Bed Mattress Buying Guide

Sleep is one of the essential functions of the body. At a glance, we realize that we sleep for almost a third of our lives. So as much as we are sensitive in choosing furniture, clothes, and shoes, we should think about a suitable and standard bed mattress for a comfortable sleep. Lack of sleep due to comfortable and non-standard bed rest can negatively affect our health, emotions, and thinking power.

What is a good bed mattress?

The best mattress to sleep on is a mattress that rises from the top of the bed and is not too small. In ordinary mattresses, the discussion of height does not matter, and there is no specific height for them. At the same time, the types of medical and comfortable models available in the market have different sizes. The contents of the mattresses and the variety of their ingredients are other in different kinds of this product, and in the dealership, you can see the replica of the components of each mattress up close. On the other hand, ordinary beds are made of spring only or contain clouds and fillers such as feathers and wool.

Bed Mattress Buying Guide

What is a spring mattress?

Spring mattress is the most common type of mattress, and this type of mattress is available in almost all mattress stores. You must have slept on spring mattresses by now. We distinguish standard spring mattresses by the number of their springs. Usually, the higher the number of mattress springs, the higher the price. But the price variation in this type of product is very high. Of course, the mattress is usually sold separately from the bed; in other words, it is not part of the equipment available in the bed service.


Detachable spring mattress or spring bag:

Detachable spring mattress was a fantastic invention that, due to its good features, mattress manufacturers quickly devoted themselves to this technology to not lag behind the competition. The detachable spring mattress is the newest spring in the mattress structure. Each of these springs works separately and is placed inside the bag. In addition to increasing the useful life of the mattress, a detachable spring covers the spine at rest and has a higher degree of medicine than traditional detachable springs.

A separate spring mattress does not transfer sleep adhesion to your armpits, meaning that rolling from side to side can balance your entire sleep. A different bed is more balanced than an attached mattress.

The spring bag can breathe more than other models. What does this mean now? When you are in bed, you often feel that the mattress is hot, and this heat causes your body temperature to rise, and you can not sleep, which is minimized in the model of separate springs.

It should be noted that a separate spring mattress is a good option for two people, and also, in choosing a spring mattress, be sure to consider your weight because a suitable bed for a weight of 60 kg is not recommended for a weight of 90 kg. Mattresses ideal for heavy people have a larger spring diameter and use more layers in their structure.


The benefits of a separate spring mattress are summarized:

In the long run, there is no sound of spring

There are no dents when using the mattress

Increase the life of the mattress due to the function of only the springs

You feel comfortable because your body weight is spread on the mattress

Maintain your health and avoid spinal problems while resting


What is a foam mattress?

Foam mattresses are made of the elastic-thermal floor. This type of foam is both soft and comfortable. The base is suitable for people who want a very soft bed. Foam mattresses are usually more expensive than spring mattresses. Because this mattress is lying on its own, for this reason, floor mats may not be suitable for some people and others.

For example, people with joint problems may be more comfortable with foam mattresses. Or some people say that the floor mattress is too hot for them. If you do not want your bed to be very soft and your body temperature rises during sleep, it is better to forget the floor mattress, use a spring mattress with good strengths, and be more relaxed.


Medical bed mattress

Today, the prevalence of back pain and leg pain has caused most people to seek medical mattresses. Medical mattresses are stiff, and some believe that stiff mattresses help prevent or treat low back pain that has not been scientifically proven. The medical mattress is made of Ionolite and is stiff and light like hospital mattresses. Of course, some manufacturers make these mattresses from sponges, and it is evident that the foam materials of medical beds are of higher quality than other materials.


What is an air mattress?

The firmness and softness of the air mattress can be changed and adjusted according to your needs. This can be done using an electric air pump. The air mattress consists of two separate parts that can be modified using the remote control. There are airbags on the inner springs of this mattress that can be adjusted in terms of rigidity and softness.

In most cases, air mattresses also have floor covering. If you and your spouse disagree on the choice of floor and spring mattresses, you can also consider air mattresses. An inflatable mattress is one of the mattresses whose hardness can be controlled with the device. This mattress also has many uses in travel.


