of the string to the lid and then fasten it.

A complete guide to installing any curtain

Simple curtain rail installation method:

The most crucial step in installing curtains is installing the curtain rails because the curtains’ location and installation must be specified. Determining the installation location of curtain rails depends on the type and style of the window, the type of curtain, and the ceiling’s height, which must be checked in advance.

To install standard curtain rails, you must choose a location between the highest part of the window and the ceiling. For a longer view of the curtain, install the curtain rail close to the ceiling and use a hidden curtain rod.

How to install the grabber rail:

Installing a grabber rail is not much different from installing a regular curtain rail. Like the steps of installing a regular curtain rail, before any work, you must determine and mark the installation location by measuring the exact length and width of the curtain installation location. Choose the best place to install the grabber rail, depending on the curtain’s size and how far below the window it should hang.

In the gripper rail installation method, the curtain is hung from the curtain rod using a hook or ring. Install the clamps on both sides and in the specified location, and place the rails on the rail after inserting the curtain.

A complete guide to installing any curtain

How to install automatic rails:

Automatic rails are another type of curtain rail that can be purchased from certain accessories and installed on ordinary rail curtain rods. The style and model of the curtain determine how to install the automatic rail. You have twice the curtain’s length plus five ordinary curtain rods, a particular weight, and curtain clamps.

A complete guide to installing any curtain

How to install automatic rails for curtains that can be folded from both sides:

If your curtain is to be opened on both sides, then this is how the automatic rail will be installed. First, cut the curtain rod to the size you want. Screw the curtain rod to one side and insert half of the curtain clamp into it. If necessary, insert two clamps on top of each other into the curtain rod and place the clamps inside it. Now screw the two pulleys to the curtain rod.

In pulling the string, you have to pass one end of the string through the back of two spools and then one spool, bring it through the hole and pull it out close to the weight. Now insert the other end of the string into the particular weight from behind the two pulleys and pass it again through the two pulleys and then into the overlapping hole. Now the two ends of the string holes are both on top of each other, tie them together.

You need to adjust the string so that your two overlapping numbers are exactly in between. Pull the string out of the hole and tie it close to one of the spools.

After installing the automatic rail, install the curtain rod and hooks on it. To install, you need to place the hooks on the curtain rod and pull the string on top of the part where the weight is located so that the curtain can be pulled from both sides.

How to install automatic rails for curtains that can be folded from one side:

If the curtain model is such that the trunk opens on one side, all you have to do is screw the base of one pulley and two pulleys as before. There is no need for overlapping in this method, and all the clamps are placed inside the curtain rod.

The installation of the automatic rail in this method is that you take one string out of the side of a spool after passing it through the back of a spool and the hole of the clamp, and the other end of the string after passing it through the back of two spools and weights. You go through two spools and a hole in the curtain clip and tie it to the other end of the string. Then, by installing the curtain rods and clamps in place, your curtain will be pulled from one side and folded.

For the curtain to have less crease, fewer clamps should be used. In addition to folding, the curtain moves less smoothly when opening and closing and takes up less space after folding.

If you want the curtain to be folded on the right side of the window, place the two pulleys’ base on the right side of the curtain rod. Otherwise, you have to place the base of the two pulleys on the left side.

A complete guide to installing any curtain

How to install Zebra blinds:

Before buying curtains, you must decide whether the curtains will be hung from the ceiling or installed on the wall. You will need a drill, a screwdriver, and a meter to install the zebra curtain. If the Zebra curtain is a ceiling, you need a ceiling stand that is usually included in the package when you buy the curtain. Using a meter, mark the exact installation location and the bases on the ceiling. For example, if the curtain’s width is 1.5 meters, first mark and drill a hole 10 to 15 cm from the measured place (end of the sides of the curtain inwards). Next, install the bases to the ceiling using a drill, roll plate, and page. Then place the curtain inside the ceiling base using the grooves on the back of the frame and push the front of the curtain upwards to secure the base.

How to install Zebra wall hangings:

In addition to the ceiling base, a wall base is placed inside the curtain package. The roof base is attached to the wall base, which is L-shaped. As in the previous method, the location of the screws must be marked before installing the bases and then installed on the wall using drills, roll plates, and screws. Then place the curtain inside the ceiling base using the grooves on the back of the frame and press the front of the curtain upwards to secure the inside of the base, and attach the curtain frame to the bases.


  • If the Zebra blind’s width is more than 3 meters, it is better to use three fasteners.
  • When washing, you can easily remove the curtain frame from the fasteners.
  • After washing, spread the curtain on a flat floor so that it does not wrinkle.

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