Interesting effects of marital relationship on weight loss or gain

We have talked a lot about the benefits of sex and its effect on the health of the body and soul. Now it’s time to answer this question: What is the role of marriage in fat burning and fitness?

Can extreme sex affect weight gain or loss? Can sex lead to weight gain or loss? Well, there are many differences in the effect of gender on the body. However, there is a lot of research that shows that having a lot of sex causes women to gain weight. On the other hand, some views say sex helps burn calories, so let’s look at two aspects of health separately.

Interesting effects of marital relationship on weight loss or gain

Increased libido and its effect on weight:

The reason for this weight gain could be the hormone “prolactin.” It stimulates love and milk production. Hormone levels in the blood increase, especially during orgasm after sex.


However, it is a common belief that most people become obese after marriage. Not only women but also men gain a lot of weight after marriage. But scientists believe that this has nothing to do with sex because there is no physiological reason to prove it. After marriage, people feel safe and live happily with their partners. This is the reason for considering weight gain in people. Research shows that single people eat less than they do in relationships. After marriage, couples eat their meals together, and the calorie intake naturally increases. Researchers also say that a happy, secure relationship can increase appetite. However, men and women may not be aware of having too much food because of a happy relationship.

Therefore, control your diet to make sure that you do not gain weight after marriage. A healthy diet and a little regular exercise will help you stay in good shape.


Marital relationship and weight loss:

Figures and research show that in 30 minutes of passionate intercourse, an average of 100 calories is burned. So the more horoscopes you have in bed, the more weight you will lose. According to another study, the amount of stress in young married men’s hearts during sex is equivalent to climbing two steps. During sex, the heart rate increases up to 130 times, similar to moderate physical activity. Marital intercourse also reduces the desire for fat and carbohydrates because cortisol is a high-anxiety hormone controlled through regular sex.


How to lose weight by having sex:

A healthy weight is part of a healthy life. Maintaining a healthy weight keeps your bones, lungs, and other organs healthy. It may even repel cancer. According to the Ministry of Health and Human Services, physical activity is an essential part of maintaining a healthy weight and losing excess weight.


The HSS recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, but less than 25 percent of adults achieve this goal. Well, in general, sex is good for our health, burns calories, and makes us happy. According to a recent study, it is unlikely that you will burn as much fat as a heavy workout, but it will still significantly affect you. The range of calories burned during sex was very different. Men burned 13 calories and women 11.6, while above that range, men burned 306 calories and women 164 calories, which is more than half an hour of walking.

Body mass index (BMI) for men ranged from 19.5 to 31 years, and many men were overweight and obese. It went from 16.9 to 26.6, meaning that some women were underweight and some were overweight. This study does not show anything about the weight of the participants during the four weeks they participated. But if you are thinking of losing weight, exercise will have the most impact. Researchers have found that women burn 3,400 calories with three workouts a week.


Gender and weight management

It probably depends on how gender relates to your schedule. Finding time to be romantic seems easy, but the strange reality of a busy life has made it impossible and difficult for others. However, it should be noted that sex has many health benefits, one of which is to help maintain balanced body weight.


The last word about the effect of marital relationship on weight

In answer to whether sex is obese or thin, we must say that marriage burns calories, but the amount depends on the quality of sex. The more sex you have, the more calories you burn.

To calculate these, women must multiply by 3.1 per minute, and if men want to calculate, they must multiply by 4.2 per minute. The result of each is the number of calories burned in a marital relationship.

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