Get to know the dirtiest appliances and places in the house

No matter how clean you are, there are still places and appliances in your home that stay dirty. The same places where you may forget to clean.

Don’t worry! You are not a clean person. We want to identify the forgotten items and places and prioritize and clean them when cleaning.

The dirtiest places in the house you do not know

chopping board

This device is considered a restaurant for germs because raw meat contains germs such as Salmonella, and when the meat is cut on the board, it comes in direct contact with these germs. Therefore, you should clean it properly after finishing work.

If the meat board you use is plastic, you can put it in the dishwasher or disinfect it with boiling water, and if it is made of wood, clean it with disinfectant.

Bathroom faucet

If you are a little careful, you will notice that the faucet can also have significant dirt. People may forget to wash the faucet after washing their hands. So do not forget to clean the faucet after washing your hands…

It is better to open the faucet from time to time with tools and put its parts, including the milking head, in vinegar for 5 minutes to be disinfected, and then using a brush and cleaning solutions to the lower parts—rinse and clean.

Power switches, flash tank handles, and handles of the refrigerator.

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to eliminate clutter. Spray a versatile spray on a microfiber napkin and drag the napkin to these accessories and places to feel comfortable.

salt shaker

Although the salt shaker is not very large, it is one of the most polluted appliances in any home. To keep the salt shakers clean, the best way is to wash your hands before using them at each meal and clean and wash the salt shakers after use.

Top of cabinets

If you look at the top of the cabinets, you will encounter a large amount of dust, mass, and lint. So once every two or three months, be sure to visit this part of your home.

Using a ladder to access the cabinets’ tops, vacuum any dirt, and then use a damp cloth to collect the surface dirt.

To be less dirty in the next cleanings, you can cover the cabinets’ surface with a newspaper sheet so that your cleaning will be done faster and easier by removing the newspaper sheet the next time.

Refrigerator shelves and floors

It is better to consider the refrigerator and all its parts in your cleaning plan every month because the floors, interior parts, drawers, and doors of the refrigerator are those places that are full of mess.

Do not use any chemical detergents to clean and disinfect the inside of the refrigerator. Place the detachable parts of the refrigerator in lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid, and after 2 to 4 minutes, remove them and rinse. Finally, dry with a towel.

Scrub Sponge

Dishwashers and sponges are the best places for germs to accumulate and grow. In any case, after washing the dishes, but could we avoid them being wet? Of course, this does not significantly help the accumulation of germs. Put the disinfectant or put it in the microwave for 2 minutes to thoroughly remove germs.

Kitchen sink

Normally everybody uses the sink for washing fruits, vegetables and meat, so contamination is possible in this place. Our advice to you is to wash the sink daily with dishwashing liquid. Wash If you do not do this, your sink will become a breeding ground for germs, so it should be spotless since it is used several times a day.

trash bin

It does not matter how clean you are. The important thing is that the trash is a storehouse of microbes produced by leftovers, broth, and dirty materials. It emits a foul odor that results from the accumulation of fungi and bacteria.

If you touch a trash can and then touch other surfaces with that hand, be sure to release many contaminants. To prevent this from happening, take the trash out of the house once a week or wash it with high-pressure water.

Spray the disinfectant inside and outside the trash for a few minutes and expose it to the air to dry. If your trash is embedded in the cabinet, do not forget to include the disinfectant in the cleaning program’s cabinets and handles.

Toilet walls

It is still not enough for a person to follow personal hygiene when it comes to toilets and toilets, and toilet walls should be washed with strong disinfectants at least once or twice a week.

To do this, pour and spray the scaling solutions on the surface of the toilet walls and then allow a few minutes for the masses to be dissolved by detergent enzymes; and after dissolving, rub all parts of the wall with a special brush and Finally, rinse with lukewarm water.


Unfortunately, some bacteria and germs are allowed to grow again after each use. Suppose you want to make sure that the group’s bacteria (coliform) do not grow again. In that case, you must clean and eliminate these germs from the valves and handles carefully and regularly, so this is the best thing to do for daily cleaning. Bath and toilet Use disposable disinfectant wipes.



Today, most bathrooms do not have a bathtub and only shower in a small, enclosed space. You should know that even if your bathroom does not have a bathtub, you should pay attention to the fact that it makes no difference, and you should be just as severe in cleaning the bathroom and do not neglect to disinfect the bathroom floor and the parts under the shower.

