What you should know about keeping your home tidy

In order to be able to welcome intruding guests in a good way and not to be disappointed by the mess of the house, every woman wishes to have a neat and orderly house. It is tough to keep a clean and orderly house with a small child and a sloppy wife, and daily cleaning is exhausting, but with a calculated schedule and dividing the work among the days of the week, it is possible to keep a neat and orderly home.

keeping your home tidy

to start the work

Establish a weekly cleaning schedule
Having a weekly cleaning plan prevents the tasks from piling up. You can tidy one part of the house every day during the week, so you won’t have to take a day off to clean. You can do the whole house and go to bed tired, but you can spend your day off having fun.

first day:

Place each device in its proper place

Collect extra items from the reception area on the first day. Divide the house into parts and place the items of each part in their own baskets. After collecting the extra items from the reception, place each item in its own place.

Put each item in its proper place and arrange the catering equipment well.

Put each piece of children’s play equipment in its place and arrange them. To avoid constant clutter and clutter, it is best to separate unnecessary accessories and toys.

second day:

Clean dirty clothes

Place the clothes that need to be washed in the washing machine from the closets and surfaces of the house. You may need to wash them twice if necessary. Fold and store the clothes in special drawers and closets after they have been washed and dried. During laundry collection, if the drawers and closets are messed up, now is a good time to fold and place them neatly.

third day:

Cleaning the house by dusting

Using a vacuum cleaner, dust the sofas and curtains, then dust the whole house with a clean cloth and cleaning spray and remove the dust from your home. Lastly, vacuum the carpet and use a special tee to clean the open parts.

Fourth day:

The fourth day should be devoted to cleaning the refrigerator and cabinets

Take out the extra food from the refrigerator, throw out the items inside, clean the inside of the refrigerator with a suitable towel, and arrange the items inside the refrigerator. Organize the dishes in the sink and kitchen sink in the cabinets.

Day five:

Cleaning services on the fifth day

On the fifth day, clean the services with special cleaners and disinfect each device. To prevent the occurrence of some diseases, toilets must be regularly disinfected.

How to keep your home tidy in a few simple steps
If you are one of those people who has to search all over the house to find socks, if dirty and clean clothes pile up on the couch and you have to move mountains of them to find one that is clean. The following points should be followed. The majority of working women and housewives spend a great deal of time outside the house and at work, so they cannot keep the house clean and tidy. This problem becomes regular, but with patience and a few housekeeping tips, it can be avoided. If you want to have a tidy house, you should observe the following things so that you don’t have to clean several times a week.

Dispose of old and worn-out equipment

Prevent piles of worn out and unusable items from forming. Whenever there is a device that is no longer working and can’t be used, put it away so that you don’t have to sort it every time.

Check all the closets, cabinets, drawers, and throw away the extra items and replace them with new, more practical ones. Organizing it doesn’t take much time.

Move the controls out of the way

You can also buy a control box from the store and place it on the sofa handle so the controls have a specific place and you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for them.

keeping your home tidy

For each device, it is better to choose a fixed location

If you want to organize your household items, you should choose a fixed place for each item and make sure you put it back in its place after using it. As an example, if you have bought a lot of things and return home with a full hand, it is better to put everything in its place rather than leaving them in a corner. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time sorting them later.

Organizing closets

If you have taken a bath and want to grab clean clothes from your drawers or closet, fold each item neatly and place it where it belongs. If you have just bathed, don’t spread the wet towel on the bed; instead, let it dry and then fold it. Your home will look untidy and ugly if you hang towels and clothes on the bed or couch.

Magazines should be kept in a separate drawer

Don’t leave magazines on the table after reading them; instead, allocate a special drawer for magazines and newspapers and put them back after each reading. Keep your books in a corner of the study or living room and return them to their place after each reading so you don’t have to search the house for them.

Reconstruction of a house

Repaint the parts of the wall that have lost their paint due to the hammering of nails. Squeaky doors should be oiled, a suitable method should be used to solve this problem.

Assemble the cushions

The house should not look messy and unorganized after watching TV or relaxing on the couch or sofa, because someone may knock on the door and an uninvited guest may enter. The sofa cushions should always be placed where they belong.

After every shower, clean the bathroom

The mirror and vanity will always look clean and tidy if you clean and dry them after every shower. Every member of the family should disinfect the bathroom environment after bathing with a spray to ensure a clean and germ-free bathroom.

Before going to sleep, clean the bathroom

Before going to bed, clean the toilet with disinfectant liquid before using it. Not only will the service always be clean, but it will also keep it from getting dirty and make your job easier.

Sinks should be disinfected

You can prevent the sink from getting scaled by regularly cleaning it with disinfectant liquid under the sink. Ensure that the mirror is always available and clean the mirrors and glass daily.

Make your bed

If your bedding and bedspread need to be washed, put them in the clothes basket so that you can put them in the washing machine as soon as possible after you wake up. Make sure you have extra clean sheets and dirty sheets in the closet so that you can replace them as needed. To make it easier to tidy up, make your bed and remove extra pillows and blankets.

To-do list for each day

Make a list of things you need to accomplish the following day every night so you won’t get confused and can accomplish everything. Make sure that the most important tasks are at the top of the page so that you don’t forget them.

Ask family members for help

Ensure that your children put their toys away after playing by placing a special basket in their room to collect their toys. They should also be taught not to throw their clothes on the floor and bed, but to put them in closets and drawers instead.

Before going to bed, tidy up the house

Spend a few minutes every night before bed tidying up the house, putting everything in its place, and putting everything in its place if you’re a working woman and a housewife. When you get home from work, you don’t need to do much and you don’t need to tidy the house.


Keep the kitchen clean at all times

After washing and drying the dishes, put them in the cabinet so that they don’t pile up on the kitchen counter. Make sure the garbage is emptied regularly to prevent an unpleasant smell from spreading. After washing, place the kitchen napkins in a designated area and after drying, fold them and store them in a drawer so that you don’t have to search for clean napkins and towels every time.

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