Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

White pepper is one of the most popular condiments in the world. This condiment is mainly used in Asian countries to prepare soups; this plant has its aroma and flavor that gives a spicy but balanced taste to Japanese or Chinese dishes. White pepper, which is used as a seasoning, is the fruit of the white pepper plant, which is known as pepper seed, and what makes the difference between these two peppers is the process of growing and preparing them.

White pepper has other benefits and uses besides cooking. Some research mentions the therapeutic effects of many white peppers on the overall health of the body, and here are some of the benefits of this plant.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

Nutritional value of white pepper

This plant is sodium-free, so it is useful for patients with high blood pressure. For every 100 grams of white pepper, the amount of carbohydrates is 23%, and the diet is 104%. Every 100 grams of this substance contains 296 calories. Pepper contains 35% of vitamin C and 26% of calcium and is rich in manganese, helping the body’s metabolism. The selenium and zinc in white pepper are useful for improving male sex hormones and treating impotence, improving sperm motility, increasing their number, and causing muscle density and hair growth.

Nutrients per 100 grams

  • 20 calories
  • 0 ٫ 2 grams of fat
  • 3 mg of sodium
  • 175 mg of potassium
  • Four ٫ 6 grams of carbohydrates
  • 0.9 grams of protein
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Vitamin A.
  • 0 ٫ one ٪ Calcium
  • Vitamin C.
  • 1, iron
  • 10% Vitamin B-6
  • Magnesium

Examine the properties and benefits of white pepper

Help fight cancer:

Spices such as pepper are known for their immune-boosting properties. An even more surprising finding is that research has shown that capsaicin; pepper’s spicy taste can kill some cancer cells. These findings have been particularly evident in the treatment of prostate cancer.

Improve digestion:

There are many reasons why people use this plant as a condiment in cooking. In addition to improving the taste of those foods, white pepper can also improve our digestive system, which pepper does by stimulating the body to secrete more hydrochloric acid, which is essential for the digestive process. This plant contains fiber that can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and the secretion of stomach acid, improve digestion, facilitate bowel movements, and protect the body against digestive problems such as colon cancer.

Energy booster:

This spice enhances the taste of food and increases energy production in the mitochondria of our cells. White pepper contains manganese, an essential component for energy production and the fight against free radicals.

 Dental health stabilizer:

Some people use this space as an alternative treatment for toothache, which is mainly used to relieve pain, not only for toothache but also white pepper to prevent tooth decay.

Treatment of some skin problems:

White pepper contains piperine, a substance with many functions, the most important of which is to increase the capacity of nutrients such as beta carotene, curcumin, selenium, vitamin B6, and amino acids. Lesser-known piperine can help treat skin problems such as vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin disease in which the skin loses its pigments in some areas of the skin.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

Weight Loss:

 According to some studies, piperine in this plant is a useful substance in weight loss, especially in reducing fat. Because it prevents the formation of fat and thus controls body fat.

Improve bone health:

White pepper contains minerals such as manganese, copper, and magnesium. Manganese is an essential mineral that, along with two other minerals, plays a role in maintaining bone health. Copper has a similar effect to manganese, while magnesium plays a vital role in maintaining joint health.


As mentioned above, this delicious condiment contains capsaicin, which miraculously acts as a sedative, so it is not surprising that some muscle pain gels and sprays contain capsaicin because the heat produced by capsaicin can Relieve muscle tension and relieve muscle spasms.

Treatment of osteoarthritis:

White pepper is a potential cure for osteoarthritis. Several natural remedies in the world contain magnesium and capsaicin. Together, these two substances act as anti-inflammatory and analgesic. In the case of osteoarthritis, this plant can prove its benefits in relieving and preventing pain.

Eliminate nasal congestion:

Hot foods can make a big difference when we are not happy. Even when we use white pepper as a seasonal additive, the heat produced by this plant also warms the respiratory system, thus relieving nasal congestion. It makes it easier for us to breathe.

Prevention of gastric ulcer:

The antioxidant properties and the healing power of capsaicin make this spice a suitable solution to prevent stomach ulcers. Bacteria in the stomach and intestines mostly cause ulcers. Consumption of pepper can kill bacteria and stabilize stomach acidity and protect us from other digestive problems.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

Blood pressure control:

For those worried about their blood pressure or who have such a problem, adding white pepper to the diet can help solve them. The flavonoids and vitamins in this spice help important sources to strengthen blood vessels and dilate them to increase blood flow.

Blood sugar stabilization:

Adding pepper to the diet means a sharp increase in metabolism; in addition to supporting digestion processes, it warms our body, which leads to burning calories during the process of metabolism. This process is beneficial for people with diabetes, immensely if combined with fenugreek and turmeric will benefit.

Improve vision:

Some people use white pepper for traditional medicine. Mixing it with almonds, sugar, anise, and rosemary leads to a concoction for visually impaired people.

