11 causes of excessive sweating and 15 ways to treat it

You may be looking for a way to treat excessive sweating, but first, you need to see what causes excessive sweating. Excessive sweating can be caused by low diet and stress or more serious problems such as hyperhidrosis.

The subcutaneous glands produce sweat. Sweat is the body’s natural response to heat. The body wants to cool down by sweating. Most work is water. Of course, lactic acid sweat also contains urea and small amounts of other minerals such as sodium, potassium, etc. In addition to cooling the body, work softens and moisturizes the skin. An adult can sweat up to 14 liters a day. But what causes us to sweat ?!

11 causes of excessive sweating and 15 ways to treat it

  • the heat
  • physical activity
  • Eat hot or spicy food
  • Emotional factors such as fear and stress
  • Side effects of medications
  • Disease and fever
  • Hormonal changes such as menopause, pregnancy, puberty
  • Wear clothes made of synthetic fibers
  • being overweight


But why do we sweat so much?

Now that you know the root cause of sweating, you may be wondering why we sometimes sweat so much. As we have said, the cause of excessive sweating can be many cases. Here are the most important ones.



Excessive sweating may be caused by hyperhidrosis. A condition in which a person sweats excessively. It is deprived of everyday life. This disease can occur at any time and for no apparent reason. Hyperhidrosis affects the whole body or specific areas (hands, feet, face, etc.).

In some cases, heavy sweating can be due to the side effects of some diseases. However, it is not yet clear what the leading cause of this disease is.


More sweat glands

If you feel that more than one person is sweating, you probably have more sweat glands under the skin.


  1. Diets

Your nutrition affects how your body functions. For example, when you eat spicy foods, your body thinks it is hot and needs to activate the sweat glands. That’s why you sweat too much.


  1. High temperature and humidity

Hot and humid days can cause excessive sweating. Excessive sweating is also common in hot and humid areas such as coastal cities. Of course, not wearing cool clothes also increases sweating.

11 causes of excessive sweating and 15 ways to treat it

  1. Stress

We have a lot of stress every day; job interview sessions, courtship, and seminar days are factors. Stress increases heart rate, blood flow, and body temperature. The body activates the sweat glands to cool itself. Therefore, sweating is typical in these conditions and is beneficial for our health.

Excessive sweating in these conditions can be controlled with a strong antiperspirant. Of course, this condition can be a sign of hyperhidrosis, and it is better to see a doctor.


  1. Exercise and physical activity

Excessive exercise and mobility cause us to sweat. Everyone knows this. But what happens is that some people sweat more than others at these times. The amount of sweat in these conditions is most likely related to overweight and fitness. In this way, overweight people sweat more.


  1. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is associated with severe mood swings. Hormonal and metabolic secretions also increase during pregnancy. For this reason, sweating is more common in these cases. Some women sweat profusely even after pregnancy. In these women, the body tries to balance the body’s hormone levels and lose excess water.


  1. Menopause

Sudden fever and night sweats are the most common menopausal problems. Doctors believe that these changes are due to changes in the body’s hormonal levels.


  1. Having diabetes

People with diabetes sweat more than usual. This phenomenon has two reasons. One is that people with diabetes are usually overweight. The body’s metabolism increases due to being overweight, resulting in more sweating.

The second reason is due to high blood glucose in these people. When blood glucose levels rise for a long time, nerve cells are damaged. Damaged neurons also disrupt the sweat glands.


  1. Maturity

The human body undergoes fundamental changes during puberty. These changes cause changes in hormone levels and increase stress levels and activate the sweat defense mechanism.



Medications have side effects, and one of the side effects of drugs is excessive sweating. This effect is called diaphoresis. So if you are taking medicine and sweat a lot, it is better to consult your doctor.


Coping and treatment methods:


  1. Use antiperspirant spray

Do not use deodorant to reduce sweating. Deodorants only prevent the smell of sweat, not the disappearance of work.

Among antiperspirants, those containing aluminum chloride are the most potent.

It is recommended to use antiperspirants at night before going to bed. This will have a better result. For best results from antiperspirant, it is better to apply it to the desired area to form an antiperspirant layer. After rubbing, it is better to massage your skin gently.


Use antiperspirant pads

The skin of some women is sensitive to antiperspirants. Therefore, an antiperspirant pad is an excellent choice to reduce underarm sweat.

11 causes of excessive sweating and 15 ways to treat it

Do not eat spicy foods.

Spicy foods cause sweating. So try to eliminate them from your diet.


Get rid of caffeine

Do not use caffeinated beverages. Especially when you are in a crowd, remember that chocolate also contains caffeine. So eat less chocolate.


Write down the cause of your excessive sweating.

Try to understand what causes you to sweat a lot. For example, if you eat a particular food and you notice sweating, write it down.


Solutions to control excessive sweating in public places

Wear light clothing

It is better to wear light clothes that air can easily pass through the fabric. Cloth or cloth clothes are the right choice for this. Also, note that chooses light colors for your clothes because bright colors absorb less light and heat. Again, do not wear gray clothes to prevent sweat stains.


Bring extra clothes

It is better to have an extra shirt and socks with you to change clothes if necessary. Making your clothes take up less space makes it better to put them in a compact bag.



Botox is another treatment for severe sweating. In this method, the substance is injected into the skin and reduces the secretion of sweat glands. Botox also has side effects, the most important of which is muscle weakness. You may also feel pain during treatment. Another side effect of Botox is the feeling of having the flu.


Pharmacological treatment

Some doctors may recommend medication. Taking medicine also has its side effects. Dry mouth and eyes, blurred vision, and abnormal heartbeat are some of these complications. The higher the concentration of the drug, the greater the side effects.



Surgery is the last resort to treat severe sweating. In surgery, several sweat glands are removed. Of course, surgery also has its side effects. Some of these side effects, such as infection, pain, and temporary bruising, such as loss of sensation in the desired area, are permanent.


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