Everything you need to know about the properties of “dried berries”!

How much do you know about the properties of dried berries? Before we talk about this delicious dried fruit’s unique healing properties, it’s best to start this article with its details.

As you know, this fruit’s family has a lot of variety that can be blackberries, raspberries, white berries, goji berries, and blueberries, they have many benefits for the body and can be eaten dried or fresh.

Enjoy your health by eating this fruit in your daily meals. You can use it as a snack with yogurt, garnish on cakes and pastries, flavorings with drinks such as tea, or even as a snack.

It is interesting to know that these fruits are high in calories and nutrients, including fiber, minerals, oxidants, vitamins, turpentine, and pectin.

First of all, we provide you with information about the native Chinese mulberry tree to know that this tree is 2 meters high and 1 meter in diameter and is located in central China and was transported to Europe centuries ago. The silkworm was fed from it, and it is interesting to know that this tree is of great economic importance and is sometimes planted to feed the silkworm.

Everything you need to know about the properties of "dried berries"!

The fascinating history of white berries:

The word mulberry is derived from the Sanskrit language Tuta and has been used in traditional medicine since ancient times. The tragic death of the lover has turned into tyranny, and one of the chapters of the novel “Villa Cutters” called White Mulberry Tree, which is related to 1913, is related to the death of these two people.

It should be noted that many properties, such as high calorie and high energy, are mentioned for this fruit. One cup of this fruit, which is approximately equivalent to one hundred grams, has 61 calories and 0.9 protein, and a significant amount of it is from the team. Note that the protein in berries is a source of plant protein.

Essential and main ingredients of white berry:

There are many similarities between white and blackberries. The only difference is that blackberries contain red or purple compounds such as anthocyanins and some plant acids.

Healing properties of dried berries from the perspective of traditional medicine:

According to traditional medicine in China, this fruit is beneficial for the lungs. They are also handy for treating chronic colds and lung problems. They believe that better blood quality in the body is achieved by eating berries because they are warmer. The body fits. Most human foods that positively affect the body are warmer (bread, figs, meat, grapes). This fruit transmits adequate moisture to the body, especially the human brain because it needs sufficient and moderate moisture.

It also purifies the blood and is also very important for the spleen and liver. Because berries are a source of iron, they are highly recommended to treat anemia and iron deficiency. It also has a therapeutic aspect because it has a cooling effect, reduces skin inflammation, relieves eye inflammation, and brightens the eyes. The leaves of this fruit are also used to purify the blood. Its tail is excellent for treating rheumatism. Other unique properties of this delicious fruit include its effect in relieving cough and treating asthma. Dried berries are suitable for the gums due to their calcium and phosphorus and are a good energy source for the elderly. You can chew berry gum to strengthen your gums and prevent tooth decay.

Berries are anti-cancer fruits.

Advanced medicine has proven that dried berries have many routines that are effective in preventing colon cancer. Routine cools the blood, stops bleeding, reduces swelling, and kills viruses. If dried berries are consumed daily, the prevention and treatment of cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, bleeding, Retinal, and chronic bronchitis are effective.

Liver and kidney health with berries

This dried fruit is also suitable for liver and kidney health and strengthens the blood, saliva, or body fluids, and dries the body. Lack of water and fluids in the body and blood causes constipation, which can be relieved by eating.

Treatment of sexual disorders

This fruit affects the sacred sexual quality in men by affecting the liver and kidneys’ better function and is also excellent for treating premature ejaculation, impotence, and other sexual disorders.

Other properties of white berries

White berries contain fat, minerals, tannins, and vitamins A and C. Dry bark, young and fresh branches of the tree. To better absorb the nutrients of white berries, you should fast in the morning or evening. This dried fruit is also eaten as a friend of the spleen and liver. A decoction of the roots and leaves of this fruit is diuretic. Its leaf juice has been used in the past as a remedy for fever and wounds. Every 100 grams of fresh and white berries has 60 calories. It is not fattening, so people with diabetes are advised to drink tea with dried berries.