Cataract treatment:

The traditional uses of this plant for the eyes are not limited to this. It is sometimes used to treat cataracts. Combine this spice and almonds in a ratio of one to five with brown sugar and melted oil; A concoction will be created to be an alternative for those who want to treat cataracts and have effective results.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

Suitable for anorexic people:

Its spicy flavor is known to increase appetite. Also, it is suitable for relieving the symptoms of anorexia and anorexia. Adding it to soup is a common practice in many homes for anorexic children.

Treat weakness and strengthen strength:

Mixing half a teaspoon of this spiced coffee and boiling them in water, and eating boiled eggs with salt and pepper for breakfast is a common tradition that gives you more strength and endurance during the day.

cough treatment:

People with severe coughs and sore throats should consume this spice powder with a little raw honey. The combination of these two has antibiotic properties and generates heat. Therefore, they can quickly treat coughs and colds.

Prevention of skin cancer:

Applying black or white pepper powder on the skin can prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from causing skin cancer. Consult a specialist before use, as it may not be suitable for all skin types.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

Eliminate skin wrinkles:

Due to this plant’s rich antioxidant content and its daily use in the diet, it can help you look beautiful and younger for a long time.


Pepper is an excellent exfoliator and can be used as a rub to remove dead skin cells. This program helps eliminate skin toxins to achieve soft and radiant skin. Simultaneously, due to pepper’s antioxidant properties, its consumption increases blood circulation and oxygen in the skin and makes it energetic and young.

Hair removal:

Excess hair on the skin can be permanently removed with white pepper and camphor. Mix these two ingredients with almond oil and let the mixture stay on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes. However, before applying this mixture on the skin, try a small amount on a small spot on the skin to see if it fits your skin. Do not use this mixture on sensitive areas such as the armpits and genitals.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

Dandruff treatment:

White and black pepper are some of the ingredients that can be used to treat dandruff. Mix white pepper with tears and rub on your scalp. After half an hour, wash your head with water. Using this combination, miraculously eliminates dandruff, do not leave this mixture on the scalp for more than half an hour as it may cause skin burns.

Hair Revitalizer:

This spice is used in combination with lemon seeds as a hair regenerator. Apply this mixture to your hair for 10 to 15 minutes.

heart health:

This pepper causes a person to sweat a lot to expel a lot of fluids from the body. Excess fluid in the body, especially around the heart, can cause heartburn and affect heart function. On the other hand, it can cause water to accumulate in the body, making it difficult to breathe due to the lungs’ pressure. Also, excess body fluids can be reduced by consuming white pepper.

Improvement in brain function:

Pepper improves brain function and prevents damage to brain cells, and is also a natural antidepressant that has a significant impact on a person’s behavior.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

How to use white pepper in the diet:

Add this spice to your food to make the food delicious and have a pleasant aroma. This pepper can be added as a flavoring to salads, sandwiches, tomatoes, and sprinkled eggs and cheeses.

 It is used to decorate white sauce and mashed potatoes.

Mix white pepper in a ratio of one to five and sugar with almonds and add a little browned butter. This mixture is beneficial for health.

To get rid of excess hair, mix white pepper with almond oil and camphor.

To prevent stomach ulcers, eating this pepper with salad before meals help prevent bacteria formation in the body’s stomach and gas production.

It is common to use pepper in Chinese dishes, fragrant Vietnamese soups, pork dishes, and prepare many Swedish dishes.

Properties of white pepper for health and beauty

Differences between white and black pepper:

  1. Black pepper is both the fruit of the Piper Nigrum plant but differs in processing. Black pepper dries when ripe seeds are dried in the sun. White pepper is obtained when ripe seeds are soaked in water after-ripening, and their skin is removed.
  2. Black pepper has a more intense aroma, taste, and smell than white pepper.
  3. Black pepper has more fat than white pepper.
  4. Black pepper is tastier and has more uses in cooking.
  5. The medicinal value of white pepper is more than black pepper.
  6. Black pepper causes allergic reactions in people.
  7. Black pepper has a longer shelf life than white pepper and has the most extended shelf life.

Uses of white pepper:

  • It is used to improve the taste of foods.
  • For beauty and table setting, this delicious plant is used.
  • This pepper can be used in light foods and sauces.
  • This pepper is used in Chinese and Vietnamese dishes.
  • White pepper can be used medicinally to improve digestion, prevent bloating, and help the body’s general health.
  • This pepper is used for the beauty of skin and hair.

Side effects and allergy to pepper:

  • If white pepper is not chewed correctly and enters the lungs, it can cause death.
  •  May cause burning in the mouth.
  • When used directly, it causes itching and irritation of the skin.
  • Use in the summer causes digestive disorders.

How to store pepper:

Store peppercorns in a cool, dark place, but keep fresh peppers in the refrigerator.

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