Tricks to eliminate the odor of color at home

After the color of a house, it’s a long time, and unfortunately, these odors are annoying, and bringing fresh air to home is one of the best ways to reduce the smell.

For this reason, we recommend opening the doors and windows, but do not open the doors and windows, especially if you are in the winter; why we introduce solutions that can smell? Reduce the house color.

Solutions to eliminate the color of the house

baking soda

As you know, a sweet boil can also destroy the smell of the refrigerator and the washing machine, and so it is also suitable for the color of the house. Cut a small amount of baking powder in a bowl and put it around the house.

When the odor faded, do the same again. If you still smell in the house, sprinkle a little bit of boiling on the carpet and apply it to home appliances and let it stay a night. The next morning, sweep the baking powder from the carpet.


Tricks to eliminate the odor of color at home

An onion

The onion has a very severe smell, but the smell of onions is better than the odor of color and has many properties for your body.

Minimize at least two medium onions, cut them in a silly, and place them in different house parts. When using onions to destroy the odor, you should never eat them because the toxins are absorbed in the house.


Inactive charcoal is a great absorbent to create odor. You can buy a small amount of them, put them in a container, and put them around the house. Pour the rest inside your shoes to absorb the bad smell.

Lemon juice

Water alone can absorb toxins, but a little bit of lemon is more than more because citrus juice is very effective in absorbing odors. You can cut a few lemons or lemon juices in a bowl and let it stay at home from morning to night.


Fill a small bowl with a cup of apple vinegar. You can also use white vinegar. These two substances absorb the odors and no toxic. Put one of these bowls in every corner of the house.

The natural composition of vanilla and peppers

Vanilla and pepper are two of the best natural extracts to eliminate the odor of color and refreshing the home environment. Drop a few drops of the extract into a pad and put them in a small bowl around the house. Some specialists pour several drops of these extracts in a color can and then prevent the smell of color.


Tricks to eliminate the odor of color at home

coffee bean

A cup of coffee grains not only destroys the odor of color but gives you more refreshing and healthy. After being used, make coffee beans away.

Vanilla oil and mint

Both vanilla oil and peppermint have a special ability to eliminate the bad smell, so by combining these two, you can get rid of spicy odors like smell. Impregnate to vanilla and peppermint oil and place in the room to absorb the smell of color and material. You can cut a few drops of this solution in a bowl of water and put it near the colored wall for more effect.


The candle flames can eliminate the poisons in the air, but you should be careful in choosing the type of candle. The paraffin in the candle may eliminate the toxins in the air. You have to select a candle based on natural materials such as soya not to have trouble breathing. It would help if you also took good care of children who do not have access to bright candles.

Bucket of water

Hold a few buckets in the house. The water absorbs highly toxic vapors and eliminates the severe smell of color and oil. The more water buckets are closer to painting walls, the process of removing the odor is faster.

Tricks to eliminate the odor of color at home

Burning dry coconut skin

Dry coconut shells are used to eliminate insects such as spiders and do the same to eliminate the odor of color. The burning of dry coconut shell has a very severe odor that can destroy the smell and also not toxic for your body.

The use of plants

Plants such as basil or rosemary have a severe smell and destroy the poisonous odor. However, this may temporarily eliminate the odor of color and may need to be repeated several times.

Suitable sunlight

The sun’s heat effectively destroys the odor of color because the sun’s heat causes rapid drying on the wall. As a result, the smell of paint is lost.

What should we consider before starting to paint a house?

  • In general, you can use oil paint that smells less.
  • For example, there are paints made from plants, milk, minerals, or pottery. As a result, it is less toxic.
  • Predict the weather before painting.
  • Do not paint the wall on days when the humidity is high. High humidity dries the paint and makes it strong. So you have to wait longer for the paint to dry.
  • When painting a house, be sure to put a plastic cover on the lid of the colored cans that are open.
  • When painting a room, be sure to open the doors and windows of that room to let air in, but close the doors of other rooms so that the smell of paint does not enter them.


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