Learn how to serve homemade cakes best

Is there a way to keep homemade cakes fresh? Baking homemade cakes take a lot of effort, but why does it dry out after a day? In some cases, people decide to prepare and decorate a cake, but after baking the cake, for any reason, they can not decorate and consume it.

Sometimes people decide to make a cake the day before to lighten their work on the day of the party.

Baked and undecorated cakes

All cakes should stay in the oven for at least 5 minutes after baking because if the cake comes out immediately after turning off the oven, it will collapse around the cake and fall to the ground. After all, a sudden temperature change will cause it to deform.

So after the baking time is over, wait a few minutes and then take the cake out of the oven. Then separate the cake from the mold inappropriate ways and place it on the cooling window to cool the cake.

Learn how to serve homemade cakes best

Putting the hot cake in the dish will make the cake stick to the dish, and if you do not have a cooling device or window around you, first place the cake on the serving surface from the desired surface to decorate so that the air around the cake enters and the dough Do not.

For the cake to cool in the refrigerator (maximum three days), you have to wrap the cake in nylon, aerate it, and then put it in a container in the refrigerator. With proper ventilation, the cake dries, and if it does not close on the cake, it absorbs the smell of food in the refrigerator.

Store undecorated cakes in the refrigerator

If you have a sponge cake for a party a few days later, it is best to keep the sponge cake in the freezer for a week to keep it fresh. Put the cake completely in a plastic bag, and you can use zippered bags for this purpose.

Long-term storage of undecorated cakes in the freezer

If you plan to keep the cake in the freezer for a long time, for example, one month after the cake has cooled, wrap it in a thin aluminum foil so that it does not have air pores. Then put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. The cake in the freezer is quite prone to crashing and breaking, so be careful not to touch it.

Decorated cream cake

Decorative cream cakes can be refrigerated before slicing, but after slicing, the whole cake should be placed in a sealed container or stretched on the cut surface of cellophane.

Otherwise, if they are placed directly in the refrigerator, the cake will dry out. You must be careful when removing the cellophane because it separates part of the cake. To store this type of cake in the freezer, you need to separate and clean the decorations with a pallet or spoon, freeze the cake as before and keep the decorations separate.

Learn how to serve homemade cakes best

Keep the fruit cake

To keep a fresh fruit cake full of pieces of fruit, you can use a few slices of apple next to the cake in the refrigerator; this way, your fruit cake will maintain its best condition.

Fondant coated cakes

The air temperature dries the fondant refrigerator on the surface of the cake, so by completely covering the cake, keep it healthy and fresh and cover the sliced ​​part of the cake like a cream cake.

Uncut and frozen cakes

The method of preserving fresh, frozen, and sliced ​​cream cake is slightly different from sponge cake. In other words, the creamy layer of the cake acts as a protector and plastic coating and protects the cake well against the air and humidity of the cake, but to keep the cake fresh because it is better to put it in your box. Put in a large plastic bag.

Learn how to serve homemade cakes best

Zebra cake

Zebra cake is a tasty homemade cake that is a good substitute for factory and artificial cakes and chocolates. The beautiful appearance of this cake can attract any age.

Also, some sweets are used in their preparation and are not harmful to health. This cake is suitable for parties that are also attended by the elderly.

How to store zebra cake

Zebra cake can be stored at room temperature for up to 4 days without changing the quality. But to keep it fresh, it is better to use closed containers and a cool environment. The refrigerator’s temperature reduces the quality of this cake, but if you use the refrigerator, you can refresh it by heating it in the microwave for a few seconds.

important points :

To keep the fruit cake fresh, place a few apple slices next to the cake and keep it in the fridge.

To keep the rest of the regular cake and keep it fresh in the refrigerator, for regular cakes, you have to put a piece of soaked bread in the box because the moisture in the bread will keep the cake fresh.

Most sliced ​​or uncut slices, frozen or unfrozen, stay fresh at room temperature for several days. Refrigerating the cake is only necessary when your kitchen temperature is too high.

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