Properties and all the health benefits of tangerine

Tangerine cures 100 types of diseases, and its skin is beneficial for the treatment and health of the body and ensures the beauty of the skin and hair.

 This autumn fruit improves blood clots, thus improving atherosclerosis, inflammation of the arteries and blackening of the streets, incomplete paralysis, and angina. This delicious fruit is a rich beta-carotene source rich in vitamin A and is valid for preventing cancer. Its high phosphorus and abundant vitamins strengthen memory and intelligence and are valid for reducing anorexia.

Properties and all the health benefits of tangerine

Properties and benefits of tangerine fruit for beauty and treatment of diseases:

Prevent diabetes

Some researchers at the University of Western Ontario believe that the fruit is a perfect source of a flavonoid compound called nobilin, which burns fat and prevents the fat production.

Stroke prevention

Tangerines are rich in potassium and can prevent diseases such as blood clots. A survey of more than 69,000 people found that people who ate tangerines were 19 percent less likely to develop blood clots.

Protects the body against overweight and obesity

If you want to lose weight and have a good diet, eating tangerines is one of the best choices because this fruit, like other fruits, contains a lot of fiber. This fruit also contains vitamins that inhibit cortisol production, a hormone that can cause stress and encourage your body to store fat.

Cancer prevention

Tangerines contain a compound called limonoid, which some Korean researchers say may prevent the spread of leukemia and breast cancer, but please note that this study was performed on an animal and has not yet been identified. Whether the result is similar to human action or not.

Properties and all the health benefits of tangerine

Shaping muscles

As mentioned earlier, tangerine is one of the fruits that contain a lot of potassium. This compound is beneficial for muscles because it promotes muscle growth and healing, so this fruit is a good friend to anyone who loves exercise.

Having a healthy digestive system

Did you know that a tangerine fruit has one ounce of mineral water compared to 3 to 4 ounces of mineral water? Yes, this fruit is one of the juiciest fruits and this large amount of water, along with vitamin A in it, helps absorb nutrients and hydrate the digestive tract.

Strengthen the immune system

Vitamin C in this fruit also improves your immune system, and its use reduces the risk of various diseases such as colds, flu, fever, and other symptoms.

Improve mood

According to the integrated and complementary medication program in Mayo Clinic, tangerine is associated with an increase in your general condition. Its smell can relieve you of stress, depression, and anxiety, so if you have a bad day, it is recommended to smell it, and as a result, You will feel more comfortable than before.

Moisturize the hair

After bathing, you sometimes feel that your hair is very greasy, and the problem that can make your hair smooth is the water you consume while bathing. Tangerines contain vitamin A, which can moisturize oily skin and also fight impurities that weaken your hair.

Delay in hair bleaching

If you want to have hair that retains its color until it ages, start eating tangerines because they contain large amounts of vitamin B12, which increases hair growth and reduces hair loss. Also, vitamin B12 for It is essential to ease the process of bleaching your hair gradually.

It is useful in having shiny hair.

Due to its vitamin C, this fruit can help you get shiny hair because vitamin C can help the body absorb iron and enable the body and hair to receive more nutrients, resulting in shiny and beautiful hair. You will have.


Seizures are not a good sign for your body. Suppose you think that contraction is only related to muscle cramps. In that case, you’re mistaken because this problem can occur in the digestive system, respiratory system, and nervous system, causing asthma, constipation, and coughing.


The fruit has been shown to kill a bacterium called Streptococcus aureus, which is responsible for many of the infections that can occur in your wound and can cause pain when used outdoors because it spreads the disease to other parts of the body. And rub it on the damage to kill the bacteria.

Improve cognitive function

Many tangerine components such as potassium, folic acid, and antioxidants have neurological benefits. Folate reduces Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, and potassium is associated with increased blood flow to the brain and increases cognition, concentration, and nerve activity.

It is rich in vitamin B6

This vitamin deficiency causes depression and nausea, and high amounts of B vitamins are prescribed for adults over 18 years of age with 100 mg. Still, adults do not need this amount unless prescribed by a doctor.

Beneficial for pregnant women and babies

Tangerines are a good source of B-complex vitamins such as folic acid and have been shown to help form neural tubes and red blood cells in premature babies, and folic acid deficiency in pregnant women can lead to low birth weight babies. Cause neural tube defects in infants.

Maintain blood pressure

This fruit is rich in potassium and low in sodium, and this helps blood vessels to relax and maintain proper blood pressure.

 Improve heart health

Fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and potassium are known to improve heart health.

