26 The “use of salt” that surprises you

How much do you know about the “use of salt” in housekeeping and other issues? Little did you know that salt can lighten dishes and kitchen utensils and cure acne.

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

This mineral is one of the most essential and unavoidable elements of our lives. Even if you want to use your favorite food, but it does not have salt, you will not eat it. This mineral is a cheap and essential spice for the foods you crave. And we use it in our daily lives to flavor our food. Do you believe that salt can be considered a suitable alternative to many chemical products every day? Have you ever considered that salt can be used as a cleanser? If you disagree, read the following to learn about 26 unique and exciting salt uses.

As you know, salt plays a significant role in our daily lives. He goes on to say that the great uses of salt will amaze you. You may have no idea about the amazing uses of salt. And now we will inform you about its uses.

The use of salt in housekeeping and beauty

Eliminate the smell of onion and garlic

Usually, after slicing onion or garlic, the smell of onion or garlic will not quickly disappear from your hands. Now we introduce a quick way to get rid of this smell from your hands! Also, rub so that the rough smell of onion and garlic can be easily removed from your hands.

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

Treatment of facial pimples

 You can treat your pimples with salt by first washing your face and then pouring some salt on the areas where the pimples grow. Then rinse with water. Salt is also used to treat sores in the mouth.

Eliminate shoe odor

The smell of your shoes often embarrasses you, and you do not know how to eliminate this smell. Do not worry; you can just put a cloth bag full of salt in your shoes. In two hours, you can be sure that you will be surprised!

Make homemade paint

Just mix one cup of flour with one cup of salt and water. Then add a few drops of paint to the mixture. Your home paint is ready to use

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

Keep fruit slices fresh.

One of the best uses of fresh salt is to keep the fruit slices fresh to pour some of this mineral on the sliced ​​fruits and keep them in your sliced ​​fruits without any color change.

Keep the room fragrant.

Using half a cup of salt and adding a few rose petals to the room is essential and helps make the room fragrant. To make it look more natural, place the salt mixture directly on a half-peeled orange.

 Electrifying the sink

Do not pay for expensive detergents. If you want your kitchen sink to shine, mix lemon juice and salt, and then wash your kitchen sink with this mixture. This is one of the critical uses of salt that will surprise you with its result.

Using salt as a fire extinguisher

Yes, this mineral can be used as a fire extinguisher, such as cooking fatty foods. Low-fat foods use a small amount of salt to put out fires.

Clean the iron box

Wait a while before replacing new iron boxes with old ones. All you have to do is sprinkle some salt on a brown paper or wooden surface and then clean the iron box with it.

For shiny copper utensils

If you also like your copper utensils to shine like the first day, clean them with a mixture of salt, flour, and vinegar. Undoubtedly this is one of the best uses of this mineral.

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

Mosquito bite relief

If you have been bitten by a mosquito and are trying to relieve the bitten parts faster, it is recommended to pour a little salt on that part; then, by massaging the salt on the skin, the mosquito bite will be relieved faster.

Salt restores the natural color of old clothes.

We can do everything we can to make old clothes look new or wash and clean them, but it has not had much effect. Try salt! Just soak your clothes in a solution of saltwater or add a quarter cup of this mineral to the wash cycle, and you will surely be amazed at the results you get.

Renovation and cleaning of artificial flowers

This one is relatively simple and unique. No one likes dust on artificial flowers, but it is almost impossible to get rid of the dust (at least forever). An easy way to keep artificial flowers is to put a little salt in a bag (preferably paper), add the artificial plant, and shake it. This mineral removes any traces of dirt and grime, and again, Sounds interesting.

Clear lipstick

Durable and robust lipsticks are resistant to rinsing with water and may cause pain when cleaning the lips, so you can use salt to clean the lips.

Cheap and effective peeling

This mineral can also be an excellent alternative to dry skincare. It removes dead skin, increases your blood circulation, and is a good and cheap way to improve your skin’s health!

It is beneficial if you use it after a hot bath. Remember: Applying salt While your skin is still a little moisturized, massage the skin in a circular motion for better results and use sea salt. !

Toothpaste replacement salt

Have you ever been in a situation where you do not have toothpaste? Use only salt! Another simple way is to add this mineral to your routine. It is good to clean stains, whiten your teeth, and even disinfect them. Because of salt’s antibacterial properties, do not expect your teeth to Your hair will turn white overnight; it will take some time and stability to remove the stains, but it is worth the wait.

Gently dip your toothbrush in salt and brush your teeth. Alternatively, add a little of this mineral to your toothpaste to clean your teeth!

Try to see if the egg is still right:

Yes, eggs are something we like to keep out of the fridge. This does not mean that we do not know that they spoil; we subconsciously think that they last longer than anything else.

Add a pinch of salt to a cup of water or any other container large enough to hold the egg. If the egg sinks, it is best not to eat the egg if it floats on the water!

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

Dandruff treatment

If dandruff is not treated, it can affect your self-esteem. You have probably tried thousands of treatments and therapies for it, and it has never been satisfactory. Have you tried salt?

Before shampooing your hair, put a little of this mineral on your scalp, massage it carefully and for at least 5 minutes, then shampoo it to treat dandruff and help long and robust hair growth.

Prevent ice formation

Ice can be a problem during the winter, especially when children have to go to school or when the windshield is as big as an iceberg when going to work!

Salt is used to counteract ice because its temperature melts the ice and acts as an effective and inexpensive method. Before going to bed, take a small cloth, fill it with salt, and rub it on the windshield.

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

Treatment of sore throat

This mineral and water solution can be useful for sore throat. Saltwater reduces sputum and inflammation and removes bacteria and other irritants that can cause sore throat. We have explained that for this purpose, add a little salt to a glass of water and roll it for 30 seconds to a minute; you will be amazed at how strangely effective it is.

Removing water stains from the sofa

There is another problem: those are stains on the sofa, especially if you have many parties. An easy way to get rid of them is to pour a little salt directly on it and gently clean it with a sponge, preferably with a damp sponge you may be able to get rid of these useless stains!

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

Extend the life of your toothbrush with salt

It’s a unique and simple, and cheap trick and can also help you save money. This is very simple, soak the toothbrush in salt water for a while before use. This will help the toothbrush last. You can also pour salt on the brush and then pour water on it.

Make your lips more attractive and soft.

Not only is this mineral good for cleansing the skin, but it is also suitable for your lips. Whenever you feel that your lips are dry, rough and hard, and not beautiful at all, add salt!

A quick and easy way to do this is to add a little salt to a toothbrush and gently brush your lips with it (circular motions have been proven to be best) after you have done this. Rinse your lips will never look great.

Improve oral health by combining water

As we discussed earlier, salt has excellent antibacterial properties and can be a great and inexpensive way to maintain and improve your oral health without buying expensive products.

Like rinsing the throat, you can dissolve the saline solution for 30 to 60 seconds. This is an excellent way to relieve any injuries or sores on the throat, which is especially useful for the mouth.

Shine tight fish

Just rub the inside of the fish with salt and then wash it with water, but it is necessary to rinse the fish entirely and put the fish in the fish.

26 The "use of salt" that surprises you

Cleaning pipes

If you have a clogged pipe in your house but do not have a pipe opener, try this mineral! Pour only 1/2 cup of salt into a dirty tube, which is naturally rough and abrasive.

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