Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

The method of storing energy in the house and any environment is to focus and pay attention to the surrounding environment. You also need to consider the tips and try to get them used to the tips. But what do you think are the ways to save energy? Today, we will explain this. Just look at how to consume at home, use better energy, and consider the following strategies.

Energy consumption at home:

To follow the principles of energy saving at home, follow the simple tips below.

Timely use of washing machine and dishwasher

Only turn on the washing machine when it is full, as the washing machine and dishwasher also use a lot of energy, so use it whenever it is full and full of clothes or dishes so that energy is not wasted.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Wash clothes with cold water

Detergents and washing powders are designed for better performance with cold water. Use hot water only when you need to disinfect it; this will save energy in six months of the year. Check the washing machine filter and the strip around the washing machine to avoid wasting energy.

Keep appliances clean

 All appliances work properly when their filters are free of dirt and dust.

Do not leave the refrigerator door open.

The longer it is open in the refrigerator-freezer, the more energy it must use to keep its interior cool. First, decide what you want from the refrigerator and open it so that no energy is wasted.

Adjust the refrigerator temperature

Set the refrigerator temperature to 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit and the freezer temperature to 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit, and if your refrigerator is energy saving, turn it on.

Check the plastic tape around the refrigerator.

To prevent energy loss in the refrigerator, check the plastic strip around the refrigerator door to prevent energy loss in this appliance.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Drying clothes in the open air

To prevent energy loss, spread your wet clothes outdoors and do not use an electric heater to dry them to save more energy and dry.

Do not use the dishwasher dryer cycle.

Drying dishes is not necessary and very urgent, and you do not have to keep the dishwasher on.

Adjust the temperature of the house

In winter and summer, set the house temperature to 20 degrees. It is unnecessary to increase the heating devices’ temperature to heat the corridors because they are always colder than the interior spaces. They close the rooms that you do not use to heat and cool the house sooner.

Heating the house using sunlight

It would help if you allowed sunlight to reach the interior through the window and heat the interior, not to use an electric heater to heat. Sunlight from the window into the house greatly reduces the use of heating devices, so in winter, use thick curtains in front of the windows and remove the curtains during the day to keep the house warm.

Turn off extra lights.

 One of the most basic ways to save energy is to turn off extra light bulbs. 95% of their energy is wasted through heat, and 5% reaches the light. So whenever you do not need them, turn them off immediately and teach everyone to turn off the headlights after leaving the room.

Shorter and cooler bath

Reduce water consumption by taking a more relaxed, shorter shower. Taking a shower every minute requires one and a half gallons of hot water, and if you reduce this amount, you will save about 3650 gallons per year.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Turn off electrical appliances.

Many times you keep the electronics on and plug them in, which wastes a lot of energy. Take care of TVs, printers, and electronics like this and turn them off whenever you do not need them. Some appliances are low-power even when turned off, so plug them in for different purposes so everyone can use power when turned off.

Adjust the thermostat according to the time of day

Reduce energy consumption at home by setting the thermostat clock. For example, when you are at work, the temperature should drop to reduce energy consumption.

Lower the thermostat temperature

Water heaters are the third most energy-consuming device in most homes, and if you lower the temperature, you save energy. Reduce the thermostat in the water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Put the laptop in sleep mode.

This consumes less energy to turn on the laptop screen.

Use a microwave or toaster instead of a stove.

You may not know this yet, but using this appliance to heat food consumes less energy than a stove.

Use the right size utensils for cooking.

Use an appropriately sized container for cooking. If you boil water in a large pot, it needs a lot of heat energy.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Use the dishwasher

An electric dishwasher saves energy and reduces fatigue. These dishwashers consume 5,000 gallons of hot water less than washing dishes by hand. Before placing the dishes in the machine, be sure to wipe them with a cloth and only turn on the machine if it is full.

Use power strip

Use a power strip to prevent power outages.

Take a proper shower.

Choose a shower that drains less water because the shower should not have too much pressure. The shower will clean you with normal water pressure, and you will consume less water.

Use a water pressure-reducing valve.

Use water pressure-reducing valves because using them will cause less water to be wasted, and most of them will spill on your dishes and hands and will not spill out.

Use a blanket as insulation around the water heater

Use a blanket as insulation around the water heater because it saves 25 to 45 percent of energy and reduces water heaters’ cost by 3 to 4 percent.

Use energy-saving light bulbs.

Use LED and CFL quality bulbs that save more and stay healthy. These bulbs are very affordable and save up to 85% in electricity consumption compared to conventional bulbs, so replace your home bulbs with LED bulbs.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Buy appliances with energy label A.

Buy appliances that use optimal energy. It does not matter if it is a fan or a coffee maker; in any case, you should choose the optimal types of energy consumption and use devices with energy label A.

Use caulking

Beware of air leaks as you use windows, doors, and other parts of the house where heat escapes, and use caulking to prevent this problem. Do not let cold air into the house to not have to use more heating devices. Covering the cooler valve is also effective in reducing energy loss.

Replace the stove filter

The stove filter wastes a lot of energy if it is dirty. Replace them every three months and be sure to keep them clean, and the stove will work better if the filters are dirty.

If you are not at home, turn off the water heater

If you are not at home for a few days, be sure to turn off the water heater because modern water heaters heat up quickly after turning on and do not need to be heated for a long time.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Set the water heater on the timer

Set the water heater on the timer so that it does not turn on and off constantly. Timers can have different functions and can be turned on and off without your intervention if necessary.

Reduce workplace energy consumption:

To reduce energy consumption in the workplace is enough:

Use energy-saving appliances

For example, printers, televisions, game systems, and any other device used in the electrical workplace should consume as little energy as possible.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Use the heating duct.

Take the use of this heating duct seriously because they save hot and cold air.

Be sure to turn off the office lights when done.

One of the reasons for the waste of energy is that people usually turn on the lights at work.

Do not forget green energy.

Green energy is a guide to reducing energy consumption in offices and homes that use renewable electricity, which you can certainly use this feature.

Ways to reduce energy consumption at home and work

Prefer public transport

Use public transportation, bicycles, or corporate services to save more energy.

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