The most important point when buying a sink

Factors to consider when buying a sink

The sink is one of the most critical tools in designing the interior decoration of the kitchen. The sink has many uses. Over time, the variety and model have changed. You should pay attention to the following points when buying a dishwasher sink.


Guide to buying a sink:

One of the most widely used kitchen appliances is the sink. When choosing a sink and its shape and appearance, its durability and strength must also be considered. When buying a sink, the point to consider is that the size of the sink should match the space required to place the sink. This means that the sink should fit the dimensions of your cabinet. Be careful whether the sink is internal or superficial. Here are some tips for buying a kitchen sink.


How to choose a kitchen sink?

Kitchen sinks are available in various colors and materials, and you can choose to suit any lifestyle and decoration. This article will help you choose the best kitchen sink according to the decoration style and the appropriate model of your kitchen space. So stay with us until the end.


Tips for buying a kitchen sink:


1- Find the best sink?

The most important thing to choose a sink is to check the size of the kitchen sink, so before making any choice, you should pay attention to the size of the kitchen table and the initial use for the sink. If you have many people and cook a lot, for example, you need space to wash larger pots, a larger dishwasher with deeper ponds is helpful for you. But keep in mind that a large sink in a small counter space will make your installation difficult.

Start with the size of your sink. You must remove the sink before measuring. Measure the size of the sink in terms of width and length, from edge to edge, and the depth of the pool. Write the location of the plumbing under the sink, especially where the sink is empty.

To measure the sink, another critical point to note is that you have to consider the width of the cabinet, which should be measured from the back edge to the front of the kitchen cabinet. For example, consider the space of the sink because there are different types of sinks in various sizes, and larger sinks take up more space on the kitchen table.

For example, most sinks have 3-inch edges, so you need to know how much space the sink has.


Other important things to know about choosing the right sink:

– For easier access, place the sink near the front edge of the counter.

– The depth of the dishwasher and emptying place can affect the amount of space under the sink for items such as trash or any other use.

– Make sure the sink space is appropriate for your situation.

– The new sink should be placed in the existing cabinets and should be following the plumbing. If you want to choose another place to put a new sink, the plumbing must be adjusted accordingly, and this may require the help of a plumber.


2- Types of kitchen sink installation

Another critical point to consider when searching for and buying a new sink is the type or style you can easily install. Limits choice and reduces workflow.


3- Types of sinks:

Dishwashers are divided into different types according to materials and designs, which include:

– stainless steel

– Cast iron

– Granite or composite

– Soapstone

– Natural marble

– ceramic

– Glass

– Built-in

– A pelvis

– Two pelvis

– Several pelves


4- Number of sink basins:

Single basin sink:

If the number of family members is minor or more important, if the kitchen space you can allocate to the sink is small, you can buy a single basin sink.


Two-basin sink:

Two basin sinks are available in different sizes. The double pelvis sink may be both large and one of the pools smaller. The advantage of using this sink is that you can wash large dishes and a smaller sink for washing and preparing food. A double basin sink is one of the other sinks on the market with high sales compared to a single basin sink.


Three basin sink:

Some large kitchen sinks are made with three basins. These sinks usually have two large bays and a small pelvis.


5- Shape of dishwasher sink:

There are different types of sinks, including:

– Rectangular pelvis

– Square pelvis

– Circular pelvis

– Pelvis with smooth or curved edges


6- Pelvic sink position:

When buying a sink, make sure the pelvis is to the left or right. Depending on the location of the gas, if the gas is next to the sink, it is better to choose the pelvic side so that the sink tray is on the gas side.


7- Sink plate thickness:

The thickness of the best brands of sinks is 0.6, 0.8, 1, and 1.2 mm. The thicker the sink sheet, the higher the quality.

Ensure that some sinks have parts and tools that you should see as valuable and practical for you, and then choose them.

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