What are the benefits of eating mushrooms for the body?

Mushrooms are not high in calories and cholesterol, and their salt content is low. Therefore, it is better to get acquainted with some essential nutrients of mushrooms and their role in the body’s health.

Mushroom = Fungi 

Aristocratic food in ancient times:

Evidence shows that the Chinese have been eating mushrooms for hundreds of years and using them as medicine because they have many properties.

The ancient Romans and Greeks, especially the upper classes, ate mushrooms, and it was, in fact, an aristocratic food. Still, these days it is popular among various types, and even low-income people can use it. Mushrooms have different uses and can be eaten raw or cooked. You can add them to soups, salads, sandwiches, and various appetizers and enjoy its countless properties.

What are the benefits of eating mushrooms for the body?

It is neither a plant nor an animal!

Fungi are a group of eukaryotes that live in soil and water and feed on plant or animal remains. Also, know that they are hardy creatures and can survive in a variety of conditions. There are more than 38,000 species of mushrooms in the world, only some of which are edible.

The color of edible mushrooms is usually white or brown, but the poisonous type has sharp colors that indicate you should not approach them.

Benefits and benefits of mushrooms for the body:

Strengthen the immune system

Beta-glucan is a compound found in most edible mushrooms and helps strengthen the immune system, increasing the body’s resistance to disease and allergens. Beta-glucan is mostly found in broadleaf fungi.

Weight control

Mushrooms are a healthy food that makes you feel full when you eat. Some research shows that increasing the intake of low-calorie foods with high nutritional value, such as mushrooms, can be a great alternative to high-calorie foods. If you want to avoid overeating and feel full without having too many calories, choose mushrooms. This will help you to achieve this goal, and the fiber in it will also help you.

It is a good source of plant protein.

Fungi have protein but not as much as meat; every 100 grams of mushrooms has about three grams of protein, but the protein in 100 grams of red meat or chicken is about 20 to 30 grams, and 100 grams of fish has 15 to 20 grams of protein. However, They are at an adequate plant protein level, so vegetarians are advised to make up for the lack of protein in their bodies with soy or other plant protein sources.

Vitamin D.

One of the best ways to get vitamin D is to be exposed to sunlight, but if you spend most of the day at home, it is best to make up for your vitamin D deficiency with certain foods, including mushrooms.

What are the benefits of eating mushrooms for the body?

Prevention of prostate and breast cancer

Fungi are a good food source to prevent breast and prostate cancer due to their beta-glucan and linoleic acid. Also, linoleic acid prevents the side effects of estrogen. Estrogen secretion is one of the leading causes of breast cancer in postmenopausal women.

Treatment of diabetes

Mushrooms are one of the healthy foods that should be included in the diet of people with diabetes. They are low in fat and cholesterol, low in carbohydrates, and high in protein. Vitamins, minerals, water, and fiber are other compounds that help increase the health of people with diabetes and contain natural insulin and enzymes that break down sugar or starch in food.

Mushroom consumption warnings:

Not all fungi are edible, and some non-edible and poisonous fungi can be deadly. However, some edible fungi may be toxic depending on their growing environment, so never be tempted to eat them in natural settings or forests.

  • When buying mushrooms in local areas around the city, do not trust travel sellers and do not purchase mushrooms from any seller.
  • If you see in the packaging of edible mushrooms, one is different in terms of texture and color, do not eat it.
  • The fungus is a little slow to digest, and therefore its high consumption is not recommended for the elderly, pregnant, and lactating people.

Mushroom washing:

One of the most critical health tips when eating Fungi is to wash them correctly, but do not wash them until you intend to use them. Please do not leave them alone in the water when washing, as mushrooms absorb water and increase the amount of water in your food during cooking. When washing, do not squeeze the cap and gently clean it.

The healthiest way to cook:

Remember not to overcook the Fungi as they will lose their nutritional value. The best way is to fry them for three minutes in a frying pan with a little oil or butter, but you can also use fresh and well-washed mushrooms in various salads. Grilled or steamed mushrooms can be eaten with other foods such as kebabs and salads.

What are the benefits of eating mushrooms for the body?

Growing mushrooms at home:

Edible mushrooms do not require unique and complex conditions to grow and are low-expectation creatures so that you can grow them at home. Of course, in mass production, fungi are grown in cement halls that retain moist air better. But a group of people who have a suitable and large space in the house earns money by producing and selling mushrooms, and you should know that growing mushrooms at home is not a difficult task.

Fungal antioxidants and the immune system

Mushrooms also contain good antioxidants, one of which is selenium. These antioxidants protect the body’s cells and strengthen the immune system to protect the body against chronic and dangerous diseases.

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