Recipe: Delicious Pumpkin Cake

Recipe: Delicious Pumpkin Cake (45 language subtitles)

Pumpkin cake is one of the most delicious and popular autumn cakes made with different flavors. Join us to see the complete tutorial and prepare pumpkin cake step by step.

Pumpkin Cake Ingredients:

2 cups white flour

3 eggs

1 cup sugar

Pumpkin puree 1 cup

Baking powder 1 tbsp

Vanilla 1/2 teaspoon

1 teaspoon salt

Lemon peel 1 tsp

Sour lemon juice 1 tbsp

1 cup liquid oil

Chopped walnuts 1/2 cup

Pumpkin Cake


first stage

First, turn on the oven at 180 degrees Celsius to heat completely to make a delicious pumpkin cake. Then completely cover the desired mold with greaseproof paper or cake separator oil.

second stage

At this stage, pour the egg with sugar, vanilla, and salt in a suitable container and mix with a high-speed mixer for 4 to 6 minutes to change the texture and make it completely creamy white.

Third level

Add the grated lemon peel with sour lemon juice and liquid oil to the bowl and stir until the ingredients are smooth. Then add the pumpkin puree to the bowl and stir for another minute.

The fourth step

At this stage, mix the flour with baking powder and sift twice. Then pour the flour mixture back into the sieve and this time, sift the ingredients into the bowl and mix at the same time with the lychee.

Step Five

Once the yeast is entirely homogeneous, add the chopped walnuts to the icing and mix the ingredients to evenly distribute the walnuts throughout the yeast, then pour it into the mold.

Step Six

At this point, place the mold on the middle layer of the oven and let the cake bake for 30 to 45 minutes. After the cake is thoroughly baked and golden on it, take it out of the range and take it out of the mold after it cools down.

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