Treating low back pain is easier than you think

Dr. Alvin Danenberg, a renowned physician, believes that the pervasive complication of low back pain, which has created an industry worth $ 60 billion, is a cheap one-dollar solution. (What Are The Types Of Low Back Pain? List Of Types And Treatment)

Treating low back pain is easier than you think

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints of adults. Studies show that the root of such problems may not be in our backs; Rather, it is probably a problem with how our feet evolve. Can we prevent back pain by changing the way we walk?

Pain in the lower back is a pervasive problem. About 80% of adults experience such pain in the lower back at some point in their lives. This problem is the most common cause of disability at work and has been cited as one reason for job loss.

Low back pain is a $ 60 billion industry that usually doesn’t do much good; As many as 71% of back surgeries to relieve pain were ineffective.

From the perspective of evolutionary scientists, the feeling of irritation in the lower back is not surprising. After all, we are the only known animal that can stand, and our backs are responsible for maintaining our balance against the infinite force of gravity.

Treating low back pain is easier than you think

However, the surprising thing is that the lower back source is usually not the back itself and is more related to our legs. Dr. Alvin Danenberg believes that using shoe soles may be our best option in dealing with low back pain.

Take the best possible step

Our early ancestors were like modern apes: with long, large claws that were useful for living at the top of trees. However, the changes began when our predecessors took their first steps to walk upright.

Treating low back pain is easier than you think

An example of our middle ancestors between then and now was Homo Naledi; He was a strange combination of humans and chimpanzees found in the Rising Star Cave in South Africa. The upper half of the creature looked more like a monkey than a human. Naldi had a small brain, large jaws, and outstretched arms to swing among the trees.

Treating low back pain is easier than you think

But in the lower half of the valley, Naldi’s feet bore a strange resemblance to ours. The main difference between Naldi and the species before him was the large joint of his foot. Dr. Dunenberg explains that this joint has changed from an astringent and resistant form (in the previous ancestors) to a bent and flexible form (in Naldi and later species).

According to Denenberg, the change gave us the ability to get up and walk on our own feet, and as a result, we were able to stand and walk long distances.

Can shoe soles protect our backs?

Treating low back pain is easier than you think

The unique adaptation created in Naldi’s physiology allowed us to walk great distances and conquer the whole world. But this significant change may be accompanied by some unpleasant side effects.

On average, each person walks between 2,500 and 15,000 steps a day, which can be a good exercise. However, people who have problems such as flat feet or excessive arching in their legs tend to change their gait to compensate for these problems, which surprisingly increases the pressure on the lower back muscles. Their backs will be.

On the contrary, running injuries are not the cause of such problems; Rather, this thigh movement’s movement puts pressure on the muscular structure. Dr. Dunenberg and colleagues found that for 84% of people with the worst lower back pain (incurable), using only the sole shoe can improve or cure the pain. Denenberg also found that people who wear insoles stretch their hips 50 percent more; This means less pressure on the lower back muscles (resulting in a 50% reduction in pain).

One step to pain relief

Dannenberg’s theories are still controversial; Especially if we consider the relatively low price to solve a $ 60 billion problem! Back pain can be caused by a wide range of factors, from infection to lifting heavy objects, and there is probably no one-size-fits-all solution to such a complication.

Treating low back pain is easier than you think

Our skeletal system is a complex and delicate system that has evolved over millions of years, and even small changes in our legs can move through the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, and back, leading to unbearable pain. For many people, using these cheap insoles is good enough to relieve leg pain and even back pain; But for those with more severe conditions, seeing a doctor in person may be a better option.