Spring medical mattress

Each of the spring and medical mattresses has certain disadvantages. The manufacturers of these mattresses have created a spring medical mattress by collecting the benefits of both mattresses. This type of mattress uses a high-density sponge and compressed springs to prevent it from stiffening. Because medically, the human mattress should be in the middle position and strong enough to maintain the curvature of the spine and be soft and comfortable so as not to injure the back. Medical-spring mattresses are the best choice to keep one’s healthy.


Water Mattresses

Water mattresses are often used for recreation and picnics. Of course, some people fill this mattress with warm water and use it as a treatment. One of the advantages of air and water mattresses is that they are easily portable during the trip. The most significant disadvantage of air and water mattresses is the possibility of perforation.

Bed Mattress Buying Guide

Standard comfortable mattress

A standard mattress is a mattress that can be purchased from a select and reputable store. You can not expect to buy a typical product from an unauthorized store. So first, buy good and standard mattresses from licensed stores in the sleep manufacturers’ association in your city.

A standard comfortable mattress should have strong springs. Of course, the type of mattress fabric, its strength and durability, the method of sewing and packaging the bed are usually solutions to identify the originality of the product and its quality.

Non-standard mattress. This can cause skin diseases for the consumer. If the fabric used in the bed does not have the correct percentage of natural fibers, people are more likely to develop allergic diseases and skin problems. Of course, waterproof, fireproof, and insect repellent mattress fabrics are among the essentials that should be considered.

A good mattress is usually slightly higher than the surface of the bed you are placing. A good mattress is not tiny. In ordinary mattresses, height does not matter. But in different medical and hypnotic models, the size is different.

Mattress contents and types of materials are effective in the production of standard air mattresses. Mattresses usually consist of: felt, spring, carpet, iolite, and floor. On the other hand, ordinary mattresses consist only of springs or contain clouds and fillers such as wool and feathers.

It is better to buy a mattress with your bed base. The base of each mattress affects the performance of that mattress, and if we put the new mattress on the old and old ground, that mattress can not work as it should.

Laminated mattresses are of better quality. Beds have two layers of lining; they may be more expensive. But its inner layers are not easily stained in the early years of use.

The length of your bed should be 10 to 15 cm taller than your height. In this case, the personal bed, which is one meter and eighty centimeters high, must be higher than the standard size of a regular bed. To test the softness and firmness of the mattress, lie on your back on the mattress and place one hand flat on your back.

If your hand sinks quickly into your lower back, that mattress is substantial, but if you could not put your hand on your waist at all, that mattress is very soft. Pay attention to these points when choosing a mattress.

The standard mattress has good fabric and stitching, but when sleeping, its designs are not so prominent that it can reach the waist without injury, but it has good flexibility.

A good bed mattress is essential for those who suffer from chronic and non-chronic low back pain. You should note that the most critical point in choosing a bed mattress is to study its effect on your physical health because a bad mattress can cause muscle problems for you.

So choose a mattress that does not cause muscle cramps as soon as you sleep on it. The types of medical beds available in the market, which have a rigid and inflexible surface, are beneficial for preventing low back pain and the distance between its vertebrae while preventing premature, low back pain and the health of the body out of bed. You will not have back pain.

Some people think that if there is a slight depression in the middle of the mattress, it is desirable for comfortable sleep and comfort behind the body, while medical science denies this.

Tips to follow when buying a bed

Before choosing a bed model, you should consider the dimensions of your bedroom because double beds have different dimensions and sizes, so the dimensions of the bed should fit the space of your room. The standard dimensions of double beds are usually 160-200 cm and 180-200 cm.

– To choose a bed mattress, it is better first to get acquainted with the types of bed mattresses and then select. Of course, waterproof, fireproof, and insect repellent mattress fabrics are three essential points that should be considered when buying a mattress.

Spring mattresses are suitable for young people and low weight like children.

Medical and spring mattresses are good mattresses for people of different weights and at any age.

Another important point when buying a bed is its height; the ideal height for a standard adult bed is between 35 and 40 cm and sizes more or less problematic.

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