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Proper treatment of the sensitive child and his better upbringing

Almost every year, between 15 and 20% of newborns are hypersensitive. This means that they are very aware of their surroundings and react to them quickly. This is not bad, but parents need patience and effort to be mentally stable.

Be kind and talk to him.

If your child is restless in public places, do not try to humiliate him. Accept these feelings in him and talk to him. Sit next to him and understand why, but do not look for a solution too quickly. It would help if you taught him how to deal with his feelings when he is in the company of others and not make things difficult for him.

Proper treatment of the sensitive child and his better upbringing

Teach him that showing emotions is not bad.

When their baby cries, many families immediately take him to a secluded place to hide from others. The child feels that his feelings do not matter or he has done something wrong by doing this. Instead, you can sit next to him, understand his feelings, and try to connect with him, and show your support for him.

Find a replacement for your baby’s upset appearance

Susceptible children are often unaware of their facial expressions. So parents must teach them this. Your child needs to know that every human being changes their face when they are upset or angry.

In the second step, you can teach the child to have alternative reactions in these situations. For example, teach him that if he is upset and angry, he can leave the situation, take a deep breath, or count to 10 to calm down.

Be patient and leave him alone for a while

Many parents are always in a hurry to raise their children, such as sending them to kindergarten. If sensitive children do not enjoy crowded places, full of children and noisy activities and prefer to stay home longer, you can read books to him at home, play fun games with him and make him Keep satisfied.

Help him overcome his fears.

More effort can be a way to overcome fear in children. This process should be done very carefully, delicately, and gradually to reduce the child’s sensitivity. If the method is correct, the child will soon come to terms with his fears. Of course, he should never look at this as a punishment.

Proper treatment of the sensitive child and his better upbringing

Create a safe place in the house

Sensitive children are usually more sensitive to their surroundings and get angry sooner. That’s why creating a safe environment at home is so important that they can easily express their feelings.

In this place, they can do their favorite activities or hobbies, lie down and listen to the story you tell them. The space should be such that he can take refuge whenever he is tired and feel completely safe.

Proper treatment of the sensitive child and his better upbringing

Do not be strict in establishing discipline.

Children are more committed to morality than you think. Even if they do not follow the rules, they feel very guilty in private. For this reason, the rules and restrictions inside the house should not be just for him.

On the other hand, never judge him, always be fair, set general rules for all family members, and be too strict about him.

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