These fruits strengthen the body due to their sugar content. It is a powerful sedative and diuretic and is also useful in treating stomach ulcers and shortness of breath.

Below is a list of other essential properties of dried berries that have been collected for your audience:

  1. As mentioned before, sweet or white berries have a moist and warm nature.
  2. This fruit can be used as a laxative in breakfast on an empty stomach.
  3. Eating this fruit in the morning and evening meals cleanse the blood.
  4. Berries strengthen the liver.
  5. This food has a significant effect on the spleen, so be careful not to eat fatty and meaty foods.
  6. Anemia and iron deficiency are compensated by eating this fruit.
  7. Berry leaf tea cools and reduces inflammation.
  8. Also, mulberry leaf tea brightens the eyes and eliminates their inflammation.
  9. Rheumatism improves by eating mulberry leaf tea.
  10. This fruit and its leaves improve cough and asthma.
  11. Those who are hot-tempered should refrain from eating this fruit, and according to Abu Ali Sina, if they intend to eat, they should eat some parsley after one or two hours.
  12. Due to phosphorus and calcium in dried berries, children’s gums are strengthened and are also an essential source of energy for the elderly.
  13. By chewing berry gum strengthen the gums, and prevent tooth decay.
  14. This delicious fruit does not lead to obesity.
  15. It is interesting to know that this sweet fruit is a good substitute for sugar for diabetics and if you are one of those who have urea or uric acid, it is better to use this fruit instead of sugar.

Cancer prevention

Grapes and berries are both delicious fruits that are a great source of plant nutrients called resveratrol. This delicious plant food plays a vital role in preventing cancer and can be a solid substance against cancer cells.

If you want to live longer, do not forget to eat berries.

Due to having “resveratrol,” Berries can play an essential role in increasing life expectancy, of course, if consumed regularly. Scientists’ research on mice has shown that it increases the lifespan of mice over some time.

Eat this dried fruit to strengthen your eyesight and hearing.

In China, it is customary to brew white berry leaves as a tea to enhance both visual and auditory powers, and it is believed that this improves their vision and hearing.

Everything you need to know about the properties of "dried berries"!

Treat allergies in the spring with this dried fruit.

As mentioned earlier, berries are rich in a variety of vitamins. Vitamin C is one of this quality and widely used vitamins that play a vital role in improving colds and flu and preventing seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies have side effects that can make a person suffer from this problem for a long time, such as prolonged itching, runny nose, persistent tears, and sneezing, especially in the early morning, and annoying skin rashes.

Eliminate white hair with a miracle called white berry

Today, we face a severe problem in all countries, which may not be related to aging, because most young people are also upset by this problem. Hair always plays a vital role in human beauty, incredibly thick and black hair, which adds a lot of charm and charm, but seeing white hair in the middle of black hair, the person may no longer have the former self-confidence is here. We go to traditional medicine and choose the appropriate treatment, which is the use of white berries. Today, most countries use this fruit as a treatment to eliminate this problem, i.e., hair bleaching, because it is full of antioxidants called anthocyanins. Antioxidants have many benefits, the most important of which is preventing diseases—dangerous cardiovascular and lowering cholesterol in the blood.

Essential parts of berries that are used as medicine and necessary treatment are:

Berry juice, fruit and leaves, and bark of young and fresh shoots

You can use this fruit in any way you like, whether it is freshly picked from the tree and not dried, or it is dried in the form of raisins. And drink it with hot tea in winter. However, the way it is eaten is still useful and delicious.

Everything you need to know about the properties of "dried berries"!

Is white berry recommended during pregnancy or not?

Although this fruit has many benefits, and everyone can taste it according to their taste, some doctors believe that pregnant women should avoid eating them because consuming them during pregnancy can cause allergies.