 Fighting infections

A large tangerine has 53% of the daily requirement of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant in natural water that helps the body fight infectious agents and reduce free radicals in the body.

Properties and all the health benefits of tangerine

Smoothing hair and skin

The absorption of vitamin C helps fight infection and helps build and maintain collagen, an essential protein in hair and skin. The vitamin A in this fruit helps keep hair moisturized by increasing fat production.

Another view of the benefits of delicious autumn fruits tangerines:

Drinking fresh tangerine juice lowers and controls blood pressure.

People who need more potassium can make up for the amount of potassium they need through this fruit, tangerine powder, or this winter fruit juice.

This fruit’s skin is one of the most valuable parts of this fruit in the treatment and relief of winter coughs.

Reduces fever and blood pressure in the liver is beneficial.

If you have insomnia and can not sleep well at night, nutritionists recommend eating a few tangerines an hour or two before bed.

This fruit is a good diuretic and can remove toxins from the body, as long as it is not consumed too much.

This fruit is recommended for patients who are frequently confused.

This fruit contains a lot of magnesium and therefore is useful in the activity of muscles, digestive system, and nervous system. Because it has large amounts of phosphorus and calcium, it is one of the fruits that effectively forms bones and skeleton.

 This fruit purifies and increases blood.

People who suffer from alcohol poisoning can get rid of this poisoning by drinking or eating tangerine juice. The detoxifying properties of tangerines help the patient to overcome his poisoning and weakness very quickly.

People who suffer from bloating can cure their bloating by consuming this fruit alone.

In addition to its appetite, this fruit is one of the fruits that are good for the heart and stomach and is prescribed as a natural appetizer for anorexic patients and people who want to be overweight.

Properties and all the health benefits of tangerine

Properties of tangerine peel:

Prevention of heart disease

The skin of this fruit is used to treat low blood pressure and inflammation.

According to nutritionists, chewing tangerine peel lowers bad cholesterol and has the same effect as chemical drugs but has no side effects.

Enzymes in cancer cells are killed by a compound called Q40 in the tangerine peel.

Its skin is 20 times more antioxidant than tangerine fruit.

According to Chinese medicine, tangerine peel cures spleen disease and lung disorders.

Relieves neurological disorders, depression, stress, and sleep disorders

Most gastrointestinal disorders can be treated with the skin of this fruit.

It relieves bloating and nausea and stimulates the lymphatic system, helps expel excess fluid, and fights obesity.

Put dried and powdered tangerine peel in the oven after washing or sunbathing, and this powder can be added to all foods, including stews, soups, rice, tea, chicken.

Properties and all the health benefits of tangerine

Side effects of tangerine fruit and its high consumption:

Thinning and weakening of tooth enamel

Tangerine is acidic, so if you eat a lot of it, it will damage the tooth layer, and the acid in the teeth will make the enamel layer thinner. Enamel protects the teeth against bacteria, viruses, and various diseases, and emptying the enamel causes infections, oral health problems, and allergies.


Excessive consumption of this fruit causes gastritis or stomach ulcers, and heartburn. The sphincters are the muscles that ensure that stomach acid does not enter the esophagus and receive acid. Sometimes these muscles do not function well and can reach the esophagus by secreting stomach acid, which causes a burning sensation called heartburn. And if you consume too much of this fruit, it will cause heartburn.

 Dehydration and frequent urination

Fruit tangerine is rich in vitamin C, which is useful for maintaining a healthy body, preventing premature aging, increasing immunity, reducing scabies, helping to eliminate fluids and sodium, etc. So eating it is good enough for the body, but you Eat a lot, body fluids and salts will leak, and a lack of salt in the body will cause excessive urination, leading to dehydration.

Nausea, vomiting, and pelvic pain

This fruit is acidic, and its high consumption increases stomach acid and stomach acid causes nausea, vomiting, and pain.

Increase the risk of kidney stones and gallstones

This fruit contains an acidic substance that causes too many crystals to form, and these crystals cause kidney stones and block the absorption of calcium in the body.

Unsuitable for dry skin

Excessive consumption of tangerine reduces body fluids and is more effective for dry skin due to the lack of juices or water in the body.

Increased boiling

This fruit is an acidic substance that affects acne, and this usually happens with heavy bleeding and can cause sores on the face; and if you have a problem with your face, you can avoid eating tangerines.

Too much tangerine fiber is not very good.

This fruit has a lot of fiber that is very useful for the body’s health, especially in the digestive system, but if there is a lot of fiber, it can cause muscle cramps, diarrhea, etc.

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