Because baths always have moisture, this provides a good breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so be sure to clean the bathroom once or twice a week with disinfectant.

Remote controls

The dirtiest items in your home include car remotes, TV remote controls, DVD players, and control doors. You have to be a little patient to disinfect these devices.

Even if you use a cloth to clean them, they still do not wipe well between the buttons. The best way is to soak an ear cleaner in alcohol and then clean the buttons.

We suggest that sometimes you carefully open the remotes with a screwdriver and do the same cleaning steps for the inside of the remote because the cracks that enter the buttons through the holes over time will work properly. When the buttons prevent, so do not neglect to clean the inside of the remotes.

Cosmetic brushes

Of course, all of you ladies have special cosmetic brushes in your cosmetics that you use. You should know that these brushes are your dirtiest cosmetics.

These brushes are the most suitable place for bacteria to accumulate in the dust due to oily cosmetics, so when you apply them to your skin, allergies and pimples appear by transferring germs on the skin. Hairbrushes are no exception and are absorbed by the transfer of scalp oil to them and their penetration into the bristles and dust’s grooves and crevices.

To clean cosmetic brushes, you can use baking soda and shampoo by pouring a few tablespoons of baking soda with boiling water into a container and putting the brushes in it to be disinfected for a few minutes.

Around the stove

One of the constantly polluted places is the stove because it is used more than three times a day. The stove walls, the cabinets around it, the floor around it, and the seams between the cabinets are the parts that are always Stains from food fats are sprayed on them.

If these fat stains are not removed in the shortest time, they will eventually turn into sticky stains, which are the right place for bacteria to grow and multiply. So do not ignore these small parts that are hidden from view.

Try to move the stove pipe properly without damaging it so that you can easily clean all the lower parts of it. Also, put the inside of the oven in your work schedule every three months with a cloth soaked in dishwashing liquid.



No matter how much protection and sheets you use, washing and cleaning them should also be your priority, as sleeping goods are a source of accumulation of dirt, dead skin cells, sweat, and dust, and since time is of the essence, day and night. You sleep a lot on pillows and mattresses. The heat transferred from the body and the moisture make these points a good breeding ground for bacteria.

To clean the sleeping products, first, separate the sheets and then prepare 2 grams or a glass of baking soda, and then spread this baking soda on the surface of the mattress with the help of a sieve and give it 2 hours to Stay in shape and then finally sweep the surface of the mattress using a vacuum cleaner. We must say the sweet mouse completely absorbs that dirt and dust.

Kitchen counter

If you clean the kitchen counter with a tissue every day, there is still no reason why it is clean and germ-free, because anything you put on the counter, such as shopping bags, lunch dishes, unwashed products, etc. It is the most suitable substrate for the transmission of germs and contaminants. Research has shown that about one-third of kitchen counters contain coliform bacteria.


Door handles

Door handles are among the devices that many different people encounter during the day to be contaminated.

The handles in the rooms, cupboards, and entrances of the house are full of dirt and bacteria forgot during cleaning. We recommend that you not forget to clean and disinfect the door handles after reading this useful article.


This device depends on your use during the day; for example, it can be used even 30 times a day and can become a haven for a combination of vegetables and pieces of meat, beautiful nests for bacteria growth. And make germs.

As you know, for bacteria and masses to multiply, they need moisture, food, and heat, so despite the pieces of food, these conditions are provided, and you create a dangerous environment for your health. Become.


Since they placed the toothbrush in the bathroom, research has shown that water droplets are thrown up to 6 meters away by the toilet flash, so we suggest keeping the toothbrush away from this toxic discharge.

Please do not cover the toothbrush under any circumstances and leave it to dry and exposed to the air. Before and after using the toothbrush, wash the top and bottom of it well with clean water and shake well until it is completely dehydrated. Be sure to change your toothbrush every once in a while.

Toothbrush holder

Toothpaste and toothbrushes are usually one of those places where either cleaning is forgotten, or if they are cleaned, they are not done carefully and well.

We recommend that you do not neglect to clean the toothbrush area and to clean it, first remove it from its place and immerse it in a container with lukewarm water and a little bleaching liquid and leave it for half an hour. To stay afloat and be disinfected.


After half an hour, wash the dish to remove the bleach and then wash all the bottom and corners of the dish well underwater with an old toothbrush.


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