Because some people use berries more as medicine, it is better to use dried berries to benefit from their vitamins, and dried berries do not cause many allergies. Of course, pregnant women can safely use white, fresh, or dried berries, increase their milk after pregnancy, and get the vitamins and minerals in this fruit for their bodies and babies. Dried fruits are always delicious and hearty; they can be dried in one season or prepared from abroad and eaten in other seasons. These delicious and pure fruits include figs, dried berries, and raisins, which have excellent nutritional value as a snack or intimate family home.

Everything you need to know about the properties of "dried berries"!

Have you ever tried mulberry leaf tea?

Tea has always been a delicious beverage as a delicious beverage. In China, they make and drink delicious tea with white mulberry leaves, and mulberry tea is believed to help boost human vision and hearing. This inhaler cools the blood and reduces inflammation. It is an excellent hematopoietic agent that also helps purify the blood. It is good to eat before a meal, but it is better to take it on an empty stomach to have more effect. In general, the best time to consume it is in the morning, fasting, or the evening between lunch and dinner, so that it can be digested quickly. And its nutrients are entirely absorbed by the body. Avoid eating it with meat foods and slow digestion of food, because it causes bloating of the stomach and intestines and causes problems.

 Side effects and harms of white berries:

Just as eating anything has its advantages, it also has disadvantages that everyone should know what is right for them and what is bad for them to eat according to their mood knowledge. Berries Like other fruits, there are advantages and disadvantages that some people, including those with a hot temper, should avoid eating berries. Abu Ali Sina advised warm-hearted people. If someone who is hot-tempered wants to eat berries, it is good to eat a little parsley after an hour or two to eat berries. During pregnancy, you should be very careful in consuming berries, whether white or black, because this substance is sensitive for pregnant women, causes harm to the fetus, and overeating causes diarrhea and heartburn.

Everything you need to know about the properties of "dried berries"!

Dried berries are a factor in weight loss:

We all know that most sugary foods are fattening and cause obesity, which causes discomfort, and those who love a beautiful body are forced to give up their favorite food. Still, unlike them, dried berries, although It tastes sweet and delicious, because of the fiber, it reduces the desire and appetite of people to eat. It does not cause obesity because this dried fruit because of this fiber causes a small amount of food to be consumed, and the person should lose weight and not worry about obesity. Dried berries make a person avoid eating a lot of food because it has a lot of energy that makes you need less food more.

The fiber in white berries is excellent for lowering blood cholesterol and speeding up digestion. If you eat a third of a cup of dried berries every day, be sure to make up for 20% of the fiber you need.

This fruit does not cause obesity due to the lack of saturated fats, so there is no need to worry about this; white mulberry leaves effectively prevent diabetes. This fruit’s leaves have a unique compound called DNJ, which causes a small amount of sugar to be absorbed into the bloodstream and instead produce more volume.

Studies have shown that the DNJ in berries helps prevent diabetes, so you can easily control your blood sugar by drinking mulberry leaf tea.

You may have noticed that people with diabetes often use this dried fruit to control and lower their blood sugar.

Sorbitol is a sugar found in berries, and although it is perfect for the liver, it escapes through the liver through metabolism and enters the bloodstream. You should know that it is essential in diabetic patients because sorbitol can enter the lens’s posterior space. Due to its high osmotic load, it increases the pressure inside the eyeball.

You should know that people prone to diabetes are prone to intraocular pressure and cataracts. The misconception that raisins and berries are healthier than sugar causes patients to misunderstand and not use them as much as they should. Although these fruits are healthier than sugars, there is no reason for them to be consumed without reckoning. According to medical principles, simple sugar consumption in patients with hypertension should not exceed 5% of total calories. Therefore, people with diabetes with a maximum limit of 5% of calories should eat dried fruits such as raisins because raisins are comparable to berries. It has less sorbitol and is not prone to eye strain in people with diabetes.

Therefore, we knew that white berries are a good option for supplying sugar to people with diabetes, as long as you have a balanced intake and avoid excessive intake. This delicious and useful fruit is suitable for everyone, but with the difference that diabetics can only use 1 to 2 tablespoons per day, and the critical point to note is that we recommend using fresh berries because fresh berries have less sugar than dried berries.

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